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We have already seen that amorphous materials such as polymers have chain structures.

This master curve is typical of those obtained on a number of amorphous polymers and to be found in the literature.

An amorphous polymer in this state has been likened to a plate of frozen spaghetti.

The orientation of the chains of amorphous polymers on deformation.

This allows the onset of molecular motion in amorphous polymers to take place at temperatures below the melting temperature of such crystallites.


Chap. 7, which is necessarily brief, shows the relationships between the mechanical and other properties of polymers .

It intends to spend £1 million over the next five years on this, and other polymer research.


Ocular drug delivery Another area of interest is that of using synthetic polymers for sustained ocular drug delivery.

Other synthetic polymers are chemically rather more complicated but, elastically, apparently not very widely different.

He wanted to find a readily available synthetic polymer that could do the job.

Now new synthetic polymers and composites may help to alleviate these vexing problems.

What emerges from Frank and Keller's work is that the nature of the crystals is different in natural and synthetic polymers .

Consideration of the properties of biological environments that are to be interfaced with synthetic polymers is very important.

In contrast to the surface of a synthetic polymer , however, the epithelial cell surface is highly complex and organised.



As soon as such heterogeneity enters into a polymer chain , information technology becomes a theoretical possibility.

The forces between atoms on a polymer chain are about two orders of magnitude stronger than those between chains.

Scientists predicted that solitons should be very mobile, but only along the polymer chains .

The alignment of polymer chains at specific distances from one another to form crystalline nuclei will be assisted when intermolecular forces are strong.

The parameter is the average mean square of the unperturbed dimension, which is a characteristic parameter for a given polymer chain .


In practice the polymer solution is held at a constant temperature while precipitant is added to the stirred solution.

Overall this book is a well produced scholarly account of the physics of polymer solutions .

In 1925, Svedberg first achieved this by subjecting polymer solutions to large force fields, generated at high speeds of rotation.

Alternatively, a polymer solution can be thought of as a system formed by the condensation of solvent into a polymer.

The polymer solution is separated from the pure solvent by a membrane, permeable only to solvent molecules.



The same method can not be used for a polymer and one must resort to comparative techniques.

Ocular drug delivery Another area of interest is that of using synthetic polymers for sustained ocular drug delivery.

Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations can also be used to study polymers in solution.

It is not immediately obvious that using polymers for contact lenses represents an example of the biomedical application of synthetic materials.


For practical purposes T m is taken to be the melting temperature of the undiluted polymer irrespective of the crystalline content.

In this chapter we shall deal with linear or branched polymers and treat the swelling of networks in chapter 14.

One will make and analyse new kinds of polymers, ceramics and alloys.

Researchers are experimenting by augmenting the system with fiber-optic sensors and polymer composites.

These grow in size until osmotic and elastic forces balance or, in weak polymers, until fractures occur.

They do this by coating a metal electrode with the polymer and then varying the voltage applied to the metal.

Why, even plastic components are coded, enabling the polymers to be broken down, so they can be used again.

Y., is made of an advanced polymer instead of metal.

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