Meaning of OCEAN in English




a sea/ocean breeze

The boats were moving up and down in the sea breeze.

a sea/ocean view (= a view of the sea )

I’d like a room with a sea view.

an ocean/sea/river current

Ocean currents carry young fish out to sea.

ocean liner

an ocean liner

the ocean waves (= the sea )

They spent a week on the ocean waves on a cruise ship.




According to soundings made in the surrounding ocean , there are some very deep ocean trenches in the sea around the island.

In the event of an impact in deep ocean , rock ejection would be minimized and water would be thrown great distances.

Between geologist and geology there lies a daunting barrier: the deep and rolling ocean .

Once upon a time, Triton had been a gigantic deity, ruling the deep ocean of the unknown.

Records from the deep oceans show that major global climatic and environmental change is nothing new in our history.

In the abyssal murk of the deep ocean floor, miles below the surface, no light penetrates.

The deepest part of the deep ocean is totally black, without light.


Like him, I knew that this great and peaceful ocean was out there somewhere.

These shells, which came from the great oceans , impart sacred knowledge.

They're the few surviving scrolls of our ancestors who travelled from the great oceans .

In my hand I clutch - ... But the great grave ocean comes climbing up the beach.

It could transform any pain, a great ocean to her hurt.

And all souls are one in the great ocean of the Supreme Consciousness, the Lord.

Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?

Now there is nothing but the great ocean .


The Anadyr once plied the world's largest ocean , supplying Soviet warships.

The three largest ocean liners in the world could have sat atop its crest like bathtub toys.

And the margin both times was as large as the ocean that separates the countries.

Then he went to a big plastic fish box, and hauled out a large red ocean fish.


The dominant plants of the open ocean , then, are single-celled plants.

Some researchers are skeptical, however, that this could be enough to affect large waves in the open ocean .

Through most of the summer, then, the plankton in open ocean is gradually depleted.

Keoni was born south-east of us, in the open ocean not far from Midway Island.

Once we're past it we can turn out to the open ocean .

These figures refer to the size of free waves in the open ocean .

Parts of the open ocean are so pure as to support little life.


Some attributed each crater to a bursting giant bubble of gases escaping from a vast ocean of magma.

You could get seasick at the top watching the clouds scudding across a full moon in a vast ocean of space.

Larvae may immediately become bottom dwellers or pelagic for a short period to be broadcast over vast distances by ocean currents.


A wide ocean with a small island here and there.

Between them formed several long, narrow lakes and then, as the rift deepened, a wide ocean channel.

They would be useless on a voyage on the wide ocean , and anyhow the coastal charts would soon grow mildewed.

And, of course, if the capsize happened in the wide ocean , then the crew was in real trouble.

But her eyes were wide as the oceans , and worlds beyond human ken drifted there.



The two peaks in the distribution represent the continental platforms and the ocean basins .

We may therefore take 200 million years as some sort of an upper limit to the age of an ocean basin .

These sea-level fluctuations must therefore have been produced by changes in the cubic capacity of the ocean basins .

Although the surface of the ocean basins is relatively uniform it is punctuated in places by volcanoes.


They are similar to the lavas from which the Earth's ocean crusts are made, but much older.

At the beginning of each belt was a mid-ocean ridge, where new ocean crust was made.

Judging from the minerals present in the mass of water, it appeared to have spurted out of the ocean crust .

Like a bulldozer, it plowed rock off the ocean crust that was descending and piled it into hills along its edge.

Where the ocean crust is young, lava flows dominate the landscape.

Somehow these shallow reservoirs must provide the stuff that makes new ocean crust .

These might consist of old ocean crust or material from one of the boundary layers.

The cold, bottom water that percolates down into the cracks in the ocean crust carries its own complement of chemicals.


A direct and obvious example is that many marine animals are dispersed around the globe by ocean currents .

Factoring in the effects of ocean currents , fickle winds, and errors in judgment, he then determined his longitude.

The ocean currents flow around these in the same way that winds blow around high and low centres of atmospheric pressure.

Some believe that it is because of unusually strong cold ocean currents , which improve the chances of penguins surviving the journey.

No more than 0.1% drives the wind, waves and ocean currents and a minute 0.03% is consumed in photosynthesis.

But ocean currents , wind and tides stir the waters.

Larvae may immediately become bottom dwellers or pelagic for a short period to be broadcast over vast distances by ocean currents .


Life in the ocean depths poses many special problems, requiring special adaptations.

Man is a wellspring; woman an ocean depth .

Monsters, stirred from the lightless ocean depths by the sinking of the lands, sometimes come ashore here in search of prey.


