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a nuclear attack

They would not risk a nuclear attack on the United States.

a nuclear disaster (= an accident involving nuclear power or weapons )

A conflict could get out of hand and degenerate into nuclear disaster.

a nuclear establishment (= a place where electricity is produced from nuclear fuel )

Local people are against having a nuclear establishment on their doorstep.

a nuclear war (= involving nuclear weapons )

The possibility of nuclear war was much on people’s minds in the Fifties.

a nuclear/atomic explosion

This is the site of the first ever nuclear explosion.

a nuclear/hydrogen bomb

The North Koreans were developing a nuclear bomb.

bomb/shotgun/nuclear etc blast

A bomb blast completely destroyed the building.

environmental/nuclear/economic etc catastrophe

The Black Sea is facing ecological catastrophe as a result of pollution.

military/nuclear etc capability

America’s nuclear capability

nuclear arms race

the nuclear arms race

nuclear bomb

nuclear deterrence

nuclear disarmament (= reduction of nuclear weapons )

Nuclear disarmament had begun to be a popular political issue.

nuclear disarmament

nuclear family

nuclear fission

nuclear fuel

What do we do with the spent nuclear fuel?

nuclear fusion

nuclear missile

a nuclear missile

nuclear physics

nuclear power

The accident raised doubts about the safety of nuclear power.

nuclear radiation

Nuclear radiation has a devastating effect on living cells.

nuclear reactor

nuclear warfare

the appalling consequences of nuclear warfare.

nuclear waste

the problems of nuclear waste disposal

nuclear/atomic energy

a report on the cost of nuclear energy

nuclear/atomic weapons

The country is thought to be developing nuclear weapons.

nuclear/chemical etc warhead

radioactive/nuclear waste

plans for the safe transportation of radioactive waste

rocket/wind/nuclear/jet propulsion

the nuclear age (= since nuclear energy was used for weapons or energy )

the nuclear disarmament movement

the growth of the nuclear disarmament movement in the 1950s

the nuclear family (= a family consisting of a mother, a father, and their children )

Not everyone lives in a typical nuclear family.




There's been a nuclear accident , savvy?

On April 26, 1986, a nuclear accident occurred at Chernobyl in the Soviet Union.

By contrast, the chances of a major nuclear accident resulting in 100 fatal cancers was set at one in a million.

Likewise, the scare associated with the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island was blown out of proportion.

As had happened in previous nuclear accidents , the operators misread the situation.

Life goes on, despite nuclear accidents and the collapse of the Soviet empire.

The nuclear accident at Chernobyl affected this country even though we are hundreds of miles from the reactor.


Despite their weaknesses, are the laws of war still relevant in the nuclear age ? 5.

Again, these words have a certain resonance for the nuclear age .

In the nuclear age the maintenance of this threshold between conflict and war is a basic objective of Soviet policy.

The Manhattan Project, which ushered in the nuclear age with all its benefits and horrors, obviously fits this criterion.

Even in the nuclear age , war must be approached as a purposeful political act.

In the nuclear age , peace-time alliances seem a permanent fact.

Catherine was bounding pell-mell into the mistakes of the nuclear age .


We saw a case for considering what our nuclear arsenal would be and whether it was completely necessary.

He was energetic, headstrong, and unorthodox-and he had compelling reasons for reducing the ruinously expensive Soviet nuclear arsenal .

His firm unleashes its nuclear arsenal of threats and writs.

That is particularly true on containing nuclear arsenals .

They must show potential proliferators that they are prepared to secure further reductions in their nuclear arsenals .

At the same time, its nuclear arsenal puts it in a qualitatively different league from its capitalist competitors.

Next month the superpowers are expected to agree to cut their long-range nuclear arsenals by a third.


Consequently, they might remove the base, thereby removing the reason for a nuclear attack .

The nation could ill afford a logy commander-in-chief in the event of nuclear attack .

My relatives and friends lived in fear of nuclear attack or bombardment by chemical weapons.

But like the old joke, they prepare for nuclear attack by gathering the wagons into a circle.

In any case the vast base was vulnerable to nuclear attack .

Nor will such a network of battle stations immediately end the threat of nuclear attack .

