Meaning of MISLEADING in English




a distorted/misleading picture (= one that is not accurate )

The media coverage left many people with a distorted picture.

These figures give a misleading picture of the company’s financial health.

a false/misleading statement (= one that is not true )

She is accused of making false statements to obtain a passport.

a misleading report (= likely to make you believe something that is not true )

This isn’t the first time the industry has published misleading reports based on incomplete data.

a wrong/misleading impression

The advertisement gave a misleading impression of the product.




Travel companies have strongly denied that they are deliberately misleading customers.

Police say a warning was deliberately misleading .

I got howls of protest from readers who thought that I was deliberately misleading them.


It is nevertheless a false equation, and at times a seriously misleading one.

This may, however, be seriously misleading .

To present Methodism as essentially an urban phenomenon is seriously misleading .


Such dichotomous standpoints are, however, somewhat misleading since both groups are involved in policy formulation.

But the appearance of modesty was somewhat misleading .

A particular, and somewhat misleading , borrowing by the Chicago School from the natural world consisted of analogies with plant life.

The name Sheep Street is somewhat misleading .


It is sometimes called the Coriolis force, but this is very misleading .

But this is only part of the story and can be very misleading .

Conclusions drawn from applying statistical techniques to incomplete data may be very misleading .

The appearance from the surface can be very misleading .

But such distinctions can be very misleading indeed.

It is quite impossible, and very misleading to suggest, that pruning can be done according to the calendar.



Nor did these developments give a misleading impression of Soviet influence on world affairs.

Some authorities give the misleading impression that they alone have the absolute right to deliver certain services to the public.

Alpha has a fainter star beside it, giving the misleading impression of a very wide double.

Highlighting these few bureaux may give the misleading impression that they are out of line with the mainstream.

The repertoire on the Erato set, consisting mostly of familiar Mravinsky favourites, may also give a misleading impression .

A misleading impression may be unintended.


Purchasers seeking clearance and other parties submitting information to the regulatory authorities face prosecution if they supply false or misleading information.

Mr Irons and Sheriff Nicholson believe the court's decision was based on misleading information .

He soon learns either to give you misleading information or delay sending in the document.

This I believe stems largely from scaremongering and misleading information given to the industry from various sources.


Thirdly, and most significantly, the Act creates two offences relating to misdescriptions of goods, and misleading statements about services.

A medical tribunal upheld four complaints laid by local health authorities against William McBride, 65, for false and misleading statements .

Wickham had remarked that covert freelance writing for another publication did not justify making a misleading statement during a murder inquiry.

These advertisements contained a number of false and misleading statements .


misleading statistics

Agents often gave a false or misleading description of the houses they were selling.

In court Robbins made misleading statements about his involvement.

It would be misleading to say that the recession will soon be over.

The advertisements were deliberately misleading and false.

The Advertising Review Board says the adverts are deliberately misleading .

The article was deliberately misleading , and the newspaper has apologized.

The holiday brochure is deliberately misleading , because the hotels it shows are not the ones you actually stay in.

These statistics give a misleading impression of what is happening to the economy.

Your diagram is a little misleading , Watson.


Editor's Note: The report was misleading in suggesting Mr Bacon's remarks were made at the inquiry.

He brought undue pressure to bear on his parents by giving them an entirely misleading account of the documents.

The distinction, however, is misleading .

The most misleading figures are those on unemployment.

Whilst we stress the artificial nature of most time-cues, it would be misleading to suggest that natural light is without effect.

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