Meaning of PAIR in English


I. noun


a pair of boots

I really need a new pair of boots this winter.

a pair of earrings

I saw a lovely pair of earrings in the jeweller's on the High Street.

a pair of glasses

She was wearing a new pair of glasses.

a pair of gloves

Forbes pulled on a pair of black leather gloves.

a pair of shoes

I need a new pair of shoes.

a pair of socks

He had a spare pair of socks in his gym bag.

arrange sth in pairs/groups etc

The children were arranged in lines according to height.

au pair

pair of handcuffs

a pair of handcuffs

pair of pliers

a pair of pliers

pair of scissors

a pair of scissors

pair of secateurs

a pair of secateurs

pair of slacks

a pair of slacks

pair of trousers

I need a new pair of trousers for work.

pair of tweezers

She was plucking her eyebrows with a pair of tweezers .

pair of...shears

Sam was trimming the hedge with a pair of garden shears .




In a separate incident, Ferguson also showed Irvine a clean pair of heels.

I put on a clean pair of socks.


The clinical teacher should be part of the ward team, but must resist becoming an extra pair of hands.

The car was like an extra pair of legs, which they used just to go a few blocks.

We could visit a theatre, and there would be an extra pair of hands in the garden.

The extra pair of heads, now connected, traces the other half of the tape's width.

But an extra pair of hands is still needed, especially during busy periods.


And then they say - I want a new pair of shoes, Buck sweetie.

She could not have bought a new pair of shoes since Brook Farm.

Until I can afford a new pair of designer boxer shorts, I will go along with that.

Ay, lady, the smokehouse is empty and baby needs a new pair of opera pumps.

The riding breeches £30 and the new pair of riding boots £225.

We repeat what we just did using this new pair: 924 goes once into 1365, with remainder 441.

But he'd still much rather have a new pair of football boots at Christmas.

If that come out I might buy me a new pair of shoes.


An older pair tending their spawn.

Ah, just what I was looking for: an old pair of pantyhose, useful as a filter in an emergency.

The leather slip-ons were an old , comfortable pair .

What to do with an old pair of sneakers?

Football fever got to us and Brian fashioned a small ball out of an old pair of underpants and a defunct blindfold.

Flaubert's housekeeper made Julio a coat out of an old pair of trousers.

You can often answer these questions by closely examining an old pair of shoes to see the area of most wear.

This time it was one shoe of an old pair .



I bought my first pair of those brown suede boots back in the early Sixties.

She could not have bought a new pair of shoes since Brook Farm.

The second method is to buy a pair that have already bred.

If that come out I might buy me a new pair of shoes.

If you are going to buy only one pair , I would recommend something around 7 × 50.

And this equipment is not just something you go out and buy like a pair of shoes.

If you want to buy a flamboyant pair of trousers, go ahead!

She bought a pair of used high-heeled pumps from a friend for five dollars.


He had obviously taken off his wellington boots in the kitchen and not bothered to pull on a pair of shoes.

Marta then pulls out a tiny pair of baby shoes.

As she pulled on a pair of faded jeans and a sweatshirt, she made another decision.

Tom said, adjusting the contrast as Jane Fonda pulled on a pair of nylon panty hose in Klute.

Ask a practitioner more about it - sounds like something anyone who pulls on a pair of trainers should know about!

Then he buttoned the top over his undershirt, and pulled on a pair of green socks.

He has pulled on a pair of jeans and a sweater. ` What's up Dad?

She had pulled on a pair of yellow rubber gauntlets. ` Spring cleaning.


Perhaps she would put on another pair of socks.

Meticulously she tied a scarf around her head and put on a pair of dark glasses.

She didn't really know what she should be wearing, but that morning she put on an old pair of jeans.

Then he put on the pair of brown leather cloves he had stuck into his overcoat pocket.

He looked calmly around the yard, then put on a pair of mirrored sunglasses before slamming the car door shut.

You could also spend an exhausting day at Squaw Valley and never put on a pair of skis.

Come here, put a pair of trousers on or something.

She put on a pair of sunglasses.


This kitchen is unheated, and underneath the cloth he's only wearing a pair of underpants.

He would wear a pair of shoes until they almost fell apart.

He wears nothing but a pair of shorts.

He wears a pair of black gloves.

He was wearing a pair of steel-rimmed spectacles.

He was wearing a very attractive pair of black tassel loafers.

The boots were very comfortable from new even when wearing a single pair of walking socks.

Cynthia arrived, wearing a pair of blue oven mitts and carrying a large stew pot.


a safe pair of hands

show (sb) a clean pair of heels


a pair of clip-on earrings

a pair of socks

Bill and his brother were a rather odd-looking pair .

Do the next exercise in pairs.

I've got three pairs.

I need a new pair of shoes.

If you wear glasses, take an extra pair when you go on vacation.

Stein and his business partner are a rather unusual pair .

They felt like a pair of burglars, enjoying themselves in someone else's house while the owner was away.


Downstairs he found Beryl at the table with the newspaper, her coffee and a pair of scissors.

Have each pair average the number of drops the penny holds.

In one later incarnation, she is depicted as severe, with a scalpel and a large pair of pincers.

Make a right pair , you will.

Norcross found that the acquisition of a button-pressing task proceeded more rapidly with the first pair of stimuli than with the second.

The square was empty, except for a pair of winos sleeping it off under the statue.

II. verb


a safe pair of hands


But the third was also paired up and came home with me.

He had been paired off with Whitlock.

If a conditioned response occurs, you will begin alternating escape scenes and pairing scenes.

Strong optimism paired with strong anxiety.

Well, by the time things had sorted themselves out, Johnny Miller was nearest to us and we were paired with him.

You can have your menu paired with wines for an additional $ 45.

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