Meaning of MEN in English



armed men

The Minister was kidnapped by armed men on his way to the airport.

enlisted men

officers and enlisted men

men's room

the bin men (= the people who take your rubbish away )

Which day do the bin men come?

us women/men/teachers etc

Life is hard for us women.

wanted men

one of the most wanted men in China

women/men/residents etc only

The car park is for staff only.




Until 1989, most cases where white gay men , but the majority are now black heterosexual men.

C., to beg forgiveness for the way black men had mistreated their women and neglected their families.

Seventy-six black men and women had been lynched.

More than a dozen young black men have been killed by Miami police within recent months.

Police reported yesterday that four black men were stabbed and hacked to death in a battle in Magoda township.

You see gentle black men shining shoes.

Three bored black men sit in the back of a mini-van.

How else would we account for black men being disproportionately arrested for robbery and murder?


In the 1970s, five thousand gay men moved to San Francisco each year.

Among younger gay men , trends may become clearer at year-end.

There were those - particularly gay men - who argued that there was no need for any gay politics at all.

In study after study, openly gay men reported being less safe than those who are closeted, conflicted, or bisexual.

These modest programmes were basically interviews in which gay men and lesbians discussed their lives and experiences.

Many gay men are understandably loath to take a lesson in prevention from heterosexuals, but that lesson stands none the less.

The recent political activities of Haringey Black Action has succeeded in raising the profile of Black lesbians and gay men .

Is it responsible to be actively encouraging gay men to use a product that is untested?


Hedgehogs had a lot more fleas than old men .

The effect was unnerving, and at first I thought the old men would come to blows.

The older men in the room are fascinated by Crilly.

No, the old men were the real radicals, the ones who corrupted us all.

Later as weapons and uniforms became available and with the help of the older men , the unit began to take shape.

In basketball, you can have good teams consisting of high school kids, old men and women of all ages.

Primarily because of their greater experience of disability, the needs of older women are often greater than those of older men .


But now we can it last become what we really are and that means we shall become different from other men .

Police believe at least four other men were involved.

She had placed Donna next to Matthew Prescott, while Alex was seated beside one of the other men .

When they began to investigate the tiny houses, they found other bodies: men , women, children ....

Fei Yen took her drink and seated herself beside her husband, facing the other men .

His plight affects us like the unwilling martyrdom of a saint who wants to be like other men .

That lot only know how to squander what other men have earned.

Have you aided other men in their perverted follies?


They all represent the obsessional, neurotic and fetishistic sexuality of a gay scene, created by and for white men .

And on the floor, still as far from white men as the limitless continent they once dreamed of, he died.

The voice says two big white men have got out wearing suede coats.

For 20 years, it focused exclusively on white men .

Sometimes the white men were interested in taking care of the land.

It's not very often that you get to see dozens of white men dressed up like pimps.

By far the rudest electors, in my canvassing experience, are old, white , working-class men .

Little wonder that Sarri Fong was frightened: hiS encounters with white men had been anything but cordial.


For some reason, Sophie was plainly being pursued by a number of young men .

Mr Alsop generally wore a velvet smoking jacket to dinner; the young men wore black tie.

We had ten brave young men with us.

The younger men were cynically attentive, petting their carefully trimmed beards inspired by Edison Banks.

A bank of young men who meant nothing to me.

Two young men , aged 18 and 27, were wounded.

Today staff have been preparing to welcome 2 young men whom they thought they might never see again.

The young men were happy, but a little abashed by all the magnificence.


be all things to all men/people

I finally realized I could not be all things to all people.

Andrea felt tremendous pressure to succeed, to continue to be all things to all people.

Anyway, these compendiums try to be all things to all people.

For years, the stores had managed to be all things to all people.

In this sense many of the international firms will try to be all things to all people.

It is all things to all men ... and this is perhaps its number one axiom.

No-one is all things to all people, and Anthea is no exception.

Politicians have to be all things to all people.

The single truck was all things to all men and women.

matchstick men/figures

More like troubled at mill Salford says there's more to its patron saint than pictures of matchstick men.

men in (grey) suits

An underground company that isn't dominated by the grey men in suits.

And so did the other half-dozen men in suits standing around, fingering the silky negligees.

Armies of worried men in suits stormed off the Lexington Avenue subway line and marched down the crooked pavements.

For the rest, we saw only tyrants, technology and men in suits.

Looking out, she saw men in suits getting into the medium-sized cars.

Nor was she forced out by the men in grey suits - though intrigue played a major role.

Then, at lunchtime, Mrs Thatcher met a group of the so-called men in grey suits.

When he asked for Hugh Sixsmith at the desk, two men in suits climbed quickly from their chairs.

our fellow man/men

It is this that prompts a deep feeling of compassion for the sub-human world and for all our fellow men.

That is, better an unattainable ideal than a limited attainable goal when it comes to the welfare of our fellow men.

separate the men from the boys

that's life/men/politics etc (for you)


Among single men , 59 percent buy into the myth and 68 percent of all married men believe it to be true.

For the first time in the day he heard men laugh freely.

Like men , we wire the lamps and repair the deck.

Now she would just have to hope she did not meet any men on the way to the caves.

Prices were falling and far-sighted men were looking for something else to cultivate.

Some jittering movement among the men , non-believers finding faith in fear.

Three of my men entered the woods, and we heard an ex-tremely loud explosion.

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