Meaning of PHOTOGRAPHIC in English



a photographic collection

The museum’s photographic collection dates from the nineteenth century.

a photographic memory (= the ability to remember every detail of things that you have seen )

Unless you have a photographic memory, you forget half of what you read as soon as you close the book.

photographic memory




The business grew Topsy-like as Dixons stacked its shelves with electrical and photographic equipment from low-cost suppliers in the Far East.

The two Davises were seated in a carriage pulling their cart, which contained photographic equipment .

Jewellery and photographic equipment limited to £200 in all.

But there was no sign of any photographic equipment about.

I offered to carry his photographic equipment .


The group obtains film and photographic evidence of problem areas that is then used to press for changes in legislation.

The class make an image of something which is then put into a fictional context as photographic evidence .


Examples used to illustrate the theme included photographic film and a sectioned catalytic converter.

An interesting development is the direct synthesis of acetic anhydride, used to make cellulose acetate for photographic film base.

Computer programs can transform these images to plan views but the resolution can not match that achieved by conventional photographic films .

For some purposes, direct output to photographic film is preferable to paper output.

They show up as curved lines on a photographic film .

Digital picture quality is said to be still no match for conventional photographic film but the big advantage is immediacy.

Kodak is known world-wide and is being used almost as a generic term for photographic film and paper.


The Symbolist poets and artists were unanimous in their aversion to the photographic image .

The quality of the photographic images is very good and offers step by step examples of ideas.

He has inverted the traditional precepts governing the photographic image , demonstrating the value of visual contradiction.

Positive a true photographic image of the original made on paper or film.

Odilon Redon questioned the universal assumption that the photographic image was a transmitter of truth.

Through photographic images we see a few of the attempts by contemporary artists to find the real face.

New ways, he believed, must perforce be antagonistic to the photographic image .


She makes negative prints and she manipulates photographic materials with acid.

Artists found it expedient to hide the fact of their use of photographic material or its influence upon them.


I've got a photographic memory for some things.

He was blessed with a photographic memory .

How good is your photographic memory ?

Even if my grandmother had had a photographic memory , there simply was no record of her arrival.


However, the automatic print-out was made with ultra-violet light on photographic paper which required exposure to strong light to fix it.

Inevitably, when he arrived home he found he had nothing but a blank sheet of photographic paper .


The image appears on a fluorescent screen or a photographic plate .

The creature can scarcely have sabotaged a photographic plate without leaving any sign upon its wrapping.

The type specimen-the very substance-of this new form is a set of dark bands on a photographic plate .

There is an important difference between holograms on photographic plates and holograms on photorefractive substances.

Why were the photographic plates in Roentgen's laboratory continually becoming blackened?

Between the source and your highly sensitive photographic plate sits Watson.

The elements present emitted wavelengths which were recorded on a photographic plate .

According to Miss Latham, having set up the photographic plates in the observatory dome, they stepped outside.


Himalayan Climber provides a comprehensive photographic portrait of his remarkable climbing career.

The slots cut out for the photographic portraits were arched.

Her photographic portraits , landscapes and scenes from everyday life are on show at Claire Burrus until the end of the month.

Years later one of his photographic portraits was purchased by the museum.


Within twenty years there was a thriving industry in photographic prints , which included impressive landscapes, views and still lives.

Their opposite numbers favored an attitude that fostered any means by which the aesthetic character of the photographic print might be enhanced.

Current video printers can produce a paper image approaching the quality of a photographic print and are improving all the time.

Most scanners are designed to work with photographic prints , although expensive models can also handle negatives or slides.

Bromide a photographic print made on bromide paper.


The photographic process can also, therefore, exacerbate the voyeuristic gaze.

The advantages in both the accuracy and speed of the photographic process were almost universally acclaimed.

Fox Talbot continued to work on his own photographic process in 1839-40 and patented his positive-negative process in 1841.


Biological and entomological studies gained momentum through the photographic record .

The photographic record alone, indeed, has still to be exploited fully by historians.

All were detected by comparison of the lesion at the follow-up visit with the previous photographic record .

The sources Ge rme used included history books, the work of archaeologists, travellers' reminiscences and photographic records .

There are three main types of record that are made: drawn records, photographic records, and written records.

My aim is to make a photographic record of these countries before the developing world we live in changes them for ever.


He would take a successful picture by Ge rme and purchase its lithographic and photographic reproduction rights.

The artist is often compelled to work with the photographic reproduction in mind.

Electronic stencils produce photographic reproduction . 4.

The prose of this chapter measures the adequacy of verbal accounts of catastrophe in the age of photographic reproduction .


In 1860 he set up a photographic studio .

Boris Zhukov's photographic studio was a converted attic on the fourth floor of a cycle repair factory on Chukovsky Avenue.

Confident Kerry was so keen she even approached a Liverpool photographic studio asking for work.

Cover Girl International is a make-over and photographic studio based in London.

A boom was experienced by photographic studios trying to deal with the demand for portraits of those who were going into battle.

Similarly, a photographer who also occupies a ground-floor unit needed a huge room that could operate as a photographic studio .


The workshop is open to beginners and experienced photographers who want to improve their photographic techniques .

Generally, it is very difficult to find asteroids smaller than about 1 kilometer in diameter using photographic techniques .

These sessions are balanced with lectures and demonstrations on photographic techniques .

His landscapes were considered to be supreme examples of photographic technique , a number of them being published.


Jo Spence went on to explore her childhood experience in her own photographic work .

In the sophisticated photographic work of the time the themes of martial conflict and civilian anguish are intertwined.

I foresee the photographic work becoming much more project oriented than it has been - for specific publications etc.

She has also collected huge libel payouts together with fees for her photographic work .


photographic techniques

a photographic exhibition

a photographic image


Apple computers have long been standard equipment in the graphics and photographic industry.

Between the source and your highly sensitive photographic plate sits Watson.

I've got a photographic memory for some things.

I have a temporary photographic memory.

If we look at other photographic genres, we can also observe the way in which commodity culture has affected their development.

New ways, he believed, must perforce be antagonistic to the photographic image.

The slots cut out for the photographic portraits were arched.

The text was photographic copies of her own handwriting and the thousands of plates required were laboriously produced on hand-coated paper.

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