Meaning of RACIAL in English




a racial assault

The four young Asian men were victims of a vicious racial assault.

a racial attack

Staffordshire police are treating the incident as a racial attack.

a racial disturbance (= between people of different races )

Black people were still repressed and racial disturbances continued.

a racial group

Schools should not stereotype pupils from certain racial groups as troublemakers.

cultural/political/racial etc divide

people on both sides of the political divide

cultural/racial/class barriers

Sport is a sure way to break down racial barriers.

ethnic/racial conflict (= between people of different races )

The ethnic conflict in the region has become violent.

ethnic/racial diversity (= including people from many different races )

The school's curriculum reflects the ethnic diversity of its students.

physical/sexual/racial abuse

Many children suffer racial abuse at school.

political/gender/racial etc bias

political bias in the press

political/racial/sexual etc oppression

They suffered years of political oppression.

racial inequality

The party has promised to fight racial inequality.

racial integration

problems of racial integration

racial prejudice

a novel about a young white boy who is forced to confront his racial prejudice

racial segregation

racial segregation

racial tension

Racial tension boiled over and riots quickly spread.

racial/class/gender etc division

The old class divisions had begun to break down.

racial/ethnic violence (= between people of different racial/ethnic groups )

There were outbreaks of racial violence in some cities.

racial/race discrimination

Laws have been passed banning racial discrimination.

racial/race hatred

Feelings of racial hatred were drummed into him as a child.

racial/racist stereotypes

The novel has been criticized for reinforcing racial stereotypes.

racial/religious intolerance

racial/sexual equality

The minister is a well-known campaigner for racial equality.

racial/sexual etc overtones

football songs with violent overtones

racial/social inequity

a report on racial inequity in the UK

racial/social/political harmony

We aim to promote racial harmony through shared sporting activities.

sexual/racial harassment (= because of someone’s sex or race )

We need effective strategies to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.




If their tendency is that they are likely or intended to stir up racial hatred, that is sufficient. 4.

And within the field, status comes from puffing up racial bragging points.



Some ethnic minority elders may find the continuing experience of hostility and racial abuse which they experience very hard to bear.

Some critics say the prisons should hire more blacks to help curb racial abuse .

People we spoke to in Ross said that people involved in racial abuse were in the minority.

A lot of racial abuse and harassment goes on.

Their children had begun to face racial abuse on the streets and in the schools.

I can never condone coin-throwing or racial abuse .


It looks at some appalling racial attacks , including a skinhead raid last June on a Gypsy camp near Naples.

These precautions are essential because of the danger of racial attacks .

We will continue to ensure that the full force of the law is used to deal with racial attacks .

After he was elected in November he revealed that he been the subject of racial attacks during his campaign.

Their gathering for the bus ride home is often the occasion for a racial attack .


On the field, the racial barriers are coming down.

Qualified academically to serve their people, they can not do so because of racial barriers bristling in their way.

Baseball has had four black managers since Jackie Robinson broke the sport's racial barrier in 1947.


In practice the Act requires teachers to avoid racial bias in the performance of their teaching and pastoral duties.

But this looks like racial bias , it smells like racial bias, it is racial bias of the worst kind.

Women's groups also resented the imposition of limits for gender discrimination while damages for racial bias were unlimited.

But this looks like racial bias , it smells like racial bias, it is racial bias of the worst kind.

The signing of Tendulkar was described as a whitewash merely to cover racial bias .

Congress may adopt a racial-justice amendment that would allow blacks to appeal against conviction on the ground of systematic racial bias .

Mark Fuhrman, who was subsequently criticized for racial bias by both defense lawyers and prosecutors.


Such anxieties are still informed by nineteenth-century pseudo-scientific genetic and biological explanations of racial difference and comprise distortion, fantasy and myth.

But this has led anthropologists to exaggerate the motes of racial difference and to ignore the beams of similarity.

By implication it denies racial differences in facial structure, body size and a number of metabolic predispositions.

This divergence tells us nothing about racial differences .

Arguments such as Younge's are apparently intended to forestall any extrapolation to racial differences in intelligence.

Is that because of the racial difference or the difference in the burden of proof in criminal and civil cases?

