Meaning of PARTIALLY in English




fully/partially/scantily etc clothed

The children lay on the bed, fully clothed and fast asleep.

partially deaf (= partly deaf )

Most children who are partially deaf can be taught in normal schools.

partially destroy sth

The Great Fire of 1666 partially destroyed the prison.

partially sighted

Reading aids have been provided for partially sighted pupils.

partially sighted (= having limited ability to see )

her partially sighted father

totally/completely/almost/partially blind

She’s almost blind in her right eye.




It's left her partially blind and a semi-invalid, an easy target for robbers.

A partially blind , poor, black man with little or no book learning outside of the Bible heard a call.

And in the Homeric spirit, quite a few of the dramatis personae are blind , or partially blind.


The best compromise is the partially open backed cabinet, similar to the Mesa Boogie 2x12 and 4x12 design.

There were two doors at the back of the shed, one partially open , its frame warped from years of neglect.

They were pushing at a partially open door as far as Britain was concerned.

After a while, through the partially open cabin hatch, she heard the bed creak beneath his weight.


And, yes, I am partially responsible for that.

Winston is only partially responsible for it.

Remember that you are partially responsible for joyfulness in other people.

The sound at the Ahmanson-amplified to the hilt-is partially responsible .


Now teachers and parents have got together to start a toy library for blind and partially sighted children.

The braille workshop in Gloucester prison is designed to rehabilitate inmates, as well as helping blind and partially sighted children.

All year round we help blind and partially sighted people living near you!

Keep it warm A warm, friendly voice is especially reassuring if a partially sighted person can't see your expression.

He hit 83 year old partially sighted pensioner, Ivor James and trapped him against a wall.

Disability glare is rarer and affects some low vision or partially sighted people.

Tape copies are available free of charge to blind and partially sighted people.

These cause special problems for many partially sighted people who must be shown how to negotiate them.


The ritual had been partially successful .

Guest, adopting the faux documentary style, was only partially successful .

Nu's efforts to bring the two men together were only partially successful .

Even the prospects of a partially successful flight were now uncertain.

First, if partially successful , it will lead to a big profits boom for the capitalists.

Hence CI5's involvement, although it had been an assignment with an only partially successful outcome.

They were partially successful in 1907, when unmarried women ratepayers were allowed to stand as candidates.



Maintaining a bella figura at all costs can cause problems greater than a partially blocked street.

There is a filter on the inlet side of the fuel pump which may be partially blocked and obstructing fuel flow.

Unlike Casodex, they only partially block the release of testosterone.


Kerry Hayden took care of Ruth's colour by partially covering the white with lowlights.

Drawings torn from a sketch pad were tacked to the plank walls, a straw rug partially covered the floor.

The body is in surprisingly good condition considering the damp weather and the fact the car is only partially covered .

Add peppercorns, bay leaf, juniper berries, and wine, cover partially , and simmer for 10 minutes.

Add the asparagus stalks, season with salt and pepper, and simmer, partially covered , for 30 minutes.


This may partially explain the better results seen here compared with those obtained with metal stents in postsurgical strictures.

And these differences in structure partially explain differences in attitudes found among the nations.

Such a clear disparity is partially explained by Coleridge's haphazard method of writing, of his ideas.

The differences can partially explain the eating habits of the Serengeti herbivores.


This was partially offset by a 30 percent increase in public-sector wages and those of the military.

Land reclamation could partially offset that loss, but the feasibility of such conversion is questionable because of the huge costs involved.

However, this was partially offset by related expenditure reductions.

Since young workers typically earn lower salaries, their greater numbers would be partially offset by their lower earnings.

Furthermore, the price rises were partially offset by increases in compensation payments on top of wages and pensions.


I was partially sighted and doctors talked about scarred retinas.

Body language A person who is partially sighted may not be able to see whether you are smiling or looking bored.


A stroke left her partially paralyzed.

Food shortages were partially responsible for riots.

The advertising campaign was only partially successful.

The house was partially destroyed by the explosion.

The ice had partially melted and there was a pool of water on the table.


Along the way, people may lose their jobs as machines replace, at least partially , the skills of human workers.

Militarism Fourth, the Western post-war build-up of defence is partially justified in the above terms.

Skills develop and change to compensate partially for the changing capacities.

Such independence cost her the political immunity from partisan attack that at least partially protected prior first ladies.

Technology can be changed, abandoned, or made efficient enough to partially relieve the impact of population growth.

The Comanche liked to kill young buffalo calves and eat the curdled, partially digested milk from the stomach.

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