Meaning of POND in English




a duck pond (= a small area of water where there are ducks )

The park has a duck pond which the children like.

a fish pond (= for keeping fish outdoors, in a garden )

We’re thinking of building a fish pond in the back garden.

a garden pond (= a small area of water in a garden )

The garden pond was full of fish.

pond scum

He’s lower than pond scum.




There was a four-bedroom ranch house and a big pond , almost a lake.

HomeShark has swallowed another from the big pond of technology.

Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond , or a big fish in a small pond?

How big can a pond get and still be called a a pond?


Clearly this type of set up is for the larger filter and pond .

Next to the cemetery was a large pond covered with moss and tall grass crowned with silver blossoms.

Beyond us a large shallow pond expands its tepid shores on to the field.

Lift and divide large clumps of pond plants and marginals.

Of those that are known, aquatic insects that winter as immature stages in large ponds probably have the warmest environments.

An excellent oxygenating plant, but apt to get out of control in large or natural ponds .

They were also able to survive because of a large freshwater pond .

Four models are available from the smallest to the large pond of 6000 gallons.


A new pond and a bird hide are also being installed.

Top: The excitement of a new pond will quickly wane if it turns into a disaster area overnight.

Because this new pond is interconnected with the main one, adding the water was like doing a major water change.

How do fish start up in a new pond anywhere?

As with any new aquarium or pond the water quality must be monitored especially in the first 6-8 weeks.

The following weekend I cemented capping stones round the top of the new pond and also round the header pools.

Planting the new pond A shoal of Neons for £2?

The tank became a temporary home for most of John and Jenny's livestock during the creation of the new pond .


Laid out as a patio garden, with tall fencing all around and various shrubs, plants and an ornamental pond .

The empty ornamental pond was choked with rotten leaves, starlings blew about the place like avian litter.

You can also use them safely in or around an ornamental pond .

They began almost by accident, when the house they bought contained an unfiltered ornamental pond .

What only a few weeks ago had been a car park was transformed into an ornamental duck pond .


Outside is a small garden pond .

I liked being a comparatively big fish in a relatively small pond !

A smaller pond was pressure cleaned and filled with direct mains water.

Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond , or a big fish in a small pond?

I was in the Ralembergs' garden where something black and white was floating in the small carp pond .

Outdoor aquariums Q My garden is too small for a pond to keep fish which could easily be seen.

Those in smaller ponds must experience much lower temperatures when the water about them freezes.

Sussex is also well supplied with smaller lakes and ponds , of which Burton Ponds and Knepp Lake are two typical examples.



I was in the Ralembergs' garden where something black and white was floating in the small carp pond .

Her sister spent hours in the pavilion by the carp pond , composing replies.

And that he bequeathed his carp pond to the local Boy Scouts?

On our estate were granges, barns, a mill, carp ponds , lush fields and fertile meadows.

In the middle of the garden was a large, deep carp pond .

Even from where we looked you could glimpse the glint of the huge carp pond where Abbe Gerard had drowned.


In the best of all possible worlds, we'd all quarantine our pond fish .

On mild autumn days, pond fish will be feeding enthusiastically, building up their fat reserves.


Outside is a small garden pond .

During the summer it thrives even in garden ponds .

If looked after correctly, and given suitable conditions both goldfish and Orfe will live for 10-20 years in a garden pond .

Gardening Garden ponds An important part of garden design is the use of water as a feature.

Remove any debris from the garden pond and thin out plants showing signs of excessive growth.

For a really stunning effect, fit fully submerged lights into a garden pond or pool.

Another good choice of pink would be N. Madame Wilfon Gonnere an almost double-cupped shape bloom suitable for the average garden pond .

As the weather was nice I transferred the goldfish to my garden pond where he stayed from May to September.


The house was fronted by a flat Italianate lily pond .


The mill pond still existed during the 1950s, but has now been filled in.

The mill pond is still maintained in good order although it is smaller, formerly extending right up to the back wall.

To aid drainage of the area, the Leadon has been culverted, so much of the mill pond is dry.

Within a few years of closure, the mill pond was filled in and much of the mill's machinery removed.

Part of the main mill and the mill ponds have now gone.

Much of the water control equipment and the mill pond embankments have not survived.

The mill pond no longer exists, its place now taken by two fast-flowing streams.

The yard was cleared, the mill pond dug out and an extensive programme of rebuilding and renovation carried out.


Borden Stoppelgard is pond scum , Bernie.


The pond water wasn't ever such good quality and we wondered if this may be the cause.

This type of system works by pumping pond water through a quartz tube running parallel to an ultra violet germicidal lamp.

The pond water was strangled with poisonous weed.

Bring along, too, a sample of your pond water for analysis.

It would be an idea to test the pond water for ammonia and nitrite when you restock with fish.

Recently a remedy was introduced that can be added to the pond water and this is proving to be successful.

Laverne is launched into the still treacle of pond water which reluctantly draws itself up like sluggish curtains to receive this intrusion.



Eventually, I contemplated myself into making a decision that would build another pond on part of my patio.

Ponds on a split level I intend to start building two ponds in my garden.

I am building a new pond in an L shape.

Could I come down one weekend and build such a pond for her?


The freshly-dug earth was used to fill the old pond , which now forms a neat rockery around the patio.

The remaining 200 to 300 acres will be restored to seasonal wetlands, which fill with freshwater ponds during the rains.

If you're filling the pond with tap water, allow seven days for any chlorine to disappear before planting.


Unfortunately not all of these varieties are suitable for keeping in a pond .

I keep half a dozen pond mongrels in a tank, and every one is dear to me.

If not, are there any fish I could keep in such a pond ?


For gravity-fed systems, it can sit in the pipework that returns water to the pond from the filter.

Some males return to the ponds on subsequent nights, but because there are few females around, very little happens.


a big fish in a little/small pond


a goldfish pond


Pond purloined: A Scarborough school's nature garden has been scuppered by thieves who made off with their fish pond.

A water flea that is starving in a crowded pond is the victim not of food shortage but of competition.

Alternatively dirt and silt could find their way back into the pond .

And you come to lakes and you come to ponds and you come to deer and you come up on some sheep.

I gaze at the pond in awe.

So far this seems to have helped, as the pond has stayed quite clear though it is in constant sunlight.

Where is the pond and its lilies?

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