Exactly the same double bind is encountered in any theorization of racial difference .

In contrast to her daughter, Cynthia is volatile, hyper-emotional and needy, inverting stereotypical images of racial difference .


Additionally, he accepted the need to tackle racial disadvantage and other social issues.

Other reactions have concentrated on the issue of the interplay between inner-city decay and racial disadvantage in contemporary Britain.

Physical and mental ill-health, social disadvantage , and racial disadvantage are other areas that might be cited as examples.

Courts were generally regarded as fair, and in some cases as attempting to compensate for racial disadvantage .


We will eliminate racial discrimination in housing allocation and improve safety on estates.

Business is booming for an Avis franchisee in the Carolinas despite well-publicized allegations of racial discrimination against customers.

It also found that he was the subject of racial discrimination by the police force during its investigation of him.

Co. have sued the securities firm for alleged racial discrimination over an electronic mailing they said contained racist jokes.

Socioeconomic differences themselves often resulted from racial discrimination , especially in employment and housing.

It was charged with finding and ending racial discrimination in war industries under government contract.

He also reported that racial discrimination was endemic in the schools of employees' children.

Often, boycotts have been instigated by domestic issues such as gay rights, racial discrimination and labor disputes.


The offspring of such a union are never quite accepted - on either side of the racial divide .

Some would call it a racial divide .

Similarly, the racial divide may be changing in the suburbs.

From his side of the racial divide , the ordeal of mobilization proved simply redundant.


Stations jealous of their disciplines maintained a class and racial division on specific parts of the platform and between platforms.

We have to continue to heal the racial divisions that still tear at our nation.

He was untiring in his efforts to overcome racial divisions and gender inequalities.

Yet the president is sharply criticized for convening a national forum to discuss our racial divisions .

The verdict stunned many trial watchers and exposed deep racial divisions within the United States.


After last season's playoff loss to the Pacers, vandals spray-painted racial epithets in Iverson's backyard.

The two men, once so close, fight violently, Doug hurling racial epithets at Paul.

They invented racial epithets that showed the same imagination which put humankind upon the moon.

There were additional complaints about McCree, who is black, claiming discrimination and using racial epithets against his white co-workers.


Twenty-six racial equality officers came to the university to enrol in classes for the first ever diploma in race and community relations.

Perhaps nothing can bring about racial equality , Wicker notes grimly.

Public bodies will have a duty to assess the impact on racial equality of proposed policies and services.

A racial equality steering committee has now been set up to monitor discrimination in Darlington and the county as a whole.


The Elton Committee urged schools not to stereotype pupils from certain racial groups as troublemakers.

And the idea of establishing another racial group in this racially fraught country is extreme.

But in doing so they must not restrict the opportunities for one gender or racial group .

It is plainly true that in our society blacks have suffered discrimination immeasurably greater than any directed at other racial groups .

The distinction between a racial group as opposed to a religious one is by no means clear cut.

Why were they dropping out at a higher rate than any other ethnic or racial group ?

All humans share 99.99 per cent of their genetic information and there is more variation within racial groups than between them.

There can be no neat and tidy pluralistic separation of racial groups in this country.


The question of sexuality further complicates racialized encounters, such as racial harassment and violence.

Mobilization became more difficult but community-based resistance against police violence, racial harassment , and other problems continued.

Is not it time to have a specific crime of racial harassment , as I proposed in my 1985 Racial Harassment Bill?

His family said he had been subjected to a campaign of racial harassment and death threats.

Instances of police racial harassment which had always happened to other people, were now happening to us.

Only society itself can make the fundamental change that is required to make racial harassment a part of history.


Local authorities also have a specific duty to carry out their functions in such a way as will promote racial harmony .

Back in class, Miss Grimhle gave a lecture on racial harmony .

The account, I consider, is not conducive to professional or racial harmony .

The centre has promoted racial harmony .

Ordinarily. the city was a model of racial harmony .

Read Charles Evers' book and hold him up as a model of racial harmony .


If their tendency is that they are likely or intended to stir up racial hatred , that is sufficient. 4.

To date, there have been no prosecutions for this version of the offence of inciting to racial hatred .

