Meaning of MORALE in English




boost sb’s confidence/morale/ego

The win boosted the team’s confidence.

flagging spirits/energy/morale

By now the wine had lifted her flagging spirits.

morale/confidence booster

Mail from home is a big morale booster for faraway troops.

morale/ego boost

The poll provided a morale boost for the Conservatives.

staff morale (= how happy and confident the staff somewhere feel )

Staff morale has been badly affected by the reorganisation.




Although these patients usually have astonishingly good morale and fighting spirit, everything humanely possible should be done to keep it up.

No other key to good morale was as important.

This calls for good spirits and good morale and also a certain amount of what was once called dogged determination.

That is good for morale and for the user of services.

The men in the combat columns, in fact, had developed a good morale .

A win against the reigning world champions is always good for morale , but on this occasion it would be especially welcome.

A second head placed equal stress on the importance of trust in the promotion of good morale .


The integration of staff for training has led to a good exchange of ideas, greater enthusiasm, and higher staff morale .

Fourth, decentralized institutions generate higher morale , more commitment, and greater productivity.

Most here spoke of good spirit and high morale .

In fact, the morale of the crew was very high , if morale was the right word.

Mission-driven organizations have higher morale than rule-driven organizations.

They had at their disposal a very powerful light infan-try army with experienced officers and very high morale .


The major difficulties are overcrowding, lack of books and materials, and low teacher morale .

On surveying the organizational ranks, they see only low morale , divisiveness, cynicism, and dulled thinking.

A more recent report from the Department of Social Security indicated low morale and a lack of confidence in the organisation.

Local Government is in a state of low morale and near collapse because of the poll tax.

Military officials had argued that to do so would weaken unit cohesion and lower morale .

It may also waste time and energy; it may be unproductive; it may lead to hostility and to low morale .

A company will be adversely affected if it suffers from low employee morale , for example.


Mrs Thatcher's first government was plagued by leaks - a symptom of divisions and poor morale .

In addition to poor patient morale induced by the Gordon administration, the letter registered other long-standing patient complaints.

The army's sudden collapse has been attributed to poor leadership, exhaustion and poor morale .

Working conditions in the department were poor and employee morale was low.



Voice over Seeing the parachutes back in the air has been a great morale booster for the base.

The Christmas Day morale booster was only the game show host's second trip outside hospital since his near-fatal crash.

Such fairs are a great morale booster for any nurse who feels unappreciated.

That kind of morale booster is infectious and they could well have won by a bigger margin.

He brings a joy and an ebullience to his work which is a fantastic morale booster for the cast.


A company will be adversely affected if it suffers from low employee morale , for example.

The astounding part was what they learned about the social dynamics of the workplace and how it affected employee morale and productivity.

It's easier to dismiss reports of low employee morale than face the facts and act accordingly.

Hiring and layoffs often go on simultaneously, much to the detriment of employee morale , leadership credibility, and budget health.

Working conditions in the department were poor and employee morale was low.

As a result, plant productivity gradually began to decline, along with overall product quality and employee morale .


Inadequate information also can lead to morale problems .

A junior who is tired of sitting on the bench is creating morale problems .

They are also facing a recruitment and morale problem .

Great Groups rarely have morale problems .

Budget shortages, poor pay and poor equipment contribute to morale problems , he said.



Competition between teams-between organizations-\#builds morale and encourages creativity.

This autonomy not only fosters responsive government, it builds morale and unleashes creativity.


Rose was not told this, for fear of destroying her morale .


These men... helped to restore the morale of our army.


What would it do to improve morale inside the party?

After two weeks I discontinued them after determining they were not significantly improving morale .

Proper training of food handlers has a vital role in improving their morale and motivation and ensuring that standards are met.

An effort was made to improve the morale and morals of the army.

The staff meeting is the theatre for celebrating heroes, improving self-image and boosting morale .

Radically reforming conditions inside prisons, reducing overcrowding, improving prison officers' morale and punishing offenders where possible within the community.

Properly structured, hierarchy can release energy and creativity, rationalize productivity, and actually improve morale .

That, at least, improved his morale .


And Mr Major was determined to keep up the morale .

However, I do accept that occasionally it's necessary to promote a volunteer in order to keep up morale in the ranks.

The most important thing was just physically keeping up the morale .

It wouldn't have happened if Angie hadn't been around as well, to keep his morale high and encourage him.

He keeps up their morale and always remembers to see that they are thanked properly.


Secondly, how well those made redundant are treated is an important factor in maintaining the morale of those who stay behind.

Adequate organization performance is possible through balancing the necessity to get out work while maintaining morale at a satisfactory level.

The real reason, we believe, was to maintain public morale and support for the war.

Employers could reduce labor costs and maintain rank-and-file morale by minimizing layoffs.


My appetite dwindled and even my favourite food, milk chocolate, failed to raise my morale .

Trying to raise efficiency and morale without first setting this structure to rights is like trying to lay bricks without mortar.

This was not quite a true story, he admitted, just a joke to raise Secord's morale .

There is a need to continue the restoration of self-confidence in the teaching profession and to raise morale .

He decided his first task was to try to raise the battered morale of his troops.

Sensible and justifiable decisions, properly communicated would raise morale rather than diminish it.

The spectre of redundancy has been raised , and morale from top to bottom has become a cause for deep concern.

About this time, too, will have taken place an incident, said to have done much to raise morale .


These men... helped to restore the morale of our army.


Recent national reforms had undermined teachers' morale , he said.


keep your spirits/strength/morale etc up

Crusty Bill boasts he's on a spicy vegetarian diet to keep his strength up for love.

During the war years, it helped keep our spirits up and we need it again now.

He had a strong sense of humour, and kept his spirits up.

I had to keep my strength up.

I told Tansy that she must keep her spirits up, that Rose might be needing her.

She ate a little to keep her strength up.


Morale among the soldiers has been low.

Morale in the sales division is high.

Employees have complained about low morale .

They sang songs to keep up their morale until the rescuers arrived.


An inadequate person in a job can lead to a sharp fall in morale or sales.

In my opinion, the relative rigidity and compartmentalization of the program made for lowered technical efficiency and morale .

No other key to good morale was as important.

Prior appears dedicated to boosting morale .

Trying to raise efficiency and morale without first setting this structure to rights is like trying to lay bricks without mortar.

White House morale was very low.

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