Meaning of POSTPONE in English



postpone a decision (= not make a decision until later )

The government has postponed its decision about when to hold the election.

postpone a match (= arrange for it to happen at a later time )

Our first match was postponed because of bad weather.




Such a blueprint could not help but postpone indefinitely important questions facing the integrative bodies already in existence.

A referendum to determine the future of the island has been postponed indefinitely .

Now it seemed as if they were postponed indefinitely .

However, the trial has been postponed indefinitely .

On Dec. 13 Landsbergis had announced that a further round of preliminary consultations had been postponed indefinitely by the Soviet side.

No doubt this explains why elections there have been postponed indefinitely .



Interfax reported on May 13 that the health unions would postpone strike action until Aug. 1.

Politicians can exploit a laborious sequence of reiterated doubts to postpone action even in those areas of which they are quite certain.

We can not afford to postpone necessary actions , however difficult, in the future.


Against Gorbachev's wishes a vote on the issue had to be postponed until the following day .

Action was postponed until another day .

The opening night of the Folies had been postponed for two days .

After considerable procrastination, they eventually settle on equivocal courses of action that serve only to postpone the long-dreaded day of judgment.

The temperature then was 41 after the game was postponed the previous day because of freezing rain and snow.


Further decisions are evidently being postponed until an answer has been received from Rome.

We can stay much as we are, in the same old muddle, with difficult decisions postponed .

The ruling executive wanted a decision postponed to assess a review of benefits and taxation.


Tripoli postponed the elections until February.

The election commission might postpone the election until these questions are clarified.

But perhaps the changes were better postponed until after the election .

The growth of criticism of Rhee led to speculation that he might seek to postpone the elections scheduled for May 1950.


An outcry from dentists around the country this week forced the Government to postpone their decision on the payments until May 1.

The overwhelming caseload has made the government reluctant to postpone trials, even though virtually all of the suspects lack defense attorneys.

It was expected that some of the larger projects approved by the Gandhi government would be postponed .


Ershad's trial had been scheduled to open on Feb. 16, but was postponed for a month on a technicality.

The budget is due now, but it has been postponed for three months .


It denies that its proposed purchase of GiroBank necessarily postpones the conversion plans .

Connections had postponed running plans for the previously unbeaten Tenby until they had established the cause of his failure.

But a quarter still expect to cut jobs, and 48 percent have postponed investment plans .


The overwhelming caseload has made the government reluctant to postpone trials , even though virtually all of the suspects lack defense attorneys.


Until now he had postponed thinking about the visit .

But he had not guessed he would be and had postponed his visit till term ended in June.


This latest meeting was then postponed until next week , by which time Ferguson will be on holiday.

We're postponing things for a week .


The legislation was postponed for nearly a year .

The law took these steps but unexpectedly postponed them to the year 2000.

Today he announced his decision ... that men can be admitted ... but ordered that the move be postponed for two years .



But under pressure to get Rohr on better financial footing, he agreed to postpone the project.

They've agreed to postpone development of a rubbish dump for at least 10 years.

However, it agreed to postpone until 1994 the negotiation of a new agreement between tropical timber producers and consumers.


Alternating child-care responsibility is a far cry from asking a woman to postpone her career to raise her children.

Without counsel, Val was forced to cancel a due process hearing, asking it be postponed until she could get representation.

McGee had asked the commission to postpone the appointment until after its ruling.


Judge Mallet wisely decided to postpone his ruling until September 13 in order to give himself time to deliberate on the matter.

He decided to postpone his meditations and take up the subject again later.

I decided I would postpone hostilities for a while.

He decided to postpone thinking about it.

It was decided to postpone the survey until the autumn term.


In 1968, the Oscar ceremony was postponed for two days, following the assassination of Martin Luther King.

Several of today's football games have been postponed because of heavy snow.

They decided to postpone the wedding until Pam's mother was out of the hospital.


And they postponed it until this Thursday.

Even Beate postponed going out to join the group of older girls in the camp.

I figured you might postpone it.

It denies that its proposed purchase of GiroBank necessarily postpones the conversion plans.

Lawmakers initially had been scheduled to vote on the bill Friday, but postponed the balloting for lack of sufficient votes.

Richard Shelby, R-Ala., has twice postponed hearings on the nomination and expressed strong reservations about it.

The freeing of oil prices was postponed until June from the target date of April 1.

The proposed launch of the green paper last week was postponed on the orders of Downing Street.

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