Meaning of NEAT in English



a neat solution (= simple and clever )

This sounded like a neat solution to the skills shortage.

good/neat/fancy etc footwork

The England keeper revealed some fancy footwork in the victory over Nottingham Forest.

have neat/small etc handwriting

Yu Yin has tiny handwriting.

neat and clean especially AmE:

Her kids were always neat and clean.

neat and tidy

Ellen’s room is always neat and tidy .


Your handwriting is much neater than mine.




First wrap your parcels securely in the chosen paper, ensuring that all the folds and flaps are as neat as possible.

Wasn't it just as neat and unlikely to blame the parents as it was to talk about possession by devils?

She was not quite as neat as she used to be.

The priests who'd officiated at Por Tanssie had been as neat as soldiers.

Ivy covered and as neat and quiet as a convent.

The dead lay inside this fortified enclosure in rows as neat as those in the Martins' kitchen-garden.

I try and eat the rest of the doughnut as neat as I can but I end up all sugary and sticky.


And he can do all kinds of really neat magic.

At first he thought it was really neat that Marty was paying my rent.

And one of the New Zealand guys thought it would be really neat to nick the guy's gun.

And they all think that creating the future is really neat .

It's really neat I reckon - like that picture of the man in that rowing boat.


It was so neat and we had a good time.

Clean architectural lines, gleaming glass, flower beds so neat and regimented that no weed would dare to seed itself.

She was so neat and quick in all her movements, and Matey had made her careful.

And the way it was delivered to him, so neat , so innocent-seeming a package.


Perhaps the idea was too neat .

The boxes at either end were all too neat and snug.

So don't go looking too neat .

This is very neat - perhaps too neat.

The whole operation sounds too neat to be true - but it seems to be working at least as well as other last-ditch cancer treatments.

All this stuff about polyneuritis was handy, thought Henry, but perhaps a little too neat .

I felt out of proportion with a short bob and, although striking, it was too neat and tidy for me.


He was about fifty-five, short, sturdy, and very neat .

The trees were very neat and orderly.

This band is very neat and really does give a garment a professional finish.

I was not doing a very neat job with her lining, but she said nothing about it.

All very neat and orderly, it seems.

This is very neat - perhaps too neat.

And now, thanks to a very neat bit of deduction, you know.

The Palisade units produced by Forest Fencing are individually machine turned to give a very neat appearance.



It included, for example, a neat pile of bullets, the artist being flown in to do the piling.

I picked up the neat pile of clothing and placed it on the chair near the stove.

Wrapped in copious instruction leaflets and next to a neat pile of syringes, formidable quantities of snakebite serum had thoughtfully been provided.

I tried the next drawer, which was filled with neat piles of nylon underpants in a quite large old-lady style.

The room has remained untouched, its files and papers in the same neat piles the actor had left them in.

I wanted to pick up the neat pile of paper lying on the bed and fling it into the air.

A long, rather stark couch held neat piles of clean kandoras and white head scarves which were laid there daily.

Her eyes fell to the open fireplace, the large, gaping grate with its neat pile of sawn logs.


No doubt they would return and place him with the other Commando dead in neat rows in front of the Chateau to await burial.

Flanking a canal, it was enclosed by a bamboo fence, and neat rows of thatched-roof huts had been laid out.

Books and papers in neat rows and piles crammed all the available space between floor and ceiling.

Tracer rounds corkscrewed through the glare, and people were dying in long neat rows .

Expensive cars parked in neat rows that the staff had reserved for them.

The teacher kindly explains, with rules and exceptions marked off in neat rows and columns on the blackboard.

Then they were sat down in neat rows , boys on one side and girls on the other.

Tables are set up side by side, in neat rows on the massive floor of the Phoenix Civic Plaza.


It was a neat trick , but it never seemed to fit the open-faced characters he played.

Dole has to go negative without seeming negative, a neat trick .

He must both get into the fray and seem above it, another neat trick .

That was a neat trick all right.


Perhaps the neatest way of expressing the distinction is to contrast unilateral and cooperative procedures.

However, a neat way of operating the bridge was devised by Robinson.

Using the Power Station is the safest and neatest way to distribute the power to all the other units here.


"Why don't we go to the beach!'' "Yeah that sounds really neat .''

a neat software package

An man in a neat gray suit sat on the other side of the bar.

Billy's cottage was set back off the road, behind a neat little hedge.

Chris looked neat and well shaven.

Douglas drinks his scotch neat .

Draw a rough diagram -- it doesn't have to be very neat .

Gina has very small neat handwriting.

He put his clothes in a neat pile on the bed.

His jackets were arranged in a neat row in the closet.

I bought a neat tool for carving wood.

I like to see everything looking neat and tidy.

I met some really neat people at the conference.

It's a complicated problem, and there's no neat solution.

Jim and I need more time together away from the kids, so we came up with this neat idea of meeting after work.

Mrs Woodie cut the sandwiches in neat squares.

Neither of my sons is neat by nature.

One of our designers has come up with a neat idea for storing computer disks.

She had been waiting there all night, but she still looked neat .

Taking up a sport is a neat way of meeting new people, and it's good for you too.


A few neat steps, a well-choreographed move and they claimed one back.

At the Penta the porters had worked out a neat scam with the airline crews who regularly booked into the hotel.

Dole has to go negative without seeming negative, a neat trick.

He was about fifty-five, short, sturdy, and very neat .

The handwriting was neat and prim.

They were part of another life, neat signals towards its ending.

Two paths crossed the rectangular field, forming a neat St Andrew's Cross of down-trodden grass.

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