Mihailovic is said to be under police investigation on charges of incitement to racial hatred .

Judge McKinnon had been widely criticized for comments made during his hearing of a case of inciting racial hatred .

We have given the police stronger powers to deal with racial hatred .

Now the same ugly forces of racial hatred are beginning to rear their heads again.


It is curious and extremely unfortunate that this evidence has been ignored and the significance of racial identity minimised.

More children growing up in a world so increasingly diverse that stock racial identities no longer hold up.

Consequently, they may neglect the child's need to develop a balanced racial identity and thereby a well-integrated personality.

New cultural and political spaces have been opened up, and hegemonic racial identities and structures have been loosened.

For them the vital issue of racial identity confusion does not exist.

It is often the children of such families who have the most profound racial identity crisis.


Another factor is that police have improved their recording of racial incidents .

Janet began college in the late l98Os and remembers the racial incidents of that period.

The Washington Post, like other newspapers, played-up alleged racial incidents to bolster scare headlines.

Most of those who were interviewed believed the campus is not aggressive enough in dealing with racial incidents .

An even more sensational racial incident in the summer of 1946 was cause for great public and administrative concern.


Questions of peace and war, global distributive justice, gender and racial inequality , and environmental degradation concern us all.


Does my hon. Friend agree that it does the cause of racial integration no good at all that our procedures should be abused?

As in the racial integration discussed earlier, this is more than a matter of equal opportunity.


Other factors contributing to a negative view of Britain were the royal family, violence in Northern Ireland and racial intolerance .

Even more important, the pace of disengagement among whites has been uncorrelated with racial intolerance or support for segregation.


Thus are the racial issues of education and class triumphantly resolved.

So now Clinton does Ike one better: He has created a seven-member commission to study racial issues .

Many blacks remained far from contented, yet two factors helped the President's effort to quieten the racial issue .

For whites, the fatigue often stems from seeing the case portrayed as a racial issue .

The kind of knowledge which can be learnt through classic realist texts mitigates against a detailed, productive analysis of racial issues .

By not emphasizing the racial issue , the blacks in turn depended on the independents they voted for to protect them.

There is a particularly sensitive racial issue , too.

The ethnic and racial issues especially threw her.


He has a deep commitment to racial justice .

Did anybody in my milieu have any understanding of racial justice , of the need for black power?


A less happy consequence is political resegregation along racial lines , with Republicans the party for whites, Democrats for blacks.

That change, too, follows racial lines .

However, residents said the second stage of the trouble had clearly been on racial lines .

In their studio, gritty Delta edges were given a smooth, appealing, urban sheen that crossed easily over racial lines .

There, politics and politicians frequently divide along racial lines .

Beyond the financial problems, there is new concern that historically tolerant California is developing a culture sharply divided along racial lines .

Already they have stopped voting along purely racial lines .


A high-octane mix of racial minorities , a flair for riots and looting.

And that is how racial minorities can actually benefit the most in politics.

In some countries, national and racial minorities meant that total population figures do not tell the whole story about military strength.

I think gay people have become a target group for people who no longer target racial minorities .

Mead also said Heller, Ehrman encouraged him to promote the firm as a progressive company for racial minorities and gays.

Diabetes affects older people and racial minorities disproportionately.

Added to the general problem of urban unemployment was the high concentration of impoverished racial minorities and immigrants in inner-city neighborhoods.


What matters are the structures of power, the institutions and the social practices that produce racial oppression and discriminatory outcomes.

Or an end to racial oppression ?


Then there are those families who emphasise differences by their awareness of the racial origin of the child.

People are immensely flexible in their habits, depending on their racial origin , religion, wealth, and ecology.


This message had clearly coded racial overtones and appealed to many working-class whites, particularly in rural areas of the recession-hit state.

But there are clear racial overtones , which the press has been quick to highlight.


That might be an indication of some racial polarization .

Instead of us moving closer and closer to integration, we seem to be moving closer to racial polarization .

But these things, though much needed, only address the symptoms of a society racked by racial polarization .


Now his campaign is threatening to self-destruct because of a controversy over racial politics involving the comedian Jackie Mason.

