Meaning of PARTICULARLY in English



particularly appropriate

The timing of the announcement was particularly appropriate .

particularly/especially suitable

The resort is particularly suitable for families.




Electronic marking is particularly appropriate on large courses, since it helps avoid the problems of managing the handing-in of work.

A field-warehousing arrangement is particularly appropriate for financing seasonal inventory buildups.

It is perhaps particularly appropriate to consider tourism in an issue of the magazine whose theme is writers.

I perceive him as a particularly appropriate model.

They are thus particularly appropriate for studies of convection and stratified flow.

The method is particularly appropriate for assaying heavy metals such as lead in blood. 33-36.

This might seem a particularly appropriate task for geographers although similar work has been the province of biologists, archaeologists and geologists.

However inversion would not appear to be particularly appropriate given the actual data involved in this case.


Neither have women's organisations been particularly concerned with occupational schemes of family allowances.

Naturally, the hon. Gentleman is particularly concerned about an incinerator that may be built in his constituency.

Investors are particularly concerned such a high percentage of profits came from foreign exchange movements.

Consciousness is the forefront of the mind particularly concerned with the intentionality of the moment.

The Committee were particularly concerned about the possible corruption of the young.

Durkheim was particularly concerned with the issue of order in society.

We are particularly concerned to identify whose who have lapsed while continuing to live in the locality.

It is particularly concerned to ensure fair and equal treatment for all shareholders.


Try warming up when you must write particularly difficult projects-it will open the word-use channels.

Younger players in particular, as well as less established players, may find it particularly difficult to resist such pressures.

It may be particularly difficult for small firms to provide highly structured and intensive work-based learning experiences.

It wasn't a particularly difficult case and we were confident we'd get it reduced to manslaughter.

Team members may also participate in problem-solving task forces established to work on particularly difficult problems or those that cross team boundaries.

Calculations for transition metal species present particularly difficult problems.

It also helps them anticipate situations that are particularly difficult .


She began her meal with a few hors-d'oeuvres, with the caviare one tasting particularly good .

Those that are particularly good at judging readiness to mate may wind up with a lot more offspring.

Yes, and some regions might be particularly good at recording novel spatiotemporal patterns.

Sunflower and grapeseed varieties are light and therefore particularly good for frying, leaving food crisp and free from grease.

The squares are particularly good when brushed with a little olive oil and grilled.

Correlation with platelet count was particularly good in colonic disease.

Now Fuchs is a particularly good advertisement for health economics, precisely because he is no genius.


It is particularly important for older workers over the age of 50, but not confined to this group.

It provided stability, a particularly important quality after the Depression.

Cost saving on this scale is particularly important in videodisc applications because videodiscs and their workstations are costly.

This impact is particularly important for babies born prematurely.

A plentiful supply of food is particularly important for hedgehogs after hibernation and prior to breeding.

In terms of intellectual development, these new behaviors are particularly important .

Questions on data availability are likely to be particularly important where users are heavily dependent on secondary sources.

Fragrance is particularly important in a walled or enclosed garden and both the lilies and the philadelphus will provide scent.


Though Scott was not particularly interested in early editions he nevertheless owned several.

Scientists are particularly interested in observing the thawing and freezing of the polar icecaps in order to assess changes in sea level.

It is particularly interested in fashionable mainstream topics, like attribution theory and new technology.

Highbrow sources were clearly much more attractive to people who were particularly interested in politics.

Anyway, nobody would be particularly interested in Connie after the first day.

I am particularly interested in details about your parents.

It is particularly interested in Tivoli Systems Inc's distributed management technology.

He also suggested that school governors with commercial or industrial experience might be particularly interested in introducing appraisal schemes.


The rise is particularly interesting because it confounded expectations.

The truth is that her life before marriage was not particularly interesting .

A particularly interesting finding was that of a benign tubulovillous polyp that contained both a mutant K-ras and a p53 allele.

Some of the 1-cyclopropyl-quinolone-carboxylic acid derivatives exhibited particularly interesting microbiological properties.

There are two particularly interesting examples of government reliance on private finance for some of its policies.

However, this is particularly interesting when related to outcome.

The combination with videodisc players is particularly interesting because of the ways random access can be exploited.

It also helped in identifying important variables which had not previously been thought to be particularly interesting .


