Meaning of METHANE in English





The blast, 610m below ground, is thought to have been caused by a mix of coal dust and methane gas .

Four others are hooked into systems to control the release of methane gas .

Experts believe the absence of water in the toilet allowed a lethal build-up of methane gas .

Then it is combined with hydrogen in a catalytic converter to produce methane gas and water.

It is the biggest single concept, many others being devoted to using methane gas at waste product dumps.

That plant uses methane gas from the landfill to generate electricity.

Furthermore, once initiated, the combustion of methane gas at 25°C is very spontaneous.

As with domestic refuse, the problems of methane gas generation also exist when disposing of industrial waste underground.


But it might contribute to global warming because methane is a powerful greenhouse gas.

But the scientists were encouraged that stinky methane stabilized after 12 days.

He determined that the most explosive mixture of the purified methane and air was in the ratio of 1:8.

In recent studies, however, we have shown that methane production is more important than previously believed.

Life generates methane , ammonia, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and many other gases.

Titan is unique in having a thick atmosphere made mostly of nitrogen, with some methane and possibly argon.

To make methane , burn one weight of hydrogen with three of carbon.

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