Recession has brought back racial politics .


The continuing, and heated, judicial debate on racial preference indicates that the ultimate outcome of this controversy remains in doubt.

The two made it clear they oppose any program based on racial preference , calling them exclusionary.


These terms are obviously meant to degrade Tom and this also shows racial prejudice although not to such a great extent.

Sometimes overcoming enormous odds, mostly because of racial prejudice , black athletes changed the sporting landscape in the United States.

I've seen evidence of his denouncing racial prejudice in others, and it greatly impressed me.

Two more forms of racial prejudice are shown here.

Crocker was a child of integration and his lack of racial prejudice in music showed it.

One or two other teachers were encouraged by my willingness to argue against racial prejudice and became more vocal themselves.

And attitude surveys in Britain have been recording a steady decline in racial prejudice .


The teacher told him that it was a religious class, dealing with racial problems .

Wise said he has spoken at more than 100 campuses nationwide, a third of which had some type of racial problem .

A history of racial problems plagues the facility.


National fears gave a minor stimulus to arguments for racial purity .

Nobody had mentioned the myth of racial purity in your columns until Helen Bews intervened.


It remains to this day one of the most potent monuments to racial segregation .

Legal racial segregation has been outlawed; blacks have the vote; votes are pretty much equal in value.

A Negro dies of heart failure, they blame it on racial segregation .


The caller complained about racial slurs made by co-workers at the company.


Contrary to racial stereotypes , Georg has a sense of humour.

The novel has been criticized for being offensive to blacks and for reinforcing racial stereotypes .

With others we have prejudicial associations at the level of racial stereotypes .

He talked about Hollywood, and the old racial stereotypes in the movies.


Swiney proposed that women's racial superiority was evidenced both by their physical and mental capabilities and in their internal cellular composition.

The Holocaust shows what happened when the Western doctrine of racial superiority was taken to its ultimate extreme.

I believe that the major discontinuity lies in the discursive forms through which positions of racial superiority are constructed.

One of these beliefs may be racial superiority , but does not have to be.


He says they've led to racial tension , crime and drug abuse.

Both were involved in high-profile incidents last semester that heightened racial tensions on campus.

Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd said that Britain could not risk a new rise in racial tension through immigration.

At this time, the civil rights movement was blooming, and the city felt racial tension .

Longstanding racial tensions and complaints of persistent police harassment of young people underlay the incidents.

Plenty of dope, the occasional weapon, racial tension .

In addition, there was racial tension .

The year was 1921, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, seethed with racial tension .


It was heartening to see the huge demonstration of support for democracy and racial tolerance in Vienna recently.

There is far more high-mindedness, racial tolerance and intellectual curiosity than you might expect.


But now there is a new kind of racial violence in schools - girls attacking girls.

The fear of racial violence was provoked by Conservative politician Enoch Powell.

A police spokeswoman said the outbreak was not connected to racial violence in nearby Oldham last month.

The year of the Hodges decision, 1906, was punctuated with racial violence .

Black people have always known racial violence to be a criminal offence and Black people always reported incidents to the police.

In both 1988 and 1989, combatting racial violence has been a priority for the Metropolitan Police.

The federal army in the South, in keeping with the 1877 Compromise, largely ignored instances of racial violence .


racial equality

Racial violence used to be commonplace on the streets of the city.

In Jamaica black and white people have lived together in racial harmony for many years.

Local police deny that have used racial profiling when stopping motorists.

Los Angeles County has over 150 racial and ethnic groups in it.

Some people complained of racial discrimination in the way housing was allocated.

The event is designed to promote racial harmony.

We welcome all of you, whatever your racial background.


A black street-sweeper; they have a racial situation.

But this has led anthropologists to exaggerate the motes of racial difference and to ignore the beams of similarity.

It can also imply that all the experiences and aspirations of their members are exhausted by the fact of racial subordination.

Lots of ethnic and racial cracks.

On the field, the racial barriers are coming down.

Other reactions have concentrated on the issue of the interplay between inner-city decay and racial disadvantage in contemporary Britain.

Some would call it a racial divide.

The heads of civil rights organizations that gathered for the announcement praised Flagstar for making real racial progress.

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