That is particularly relevant when one is considering a diverse range of hazardous wastes.

Weisbrod argued that two factors are particularly relevant to the stimulation of voluntary sector activity.

It is particularly relevant for the study of polymers.

This is particularly relevant to non-ELT materials since they were produced to convey a message to a particular audience.

Her contribution in discussion of ward management will be particularly relevant and useful.

It is a particularly relevant question for those of us who, each season, must find fitness to pursue our sports.

This is particularly relevant to the conspiracy theory of politics.

The latter two are particularly relevant to the idea of identifying and dealing with major stressors.


The exposed roads of the A12 meant that the wind was particularly strong .

These more primitive readings in sharar throw a particularly strong light on the occurrence of the institution narrative there.

The influence of the tabloid press was particularly strong on the uncommitted.

These effects are particularly strong on small lakes.

For woman as maker and subject, earth has particularly strong associations.

The press had a particularly strong influence on the attitudes of Labour identifiers, especially towards the end of the campaign.

Objections were particularly strong from rural areas so it is not surprising that the Conservatives rejected the Redcliffe-Maud scheme.

It was particularly strong where the different science teachers worked together as a team to deliver S1-S4 courses.


This is particularly true for staff engaged in delivering a service.

And for Helen, the general was particularly true .

This is particularly true within areas such as avionic systems and component diagnostics.

But this may be particularly true among the young people heading toward law.

This was particularly true in areas like West Belfast where the government was anxious to undermine the vote for SinnFéin.

This is particularly true of adolescent boys, he says, and who could argue with that?

This was particularly true in Lancashire and the North-East, where the Communist Party was weakly organized.

This is particularly true for those of us for whom bending over is a form of aerobics.


Simple simulations of archaeological excavations like Dig are particularly useful .

This technique is particularly useful if you will be using the same personal information for another group of letters or other documents.

Root definitions are particularly useful in exposing different views.

To a hacker, a modification doesn't even have to be particularly useful -- just elegant.

This option is particularly useful when more than one pass is required to publish complex data.

It is particularly useful for interlaboratory quality control programs.

These ambiguous examples are particularly useful for bringing out the difference between the two types of interpretation.

These relatively complex communicative demands establish the conditions in which simple gestures, such as pointing, are particularly useful .


The building trade alone, which is particularly vulnerable to paramilitary intimidation, loses millions of pounds a year.

When you are first struggling to make your business a success, you are particularly vulnerable .

Britainis particularly vulnerable to a financial crisis since it is heavily reliant on the profits of speculation.

The automaker was particularly vulnerable because it keeps only a short supply of extra parts to save costs.

Amphibians are particularly vulnerable to hot and dry conditions because their skins are so delicate and permeable to water.

None of those options would exist in the adult prison system, and he would be particularly vulnerable to brutalisation.

Books, newspapers and magazines look particularly vulnerable .

Work-inhibited children are particularly vulnerable to the feeling that they are not living up to their parents' expectations.



Teenagers seem particularly unwilling to be seen as the caring and bright people they often are.

Neither seemed particularly awed by the process, simply braced for it.

He doesn't seem particularly bothered either way.

But this time around, few others in Washington seem particularly surprised or upset, either.

This seemed particularly true during the 1970s.

The prospects for experimental tests of the dynamical transition paradigm seem particularly promising in the case of focal epilepsy.

Diving to me has never seemed particularly energetic, and certainly one doesn't swim at speed when sports diving.

To make such an argument at a place like City College seemed particularly absurd.


Exercise reduces the risk of cancer, particularly colon cancer.

Yosemite is particularly enjoyable in the winter because there are fewer visitors.


And it is particularly inappropriate when applied to the world's waters.

Credit cards are particularly useful when travelling and there are often insurance benefits if you pay for your travel through them.

None of this left much room for openly expressed admiration for other countries, particularly small and peripheral ones.

That was particularly true of two losses -- Minnesota and Wyoming -- in which the Aztecs did not compete strongly.

The aim is to develop drugs for several inflammatory diseases, particularly respiratory.

The size of the fish, particularly the meat eaters, means a lot of waste will be produced.

This is particularly important in areas where the workload is even, such as many long-stay hospitals.

This is particularly relevant to non-ELT materials since they were produced to convey a message to a particular audience.

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