Meaning of NAPHTHALENE in English




At point E a solid mixture of benzene and naphthalene is formed.

I could taste iron in the air, and naphthalene .

Let us now consider a liquid mixture of composition c. This starts to form solid naphthalene at point c'.

SOLID-LIQUID EQUILIBRlA Figure 6.28 shows the cooling curves for pure benzene, pure naphthalene and a mixture of the two.

Solid begins to form at point A. Depending on the composition of the mixture, the solid will be either benzene or naphthalene .

The curve in the middle shows what happens when a mixture of benzene and naphthalene is cooled.

The liquid thus becomes richer in naphthalene .

They had been salted away in mothballs and smelt of naphthalene .

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