He was executive officer aboard the Honolulu, a nuclear attack submarine.


Physics may tell us how to build a nuclear bomb but not whether it should be built.

The plants generated fissionable materials for nuclear bombs during the Cold War.

Before we started, nuclear bombs were sacred objects.

Mere nuclear bombs would do little to halt life in general, and might, in fact, increase the nonhuman versions.

However, specialists have no doubt it was built to produce a nuclear bomb .

Cunningham said that the United States has lost considerable bomb-making skills in the eight years since it stopped making nuclear bombs .

It asked governments to abolish nuclear bombs , and wished for the strengthening of the United Nations.

The first would use the same radar and missiles, but would replace the interceptor with a nuclear bomb .


With Bevin he also believed that Britain would have much less influence in Washington without some nuclear capability of her own.

Control over these armed forces and the massive nuclear capability is uncertain.


How does that set an example to countries that he wishes to discourage from adopting nuclear deterrence ?

But it also reserves the right to do so by insisting on full membership for them, which includes nuclear deterrence .

There is no sign that nuclear deterrence can prevent all conflicts.

And it would mean the failure of 37 years of nuclear deterrence .

They are putting almost all their eggs in the basket of deterrence , particularly nuclear deterrence.

Yet the theory of nuclear deterrence assumes the reverse.


The nuclear deterrent has been very effective in ensuring the security of the west over the past 40 years.

Only when it comes to the nuclear deterrent or matters of top intelligence-gathering is the short-term commercial approach deliberately shelved.

To that extent, the nuclear deterrent is very good value for money.

Britain's credible and effective independent nuclear deterrent is the ultimate guarantee of our security.

We are the only party unambiguously committed to the preservation and modernisation of our independent nuclear deterrent .

Both super-powers shared the instinct for self-preservation and negotiated continuously in search of credible systems of nuclear deterrents .

That applies even to the minority in the Labour party who believe in the nuclear deterrent .


The dangers of creating a miniature nuclear device worried them and also increased their concerns for safety.

There would have been small nuclear devices loosed upon the Metroplex if Dallas had lost.

The section for training in portable nuclear devices had been in the deep cellars of the monastery.

Thus the need for underground testing of nuclear devices , a practice now banned by the treaty.

As little as 55 pounds of highly enriched uranium or 18 pounds of plutonium could be used to build a nuclear device .

He weighed up what he needed to tell her about the shapechangers and theft of the nuclear device .


In a way, nuclear disarmament makes matters worse.

He had seen total nuclear disarmament in the grasp of his President, then seen it slip away.

Their new Social Democratic Party favoured multilateral disarmament as opposed to unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Throughout the world they are the banner bearers of the struggles for unilateral nuclear disarmament .

She spoke frequently in the Debating Society in favour of progressive causes such as abortion, animal rights, state education and nuclear disarmament .

As late as last year a narrow conference majority wanted to hold the party to unilateral nuclear disarmament .

In 1955, the year of the Geneva summit conference, there were conciliatory gestures towards nuclear disarmament on both sides.

In the long term, however, assuring peace and true national security requires some type of mutual and verifiable nuclear disarmament .


Two school authorities rejected the section on nuclear disasters .


Towards this end, agreements were signed on fishing, trade, environmental protection and the peaceful use of nuclear energy .

Juries may not understand the niceties of nuclear energy , but they can distinguish right and wrong.

They suggest instead, however, that preference should be given to the development of small nuclear energy complexes.

S., restrict certain investments in, for example, nuclear energy .

Worst of all are the perils of nuclear energy whether used for peace or war.

Doesn't he care that nuclear energy has so far saved the world from burning five hundred million tons of coal?

This is just the latest example of the threat to free information and even free speech presented by the nuclear energy lobby.

We're not, he thought, talking about nuclear energy , we're talking about Passion.


On Aug. 29 Nazarbayev closed the nuclear testing site at Semipalatinsk where over 500 nuclear explosions had been carried out since 1949.

Setting off his first nuclear explosion was fun.

The nearby Trinity Site is where the first nuclear explosion took place.

Even modest-sized nuclear explosions can have effects detectable over intercontinental distances.

Strangely, as they soar ever upwards, the balloons take on a mushroom-shape as if there's been a nuclear explosion beneath.