These are rocket-shaped projectiles loaded with vitrified waste, and dumped from ships to plunge into soft sediments on the ocean floor .

Looking down through my mask at the ocean floor , I saw an old motorcycle, probably from the fifties.

Small sea organisms bind these marine minerals into their body structures, which then fall to the ocean floor upon their death.

Amid the barren ocean floor swarmed legions of bizarre, new animals.

The ocean floor was the tape slowly and symmetrically drifting away from either side of the ridge.

About 100 tons of contaminated sediments still lie on the ocean floor .

Here, perhaps, all the ocean floor material has been carried up into the mountains.

The giant bivalves jammed the cracks between the black tufts of lava that covered the ocean floor .


These multi-purpose, leisure-park hotels look under siege like huge ocean liners in trouble at sea.

Farther west is the Hudson River, creating the illusion that ocean liners occasionally sail down the street.

There are, however, still many opportunities to see ocean liners arriving at and departing from the island.

It features a two-story newsroom, a lobby decorated like a 1930s ocean liner and a Mount Vernon-style cupola on the roof.

Their obsessive story is told in graphic detail as they sail merrily along on an ocean liner .

Nigel Davis reports on an industry whose products protect both an ocean liner and a girl's dress.

The three largest ocean liners in the world could have sat atop its crest like bathtub toys.


In winter when the sun is low or absent, primary production at the ocean surface is minimal.

From here I watch a patrol of pelicans skim the ocean surface while waves crash against the rocks.

Because of these fundamental properties of ocean surface waves, they are capable of delivering their punch over enormous distances.


Landscaping will include waterworks, a reference to the ocean view the museum will enjoy.

The home is on slightly more than an acre with ocean views .

Situated in a high-rise built about five years ago, the unit also has city-to-ocean views .

The ocean view was available through a wall-wide greasy window that admitted the ocean wind as well.

Other parks have more spectacular scenery, higher mountains or ocean views , but Yellowstone is the place for animals.


Excellent condition for a big ocean voyage .

They'd played by the rules and made what was often an unpleasant ocean voyage that cost them most of their savings.

The international network, at least for the Western imperial system, added a long ocean voyage between two rail journeys.

What if Juan Miguel had taken the boy on a dangerous ocean voyage without telling Elizabeth.

Jack grinned and shook hands, looking like an ad for what an ocean voyage can do for the complexion.


The high ridge displaces ocean water .

Small hermit crabs are readily available where there is ocean water and their value as scavengers makes them worth considering.

Nor is large-scale desalination of ocean water economical.

The ocean water emerging from the vent thus has an entirely different chemical makeup than the water that went into it.


And when they got into difficulties in the rolling ocean waves , the whales came to their rescue.

In one elevator, a small electronic picture keeps an ocean wave on the move.

The average ocean wave is five feet in height.

On some nights, I would pretend the sounds were ocean waves and I was in a mansion on a nameless beach.

Provision for students with special needs can be viewed as analogous to a small ship on the ocean waves .

Have you ever seen an ocean wave pass over a submerged reef?

Officials said there was no immediate threat of tsunami, a seismic ocean wave , which could be catastrophic to the area.



For this I would most certainly cross oceans , let alone forgo a couple of treatments.

For years and years they crossed rivers and oceans to find the Simorgh, that fabulous creature, radiant and dazzling.

The plane crossed the wine-dark ocean with very few passengers aboard.

According to Nissenbaum, this ritual never crossed the ocean .

In other references dhamma is the raft on which men may cross the ocean of existence to the farther shore of Nirvana.


Hard to get, that is, if you lived on the ocean floor and had been locked in a safe.


a drop in the ocean

The United States pledge of $100 million to the rainforest fund is a drop in the ocean.

Third World debt is so massive that recent pledges to reduce or forgive it are just a drop in the bucket.

With 2m men and women in uniform, a 60,000-strong force is just a drop in the ocean.

the depths of the ocean/countryside/forest etc

Illegal activity is not limited to the depths of the forest.

So the depths of the oceans are full of lights moving rhythmically around and continually turning off and on.

The sporadic gunfire, explosions and shouting in the depths of the forest, seemed to belong to a different world.


About 100 tons of contaminated sediments still lie on the ocean floor.

Amid the barren ocean floor swarmed legions of bizarre, new animals.

Everything was hygienically sluiced away by the ocean .

It is also worth thinking about the possibility that rearrangements of the continents and oceans would themselves have considerable climatic effects.

Obviously if we close up the ocean again, the resemblances would not be so startling.

These shells, which came from the great oceans, impart sacred knowledge.

You could get seasick at the top watching the clouds scudding across a full moon in a vast ocean of space.

You think I let her scare me about that ocean ?

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