Meaning of NORMALLY in English



function normally/correctly/properly etc

Flights in and out of Taipei are functioning normally again.




Liver failure was not normally associated with amphetamines, which could induce fits and coma, he said.

An insurance information sheet jargon: Paying for medical care is an example of the direct costs normally associated with workplace accidents.

Extreme behaviourism is normally associated with B. F. Skinner.

However, a different but related interpretation could be: what units are normally associated with measurements of a particular size?

The designers have produced a complete range, including shoes you wouldn't normally associate with Doc Martens.

The spirit of high adventure isn't one you'd normally associate with Commercial Paper.

Let us look at an advertisement which does not use a style of photography normally associated with advertising.

Such an expansion takes the sort of guts not normally associated with ex-civil servants.


The Purchaser will normally expect warranties from all Vendors - whether or not they worked or will work in the business.

One would normally expect such small bodies to reach the ground falling more nearly vertically.

Although this probably represented ten times what she would normally expect she displayed no emotion as she accepted it.

Over-generation &038; Syntactic Ambiguity Sentences are much more ambiguous than one would normally expect .

By contrast one can normally expect a mini to have good on-line facilities.

The organisation concerned would normally expect these roles to be occupied by men.

This could explain why we see some quasars much nearer than we would normally expect to see them.

It also allows all the fading and mixing features you normally expect from broadcast television.


If the tank is well-established, however, they will normally find enough microorganisms to keep them going during this initial period.

The next four chapters present coverage of material not normally found in undergraduate instrumental analysis texts.

This is a very well written chapter and covers material not normally found in other analytical chemistry texts.

These can be studied free of interference from positively charged counter-ions - something chemists normally find extremely hard to achieve.

You don't normally find dossers in the countryside.


It may be that that individual does not function normally as a consequence of the sensory deprivation.

Collagen normally functions like steel reinforcing rods in a concrete structure.

In the past most of us have been unaware of these signs and that is why our body ceases to function normally .

Provided the liver is functioning normally , the amount of dye retained after 45 minutes should be less than 6 percent.

A biopsy of brain tissue detected the presence of toxoplasmosis, which is relatively harmless in people with normally functioning immune systems.

But they functioned normally on the farm, he said.

Perhaps she would never again be able to function normally .

Cocaine users often feel as though they need the drug to relieve themselves of the tired feeling and to function normally .


Extra allowance linked to the age is normally given automatically.

When Cheney and Seyfarth played a tonal call normally given in response to leopards, the majority of the monkeys ran to a tree.

When they played a low grunt normally given in response to eagles, the majority of the monkeys looked up.

This condition normally gives rise to severe swelling, known as oedema, in various parts of the body.

The hands that normally give the despatch box a confident caress gripped it in white-knuckled nervousness.

Even with housed animals they normally gave their husbands a helping hand.

The annual award is normally given to a boss providing the worst pay and conditions but because of unemployment no one is making nominations.

Additions for age are normally given automatically.


Another example of an imported good with a widespread distribution is ivory, which normally occurs as rings.

These allow soil attachment to occur normally but to the coating rather than the substrate.

Throughout the preparation days you will be establishing a baseline record of your eating and exercise behaviour as it normally occurs .

Changes of Prime Minister normally occur more abruptly and disagreeably.

Transfer will normally occur shortly after editing the material in the table is complete.

Because it may be triggered by the vigorous smaller-scale fluctuations, such an instability will normally occur intermittently.

It normally occurs as flat hexagonal plates.

This is a consequence of the fact that turbulent flows normally occur at high Reynolds number.


Drains: A properly constructed system, in good repair, does not normally require cleaning.

This step normally requires the preparation of key ratios and common-size statements.

In digital terms, the sky would normally require about 0.4 megabytes of data.

Since buffalo is not carried by most supermarket meat departments, it normally requires special ordering at a game purveyor.

A Class 4 transaction will normally require the prior consent of the company in a general meeting.

The A level grades normally required are published in the Prospectus, as are fields' specific entry requirements.

Full payment for auction purchases is normally required on the day of the sale.

A transfer normally requires signing only by the seller.


It's a job normally reserved for heroes, generals and admirals.

In East Harlem, choice has extended opportunities normally reserved for middle-class whites to poor black and Hispanic children.

He made an audacious bid for president of the student body, a job normally reserved for a law school student.

The ticket home, how-ever, was normally reserved for people who received serious injuries that required prolonged care.


Their immune systems are so damaged that colds and bugs which normally take a few days to clear can take weeks or months.

This is a slow process normally taking an hour per unit of alcohol.

This fairly common phenomenon stresses the interaction that normally takes place between our body clock, our social commitments, and time-cues.

Completion normally takes place four to eight weeks later and there is no opportunity for second thoughts.

Licences normally take either of two forms: a full on-licence, or an off-licence.

For instance, a very good way is to make everything you do take twice as long as it would normally take you.

If it normally takes you a quarter of an hour to shave, make it take you half an hour.

In fact, once drivers are made aware of this they normally take compensatory action in their driving.


This construction is normally used for stiffer mountain boots, and the middle layer is normally the hardest.

They look down at him from a raised stage normally used by politicians and entertainers.

I shall explain here the lease evaluation techniques that finance directors should normally use when deciding whether to lease or buy.

Magnesium hydroxide, normally used as an antacid or laxative, may also serve as a magnesium supplement.

Also be careful that the polish is not contaminated with grit from whatever you normally use it on.

This last strategy for sampling is normally used by professional public opinion pollsters and by political scientists.

Boards under 3.00m in length normally use only the gybing and high wind straps.

They had selected chestnut trees, which surprised me because chestnut was not a timber normally used for making masts.


We were producing coal at 71 of our 174 pits - 47 of which were working normally .

This prevents Navigator from storing cookies, but it will work normally in every other respect.

The need-to-know rule in the covert world normally works admirably.

Although estimators normally work a 40-hour week, much overtime is often required.

Stage 5: A probationary period in which the prisoner continues to report to the police, but lives and works normally .

Natural selection, which normally works on the margins, suddenly alters the core of the system.

Some tubes lose a lot of output with age, while appearing to work normally .


Normally , it takes me twenty minutes to get to work.

His normally cheerful face looked sad for a moment.

The flu normally lasts about a week or ten days.

The museum isn't normally as crowded as this.

Try to relax and breathe normally .


A large, blue twin-engine air boat that normally is used for tours of the Everglades serves as the major on-site platform.

As it turned out, the propulsion system performed normally .

Candidates will normally be expected to be members of the professions allied to medicine.

Copyright comes into force immediately on completion or publication of the work and does not normally have to be recorded or registered.

Most events take about two hours and are normally limited to 20 places, so booking in advance is essential.

The beginner normally learns combination techniques by performing them against thin air.

We put together the new packaging overnight practically, when it would have normally taken two years.

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