You could have what they call a radiological weapon that would not have a nuclear explosion .

Accidental nuclear explosions can not occur; the bombs are designed so they can not be exploded by any chance event.

We would call this a one-kiloton nuclear explosion .


To further substantiate these results, we pre-incubated the nuclear extract with a 500 molar excess of wild type or mutated oligonucleotides.

Jun-Core is phosphorylated by a DNA-dependent kinase in HeLa nuclear extracts .

Treatment of nuclear extracts with phosphatase results in a comparable increase in the mobility of the 43 kDa polypeptide and ATF1.


The closure of some of Britain's nuclear facilities means the equipment isn't needed here any more.

The only effective countermeasure to such activities is international inspection of all the nuclear facilities on Earth.

It has reiterated demands for the closure of all ex-Soviet nuclear facilities .

Despite that, the experts said security at nuclear facilities there is weak and there are few controls at national borders.

The estimates do not include the cost of dismantling nuclear weapons and military nuclear facilities .


The modern nuclear family is a vulnerable and fragile institution.

They are an extension of his nuclear family but also a discrete entity.

The individual with this ethic does not engage in any cooperative activity for goals beyond the immediate-interest of the nuclear family .

Second, the extended family counts for relatively less and the immediate nuclear family for relatively more.

Within this nuclear family , the hopes and affections of its members were concentrated and the emotional level could rise dangerously high.

Religion and the nuclear family went hand in hand.

Clearly, then, housing policy operates at present to reinforce the nuclear family .

Individual nuclear family units not only provide the maximum number of outlets for commodity production, but also facilitate social control.


In the mid-1950's nuclear fission had still to be turned into a commercial power source.

An obvious and technically achievable alternative to fossil fuel combustion is nuclear fission .

The most important are nuclear fission , wind, wave and tidal energy sources and solar energy by direct conversion and biomass.

Containing nuclear waste Anti-nuclear campaigners sometimes claim that nuclear fission and its dangerous products are a purely manmade phenomenon.

Start to phase out nuclear fission power stations, which are prohibitively expensive and potentially hazardous.

Perhaps this is a reflection of the problems that have plagued nuclear fission .

Plutonium is a unique and inevitable by-product of nuclear fission .


It committed the forthcoming summit to draw up a mandate for negotiations on short-range nuclear forces .

The strong nuclear force has a curious property called confinement: it always binds particles together into combinations that have no color.

In particular they made great progress in their attempts to put electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force together within the same theoretical framework.

If we had nothing but nuclear forces , this would not be credible.

It was also important to demonstrate the ability of nuclear forces to ride out a surprise attack.


It committed the forthcoming summit to draw up a mandate for negotiations on short-range nuclear forces .

If we had nothing but nuclear forces , this would not be credible.

The problem of Multilateral versus Multinational nuclear forces became another legacy bequeathed to the Wilson Government when it came to power.

It was also important to demonstrate the ability of nuclear forces to ride out a surprise attack.

The talks in Geneva about intermediate-range nuclear forces have recently resumed.

The national security council heard calls for resources to be redirected from the elite nuclear forces to beef up conventional arms spending.


At that stage the inspector did not mention spent nuclear fuel .

Energy Department officials say nuclear fuel rods have been safely transported for decades.

Events prove that, in the context of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel , his prediction is being realised.

Thermal stations burning coal, oil or nuclear fuel work 24 hours a day and their output is less easy to adjust.

Reprocessing is a necessary first step towards recycling nuclear fuel .

Reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods increases the volume of waste and should be undertaken only when necessary for safety reasons.

Revenues, from reprocessing domestic and imported nuclear fuels , are not expected to exceed £5.2 billion.

Officials have still to decide how the radioactive dust and nuclear fuel inside should be cleaned up.


If the scientists succeed, they will have taken a small step toward improving the efficiency of nuclear fusion devices.

To an unformed child, Edna Madalyn McGurk Ting was like nuclear fusion .

But then, so would be nuclear fusion in the state I was in.

The company blames cuts in Government funding for its work into nuclear fusion for the job losses.

There could be a sudden breakthrough in nuclear fusion or the cost equation of photo-electric energy.

