Meaning of MY in English

I. determiner


get off my back

Do me a favour and get off my back !

if my memory serves (me correctly/right) (= used to say that you are almost certain you have remembered something correctly )

If my memory serves me correctly, Johnson was also there.

in my humble opinion (= used when giving your opinion, especially when you want to emphasize what you are about to say )

In my humble opinion, he is the greatest sportsman Britain has produced.

in my submission

It is important, in my submission , that a wider view of the matter be taken.

it is my belief that

It is my belief that most teachers are doing a good job.

it’s not my style (= it is not the way I usually behave )

I can’t ask a man out – it’s not my style . the back of my hand (= I know it very well )

I grew up here; I know the place like the back of my hand .

me and my big mouth (= said when you wish you had not told someone a secret )

my dear

Come along, my dear , take a seat.

my feet are killing me informal (= my feet are hurting )

my guess is (that)

My guess is there won’t be many people there.

my own boss (= I work for myself, rather than for an employer )

Since I’m my own boss , my hours are flexible.

My sentiments exactly (= I agree )

‘After all, it’s her decision.’ ‘ My sentiments exactly .’

my sincere/profound apologies (= used when you feel very sorry )

Firstly, my sincere apologies for not having contacted you earlier.

‘I have been guilty of making some insensitive remarks,’ said Wright, who offered his profound apologies to everyone concerned.

my/our sympathy goes out to sb formal (= used to formally express sympathy )

Our sympathy goes out to Peggy in her great loss.

my/your/their etc generation

I consider myself a typical Japanese woman of my generation.

never in all my life (= used to emphasize how bad something was )

Never in all my life have I felt so humiliated.

not giving up my day job

I’d love to be a professional writer, but I’m not giving up my day job just yet.

the fruits of my labour (= the results of my hard work )

I’m looking forward to retirement and having time to enjoy the fruits of my labour .

the thought has (never) crossed my mind (= used to tell someone you have thought of the thing they are suggesting, or have never thought of it )

to (the best of) my recollection (= used when you are unsure if you remember correctly )

To the best of my recollection, she drives a Mercedes.

Noone, to my recollection, gave a second thought to the risks involved.

you have my sympathy (= used when saying that you feel sorry for someone )

It must be difficult – you have my sympathy.


(Upon) my word!

(it's) my pleasure

"Thanks for coming." "My pleasure ."

(my) love

A little gift from my loving man.

All my love and kisses, Sue Marion put the letter in her bag, ready to take to work tomorrow.

Hence my love for film and my desire to make films as a director and... actor.

I meant to tell you earlier, my love .

I need you now, my love .

I should hate to give the impression that my love for you is but thinly disguised lust.

The purity of my love was something that to me remained undefiled.

(my) sweet

And after the cheeseboard, my sweet tooth's nagging, so I need another great big stodgy wedge of Blackforest Gateau.

And as for all that rubbish about my sweet face ....

And you are still asleep, my sweet friend.

But definitely no talking, Cassie, my sweet .

I show my palms and turn on my sweetest Bugs Bunny grin.

On these premises you are mine, my sweet .

Salad, greens and sweet potatoes, just the way my sweet nephew likes them, cut small before they get baked.

Well, a few of my sweet old ladies are going to have palpitations.

(you) mark my words!

Mark my words, that relationship won't last.

... my foot!

Elementary, my dear Watson.

God/oh (my) God/good God (almighty)

God/oh (my) God/good God/God almighty

I rest my case

And was his name mentioned anywhere this week following Dublin's defeat? I rest my case.

Industry and nature in harmony? I rest my case.

It is a proven fact, however, that prolonged high altitude reduces intelligence. I rest my case.

Now how many carbons? I rest my case.

Should anyone remain unconvinced, I rest my case on the Leaning Tower of Pisa syndrome.

These others stand on something they said. I rest my case on what I did.

Well I rest my case on that one.

I take my hat off to sb

I take my hat off to those front row men.

Jan starts hers at four, for which I take my hat off to her.

Whatever it was though, I take my hat off to Babs.

I'd put (my) money on sth

Even the madmen wouldn't have him in real life, I 'd put money on it.

Personally, I 'd put my money on accidental death without a second thought.

I'd stake my life on it

I'll eat my hat

If the Democrats win, I'll eat my hat!

I'm only/just doing my job

My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Nearer my God to Thee

a man/woman etc after my own heart

be my guest

"Could I use your phone?" "Be my guest ."

"Do you mind if I sit here?'' "Be my guest .''

"Is it all right if I call my parents?" "Be my guest ."

For the moment you are my guest .

Oh, hell, be my guest .

You were my guest , remember?

bless my soul/I'll be blessed!

bless my soul/upon my soul

cross my heart (and hope to die)

I didn't take it, cross my heart!

for my money

For my money , it's one of the most romantic places in Hawaii.

And this for my money is what Peace Corps is all about.

I feel in my pocket for my money and pull it out.

I went to the telegraph office of the railroad for my money order from New York.

Lee's one of the chosen and he's one of the damned, for my money .

for my sins

And because of this he has paid the price for my sins and your sins.

I am Araminta Merchiston, Lady Merchiston's daughter - for my sins !

for my/his part etc

Curtis, for his part , wished he felt as confident as he had tried to sound.

Gates, for his part , says he tries not to stray too far from talking about technology.

I for my part have some difficulty in accepting that.

I, for my part , would take the second of the two roads.

Kennedy, for his part , seemed open to the reasonable accommodation.

Mr McLean, for his part , will offer a guilty plea to the charge of actual bodily harm.

My grandfather, for his part , had found lodgings for the two boys through an advertisement in a church magazine.

