Meaning of PRESSED in English





A less ambitious cash-in is the Gorby blaster, above right: the head flashes red and wails when pressed .

These emit a piercing shriek when pressed .

She herself, when pressed , indignantly refuted the suggestion.

Most smoke alarms have a test button which sets off the alarm when pressed .

It is at this point that the anthropologist, when pressed , retreats into impenetrable jungles of ethnographic fact.

Amongst the flowers that turn a very dark colour when pressed are deep red primulas and auriculas, as well as small orchids.



A pressed flower , Philip had said.

This chapter therefore describes the techniques you will need to follow to obtain perfect pressed flowers .

Another gift that was well received was a book of poetry for which I made a pressed flower bookmark.

You should then decide which area of parcel is going to be decorated with the pressed flowers and foliage.

Despite worries to the contrary, pressed flowers photograph well and make a refreshing change from more conventional forms of artwork.

Apart from the ideas shown in this chapter, there are several other ways of incorporating pressed flowers into hobbies.

After all, flowers always make very successful presents, but long-lasting ones, such as pressed flower pictures, are doubly appreciated.

Arrange your pressed flower design on the piece of card, trying to keep the colours as harmonious as possible.


be hard put/pressed/pushed to do sth

Aunt Edie was in such a rage about it that she was hard put to contain herself.

Governments will then be hard put to get it on to their national statute books by mid-1993.

I can assure you that any busybody would be hard put to it to prove maltreatment!

Leinster will be hard pushed to keep the score within the respectable margins of defeat set by their predecessors.

Once an apology is given, the defendant will be hard put to contest liability later.

The slave's side ... and even Miss Phoebe would be hard put to understand.

With his height and features, he was hard put to pass as a native.

You will be hard pressed to choose a single main course because so many are mouth-watering.

be pressed for time/cash etc


Aunt Margaret, frail as a pressed flower, seemed too cowed by his presence even to look at him.

Chipboard and other pressed wood products are made with a resin containing formaldehyde, an irritant and suspected carcinogen.

For example, the photograph on the previous page shows how pressed flower designs can be used to decorate photograph frames.

In this way you will quickly be able to find the pressed material you want when you begin designing a picture.

The two main types used are cold pressed and refined.

Thinking of different pressed flower ideas for birthday presents should keep you going for a while!

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