The products of nuclear fusion involving deuterons with hydrogen isotopes.


He realized that the world had changed and that each side was capable of destroying the other in a nuclear holocaust .

Dance music that might survive a nuclear holocaust .

The novel's apocalyptic ending takes on a universal dimension by being implicitly compared to a nuclear holocaust .

Nuclear deterrence becomes nuclear holocaust when local wars get out of hand.

Ironically it looked more like a scene from after the nuclear holocaust instead of a plea to prevent one.


Adamov sees the importing of waste as a way of relaunching the country s nuclear industry .

Reviving the moribund nuclear industry would be tough and unpopular, and could take many years to produce more power.

In the year 1988/89, £256.8 million went to the nuclear industry , and only £16 million on renewables.

Its nuclear industry is the fourth largest in the world by net capacity.

This has been particularly useful in the nuclear industry where highly corrosive toxic and radioactive substances cause severe maintenance problems.

And the nuclear industry couldn't always buy itself into the media.

This is quite different from the lengthy exposure to much lower levels which people receive from the nuclear industry .


But the authoritarian mechanisms that guarded Soviet nuclear material can no longer be guaranteed.

Pentagon officials say they have already had some success reducing the risk that nuclear materials will fall into the wrong hands.

It then swells-for the nuclear material is highly compacted within the sperm-and so becomes a pronucleus.

Storage of nuclear materials is in jeopardy, a government official warned recently.

Each of the two divisions of meiosis produces two daughter cells, each of which contains the same amount of nuclear material .

There have been some real instances of just dumping nuclear material in the oceans.

Since the amount of nuclear material increases as cells grow and divide, new pyrimidines and purines had to come from somewhere.

Another worry is that nuclear material from defunct nuclear power plants and dismantled nuclear weapons might end up in the wrong hands.


In August the Soviet Union announced that it would cease producing rail-mounted strategic nuclear missiles from the beginning of 1991.

What about all those other enemies about to target nuclear missiles at the United States?

He kept Moscow happy by fulfilling the state quotas in steel, tanks and nuclear missiles .

What more can you ask for from a thriller about renegades who steal nuclear missiles ?

Even short-range nuclear missiles are tactical.

If they accepted, nuclear missiles would vanish from the earth.

As for Mrs Thatcher's loudly voiced determination to force through a replacement of the Lance nuclear missile , nobody is listening.

A visitor to the control room of this nuclear missile submarine might pass it by without a second thought.


It's a subject whose passion for diagrams and abbreviations and formulae can give nuclear physics a run for its money.

Tom, this ain't nuclear physics !

Thermoluminescence dating and environmental radiation monitoring is also pursued within the nuclear physics group.

Like Nicu she studied nuclear physics , but unlike Valentin, she was never considered suitable for study abroad.

He says Harwell has now expanded from dealing solely with the field of nuclear physics .

The other simple analogy is to the chain reaction of nuclear physics .

Elena fostered Nicu's interest in nuclear physics .

In 1992/93, after a review of nuclear physics has been completed, it will require £5 million, open or shut.


No, say conservative politicians and industrialists, who are campaigning to save the nuclear plants .

And at the Oyster Creek nuclear plant in southern New Jersey, employees were evacuated by officials who feared an earthquake.

But his environment colleague, Finnin Aerts, wants a moratorium on further nuclear plants .

The first phase of the plan involves expanding its existing solar station beside the closed Rancho Seco nuclear plant this year.

The nuclear plants will not be phased out until the alternative energy sources are ready to come on-stream, however.

What chance did we have at a nuclear plant ?

Even if they keep within budget, nuclear plants are at least twice as expensive to build as coal stations.

Instead of energy conservation, they advocate building more dams and nuclear plants .


They spun round undisturbed in front of the nuclear power stations for several hours.

It could be heated by solar or nuclear power .

An Atomic Energy Act brought nuclear power under Federal control.

Mira still gets red-faced when he remembers speaking at a retirement home about nuclear power .

Let me remember how unforgiving the nuclear power industry is.

For the same reason an ambitious nuclear power programme has been considerably slowed.

The arguments in support of cheap nuclear power have always derived from a deceptively simple premise.

In return they got help with civilian nuclear power .


