Meaning of MINIMAL in English




minimal/negligible (= very small and not important )

The change in government had a minimal impact in the rural areas of the country.

negligible/minimal formal (= very small )

The advertising campaign had a negligible effect on demand.




Since no external coding is required, only minimal debugging and testing are required for application generation, according to the company.

Some of the incipient school-to-work systems I visited had made only minimal changes to the school program.

The fire brigade arrived promptly and the fire was contained in one area, causing only minimal damage to equipment.

With only minimal attention and love, he neither speaks nor walks nor feeds himself.

Unfortunately, only minimal control over this basic aspect of construction has been possible with these devices.

In reality, the Navy was undertaking only minimal reconnaissance, mainly because of a lack of airplanes.

He gained only minimal official recognition for his work; death prevented his election to the Royal Society.

Most live with only minimal sanitary, health and educational facilities.



This is a practical knitting course with a minimal amount of theory.

These products do, however, contain a minimal amount of cholesterol as claimed oil the label.

Assumes only minimal amount of previous knowledge, and therefore concentrates on clarity of definition and explanation.

With a minimal amount of solid rewriting, you can reap some surprising benefits.

The clinic fee is almost sufficient to cover a counsellor's sessional fee, thus costing the practice a minimal amount .


When undertaken, renal biopsy has usually shown interstitial nephritis, although minimal change nephropathy has been reported.

Some of the incipient school-to-work systems I visited had made only minimal changes to the school program.

A second alternative is to employ the principle of minimal change .

The three participating high schools had made minimal changes in curriculum or instruction.

They then shoehorn their minimal changes into their old management practices.


An accompanying booklet gives advice on timber selection, and how timber can be harvested locally at minimal cost .

It provides a means of improving performance at a minimal cost .

All this can be done at minimal cost .

This involved a minimal cost while enabling them to accumulate expertise and gain entry into new markets.

The Parasene Warm-Lite is an attractive lantern which can provide light and heat in a greenhouse or garden shed at minimal cost .

Delegation achieves this at minimal cost .

A military commander should order his troops in the way best calculated to achieve victory at a minimal cost .


The fire brigade arrived promptly and the fire was contained in one area, causing only minimal damage to equipment.

The fire did minimal damage , she said, and there were no injuries.

The Psychopomps had checked in and done some minimal damage two nights back.

Other studies requested by the government in 1993 predicted minimal damage .


These penetrate the ground with minimal effort .

Often illogical or insubstantial, they can be neutralized or eliminated with a minimal effort .

In general, he works on the principle of minimal effort to achieve the required objectives in terms of both speed and quality.


Mining proposals continue to have the prospect of minimal impact on unemployment rates.

The main point here is the relatively minimal impact of employment in port-related activities.

Liberal parties were able to make minimal impact on peasant and working-class constituents.


Some minimal level of compliance with societal expectations is, in other words, built into the profit goal.

At minimal level , this would be a second dot.


Minimal pairs and nearly minimal pairs should be placed side by side across the lists.

Quite often this includes drill with minimal pairs , sets of words which differ from each other in just one phonemic contrast.

How do we account for the minimal pairs given in Chapter 9?


In theory the Thatcherites were for a minimal state .

Objective: higher profits from minimal state regulation of the production and sale of drugs, except for regulation of quality.

Florida has successfully used private capital in prison construction and operation, with a minimal state subsidy for each inmate.


Desert plants will stay healthy even with minimal watering.

The crew had very little experience and were given minimal safety training.

The effect on taxpayers will be minimal .

The impact of the sale on current employees should be minimal .

The new operating technique involves minimal risk to patients.


But his role is expected to be minimal , aside from a brief speech and video presentation.

Democrats charge that the savings to the consumer, if any actually materialize, will be minimal .

Johannesburg: Interest was minimal and the market closed weaker, with the general index 19 points down at 2,710.

Some states, however, give nontenured teachers minimal procedural rights.

The former requires minimal talent, hard work and a lot of luck.

The source code and minimal documentation will be available to researchers and libraries.

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