Nick, for his part , really wants to live.

get off my case

OK, OK, just get off my case , will you?

get out of my face

if I had my way

If I had my way , there'd be a baseball game every day of the year.

Well, I would ban them too if I had my way .

if you don't mind my saying so/if you don't mind me asking

in my book

Well, in my book , if you steal, you deserve to get caught.

But they accuse me of lying in my book .

C., in my book , is U. S. Sen.

During his stay he took much interest in my books and asked to borrow one.

I put this down in my book .

So I put everything in my book , such-and-such-a-thing, such-and-such-a-thing.

So I went on until just after refreshment time: Spoke to Mr so-and-so - lots of things in my book .

These stages are described in more detail in my books First Feelings and Playground Politics.

Which is just ducky, in my book .

in my humble opinion

Excellently done nevertheless, in my humble opinion.

In my humble opinion, he should not be called upon for such justification.

In my humble opinion, Sarah is not so much interested in old relationships as new.

it's more than my job's worth

it's/that's not my problem

It's not my problem if she won't listen to reason.

just my luck

Just my luck ! The one vacation I take all year, and I have to get sick.

Married, is he? Just my luck .

Great, I thought to myself, just my luck .

It was just my luck to have bags made of light nylon, weighing in at ten kilos in total.

No chance, I thought, just my luck the clocks aren't working.

kiss my ass

knowing my luck

love (from sb)/lots of love/all my love

make my day

me and my big mouth/you and your big mouth etc

my (good) man

As for fitzAlan ... did you think killing three of my men would go unnoticed?

But my man fires his gun.

But was it necessary to kill my men in cold blood?

Hey Timmy, how are you, my man ?

I called my men to drive them back.

I decided like a good captain to remain with my men .

I heard my men going after him with their guns - and then everything went black.

my arse!

my bad!

my bet

I made a decision, or rather I hedged my bets .

Maybe, I tell myself, I was really hedging my bets .

my eye!

A diamond necklace my eye ! That was glass!

my girl

But the little game's over, my girl .

Don't you take him home, my girl .

It's not what you think, my girl , it's what the man thinks.

Not really your fault, my girl .

That's put you in your place, my girl .

This won't do, my girl .

my goodness!/goodness (gracious) me!

my head/back etc is killing me

my heart bleeds (for sb)

"He says he can't come out tonight because he has to look after the kids." "My heart bleeds! That must be the first time he's stayed in with them since they were born!"

My heart bleeds for those poor children.

You can't afford a third car? My heart bleeds!

my heart was in my mouth

my honourable friend

my humble apologies

my learned friend

my lips are sealed

Fear not my lips are sealed.

my lord

I've been looking for an excuse to cut my lord Heuil out of the pack, and now you give me this.

I fear he is not in such sound health as you may think, my lord .

Look at him, my Lord .

No, my lord , I beg you keep this thing secret.

Sometimes there is love - indeed I loved my lord dearly.

Visitors to Manchester Arena are greeted with a large crowd, singing, Kum ba yah, my Lord .

You're not - Oh, my Lord and Saviour!

my man

But my man fires his gun.

But was it necessary to kill my men in cold blood?

Hey Timmy, how are you, my man ?

Hum-m-m, I just lo-o-ve my men in uniform.

I decided like a good captain to remain with my men .

I heard my men going after him with their guns - and then everything went black.

Six of my men were killed in one spot near me.

You can kill ten of my men for every one I kill of yours.

my mind's a blank

my money's on sb/sth

The smart money is on the A's to win the series.

my sainted aunt!

my son

And my son will probably be just like you.

How much compassion would I have toward Duncan Fleming if it were my son who was killed?

However, in the spring of 1977 an offer was made, which my son accepted.

I had my son , yet I was lonely.

I often read aloud to my sons the nonfiction books that support their school studies.

Mr Shepherd appeared in my office with my son - said he'd found him roaming about the factory.

What about it, Gabriel my son ?

my treat

Let's go out for dinner - my treat this time.

We get ice cream every Friday - that's my treat .

my word is my bond

my/her beloved

my/his/your etc word

never darken my door again

not in my backyard

old boy/my dear boy

on (my) tippytoes

over my dead body

You'll marry him over my dead body!

Father gives the bridal sermon over my dead body.

pardon my French

pardon my ignorance/rudeness etc

pardon/excuse my French

read my lips

sb/sth gets my vote

Barkeley gets my vote for sexiest man of the decade.

Pans and scans: Rowdy Gaines gets my vote as best analyst at these Games thus far.

sb/sth makes my flesh creep

that's the story of my life

the Honourable Gentleman/the Honourable Lady/my Honourable Friend/the Honourable Member

through no fault of her/my etc own

In my opinion Anna acted more childishly but through no fault of her own.

So, through no fault of my own, I was at a loose end quite a bit.

to my way of thinking

I never could understand what she saw in him - a bit thin and weedy, to my way of thinking.

The artist, to my way of thinking, is a monstrosity, something outside nature.

The frigid lands, to my way of thinking, provide good support of the Catastrophe Theory of Earth's evolution.

to/in my mind

As I took in the traffic thundering by beneath me and relived in my mind my alarming experience, my trepidation returned.

But in my mind I suffered.

But not quickly enough to my mind .

I always had something like this in my mind , that something like that was going to happen.

One boy,, really sticks out in my mind .

Stark Nude had been an angelic sprite of a girl who in my mind will for ever be 6 and eating jelly beans.

They are horribly expensive but to my mind they are the best.

With Amantani fresh in my mind it seemed to me that more than the cattle were tethered here.

you saved my life

Thanks for the ride - you really saved my life.

you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

your wish is my command

your/her/my etc Sunday best

II. interjection


My ! Is all this yours, Tom?

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