The nuclear programme were reducing but the non-nuclear activities were not yet sufficiently robust to replace them.

It has spent scarce resources on its nuclear programme .

The nuclear programme was embarked upon against a background of rising oil and energy prices.

The nuclear programme , because of its sudden appearance and because of the passions it arouses, has encountered its greatest obstacle in people.

The nuclear programme has also mobilised the technical, human, and industrial capacities of an important sector of the economy.

We were committed to the continuance of Britain's nuclear programme .

He called upon the North to close its nuclear reprocessing and enrichment facilities and to submit its nuclear programme to international inspection.

National Power was allocated 70 percent of the power plant, but was given control of the nuclear programme .


It has to harry the government to take a less relaxed view on international nuclear proliferation .

Suddenly nuclear proliferation became a high-priority concern in Washington.

Under nuclear proliferation safeguards, plutonium shipments have to be accompanied by armed vessels.

We have to face the fact that there is a bigger risk of nuclear proliferation at present than the world has ever known.

Lugar has devoted most of his ad time and speeches to foreign policy, particularly the threat of nuclear proliferation .

The legislation stated that the plant posed serious environmental hazards and increased the risk of nuclear proliferation .

Britain has always been strongly opposed to nuclear proliferation .


This was a crude nuclear reactor whose job was simply to produce plutonium for the manufacture of atomic bombs.

The ship also has facilities to handle nuclear reactor testing and repairs.

Of course, nuclear reactors have superbly efficient back-up systems for just such eventualities.

Devices that are designed to produce stable chain reactions are called nuclear reactors .

There's even a terrifying, bleakly humorous description of the state of Kinshasa's one nuclear reactor .

S.-built nuclear reactor there, the Department of Energy disclosed Wednesday.

Plutonium is not found naturally on earth, but it is produced whenever uranium is used in a nuclear reactor .

The plutonium path Plutonium is a by-product of the controlled fission reaction in a nuclear reactor .


Talks have been going on for some time on a range of scientific matters including fusion, nuclear safety and the environment.

The pursuit of a cease-fire dominated a summit of world leaders in Moscow, meeting to discuss nuclear safety and arms proliferation.

The first formal meeting of top nuclear safety regulators is expected to take place in December.

Last year, parliament voted to fund research into nuclear safety and waste disposal to the tune of £40 million.

More than £20 million in research costs has been lost on an abandoned nuclear safety programme.


Her earrings and he had to look twice to confirm this-were tiny nuclear submarines , dangling nose up.

The current Polaris nuclear submarine fleet carries 192 nuclear missiles, aimed at the heart of the former Soviet Union.

Several time zones away, a nuclear submarine conducted a surprise test-firing of two long-range ballistic missiles.

An informal probe also showed less serious watch-standing problems on three other nuclear submarines based here.


Think small One such should be to lower the limits on the size and frequency of nuclear tests .

Pakistanconducted its first nuclear test days afterward.

Grismore believes high-altitude nuclear tests are the most probable source of the radioactive specks.

The stress echo and nuclear tests are both approximately 85 to 95 percent accurate.

Greenpeace began with a protest voyage into a nuclear test zone.

I hoped she knew to expect that her kitchen would look like a nuclear test site when she returned.

The Partial Test Ban Treaty was signed a few weeks later, prohibiting nuclear tests in the atmosphere.


We produced four live, cloned lambs by nuclear transfer .

Instead, he had simply made new embryos by nuclear transfer .

They announced the birth and subsequent good health of three cloned mice, created by nuclear transfer .

The outcome of nuclear transfer can vary a great deal, depending on which of these courses is followed.

There seems to be no a priori reason why nuclear transfer should work.

Conceptually, of course, cloning by embryo splitting is much simpler than cloning by nuclear transfer .

Others did take up Spemann's challenge, and truly began the age of nuclear transfer that he and Loeb had presaged.

Thus they achieved nuclear transfer without ever penetrating karyoplast or cytoplast at all.


That's why nuclear war is so frightening - like slapstick.

The risks of an escalation to nuclear war were small.

Without such a safeguard, a small group of ill-informed or zealous officers from either side could start a full-scale nuclear war .

Ronald Reagan was deplored as a firebrand who might bring on a nuclear war .

And for a while, the world looked terrifyingly on the edge of nuclear war .

Surface bursts of large nuclear weapons are an essential part of strategic nuclear war .

If we manage to avoid a nuclear war , there are still other dangers that could destroy us all.

They governed during the Cold War , with the constant threat of nuclear war.


Currently, the Royal Navy is expected to carry 512 nuclear warheads on its Trident fleet.

And nuclear warheads seem to be the weapon or toy of choice for all those involved.

The Citadel was where nuclear warheads were made.

Each tube can hold a Trident missile with up to eight nuclear warheads that can be flung 4, 000 nautical miles.

The proportions of the mix in the Reagan/Brezhnev head are based on the number of nuclear warheads in each leader's arsenal.

The Soviet Union, however, once loaded the missile with a 1-megaton nuclear warhead .

But nuclear power brought nuclear warheads , plastics brought pollution, and the silicon chip promises unemployment for some people.


Containing nuclear waste Anti-nuclear campaigners sometimes claim that nuclear fission and its dangerous products are a purely manmade phenomenon.

Discussions of future reactor safety should revolve about two critical issues: nuclear waste disposal and nuclear weapons proliferation.

Nor can the market get rid of or store nuclear waste .

Depleted uranium, one of the hardest metals known, is classified as low-level nuclear waste .

The dispute over nuclear waste is a hangover from the last hours of the Conservative government in 1997.

That Soviet ships dumped nuclear waste in the area has been suspected for many years.

Immense sums are being spent on the storage of nuclear waste .

It was agreed to halt all depositing of industrial waste in international waters by 1995, including sub-seabed disposal of nuclear waste.


I understand from people returning from the Falklands Garrison that Britain certainly has various nuclear weapons there.

Before we took office, I had imagined myself in earnest, heated negotiations with Soviets over nuclear weapons .

Aiming to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2000.

Any effective international regulation of nuclear weapons is bound to entail troublesome incursions challenging prerogatives of national sovereignty.

Big bombers carrying nuclear weapons were the means through which he reconciled lower military expenditures with a foreign policy of containment.

We have large quantities of plutonium already separated and in forms ideally suited for nuclear weapons .

In the ensuing years much larger nuclear weapons were developed.


nuclear deterrent

Both super-powers shared the instinct for self-preservation and negotiated continuously in search of credible systems of nuclear deterrents .

Britain's credible and effective independent nuclear deterrent is the ultimate guarantee of our security.

The Left called for the scrapping of our nuclear deterrent .

The submarines play a key role in protecting ships and submarines armed with the Trident nuclear deterrent .

They have twisted and turned in their attitude to our nuclear deterrent .

To that extent, the nuclear deterrent is very good value for money.

We are the only party unambiguously committed to the preservation and modernisation of our independent nuclear deterrent .

nuclear/conventional forces

Before 1957 was out, world events were sowing the seeds of a conventional forces counter-reformation.

It committed the forthcoming summit to draw up a mandate for negotiations on short-range nuclear forces .

It was also important to demonstrate the ability of nuclear forces to ride out a surprise attack.

Meanwhile, its conventional forces are plenty good enough to banish the nuclear option to the realm of the theoretical.

Prior to Sandys the orthodox military priesthood had seen nuclear weapons as being in support of conventional forces .

Urging restraint in the development of conventional forces , the statement said that otherwise these could exacerbate political tensions.

Yet our conventional forces have not made an equivalent leap into the future.


nuclear fission

a nuclear testing area

the threat of nuclear war


According to the report the country possessed four nuclear reactors.

Any more massive star that exhausts its nuclear fuel will collapse completely under its own gravity.

Gasoline would have been ideal for a sudden blaze; the sealed nuclear drive was useless in that respect.

Most of the debate was really about an alleged universality of the nuclear family of married biological parents and their legitimate children.

The findings of 47 per-cent who preferred nuclear compares with 50 per-cent for fossil fuels.

The left strongly opposes both nuclear tests and plans to manufacture nuclear weapons.

These authors argue that, in the absence of a specific treaty prohibition nuclear weapons are not perse illegal.

This is the first stage of a nuclear reaction which can lead to an explosion.

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