Meaning of RADIOACTIVE in English



a radioactive substance (= containing a form of energy that can harm people )

People who work with radioactive substances are subject to strict regulations.

radioactive dating

radioactive fallout

protection against radioactive fallout

radioactive material

harmful radioactive material

radioactive waste

radioactive/nuclear waste

plans for the safe transportation of radioactive waste




Finding ways of soothing political opposition to the dumping of highly radioactive waste could prove more difficult than solving the scientific problems.

The third isotope of hydrogen, hydrogen-3 or tritium, is highly radioactive and has a very short half-life.

A Green Party spokesman said that spent fuel rods are highly radioactive and potentially lethal.

Fuel rods typically last from two to six years and are highly radioactive .

This is because higher level waste is initially rich in short-lived isotopes which are highly radioactive .

The residual plutonium is apparently being held in the form of highly radioactive waste.

The process leaves behind a highly radioactive liquor as a waste product.

In its native state it is a mixture of highly radioactive uranium-235 and less active U-238.



The odds against radioactive contamination , Nasa told the court, are 2,500 to 1.

Traces of radioactive contamination were found on the flask when it was being washed after arrival.

Uncertainty and scientific dispute is compounded by the fact that radioactive contamination is different from many other types of pollution.


Like all types of radioactive decay the process takes place at a constant rate, independent of all environmental conditions.

The ratios change over time as potassium undergoes radioactive decay and emits argon gas.

One becquerel is equal to one radioactive decay per second.

Antimatter is also produced by radioactive decay .

This is a dating method based on the radioactive decay of isotopes of uranium.

Helium is also made by radioactive decay of uranium and thorium, both of which decay by emission of alpha particles.

This instability leads to radioactive decay of C at a regular rate.

This helium produced by radioactive decay , called radiogenic helium, consists of pure 4He.


In the uranium mines, workers breathe in radioactive dust as they dig out the metal ore which contains the valuable element.

As the fire shed its microscopic radioactive dust over their houses and gardens, they continued to walk about, blissfully unaware.

How much radioactive dust is in my body?

The humans are slowly dying because of the radioactive dust caused by a human war.

Officials have still to decide how the radioactive dust and nuclear fuel inside should be cleaned up.

The doctors there know all about uranium and radioactive dust .

A Department of Environment spokesman said that 1 gram of radioactive dust had been released.

It feels like time spent on the moon, kicking up clouds of radioactive dust .


The study linked the increase directly to the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl.

I heard new vocabulary: nuclear bomb, radioactive fallout , bomb shelter.

These costs linger like radioactive fallout , contaminating core beliefs and inspiring additional replicative actions that demand further minimization.


The reactor core erupted in a gigantic explosion, spewing enormous amounts of heat and disintegrated radioactive fuel into the atmosphere.

Millstone has removed all the radioactive fuel in the reactor to permit repairs.


Outside, radioactive iodine was regularly released into the atmosphere over the following month.

This was said to be because of the risk of radioactive iodine emitted during the fire getting into people's thyroid glands.

The radioactive iodine released does not satisfy the second and fourth conditions.


The new ingredient in the assessment of how many deaths the Windscale cloud caused is the radioactive isotope , polonium 210.

Electricity produced by radioactive isotopes , strontium 90, polonium 210, by thermoelectric energy conversion.

The simplest radioactive methods are based on decay of a radioactive isotope into a stable one.

Every radioactive isotope provides an independent clock for measuring geological time.

She could hear the adjacent streetlight sizzling like a radioactive isotope .

Asteroids contain a variety of rare radioactive isotopes of potassium, uranium, thorium, rubidium, and so on.

Increasing the helium-3 supply would mean scaling up the production of the dangerous radioactive isotope tritium.


The transporters are designed to withstand accidents and until recently the Govenrment ruled out any possibility of a radioactive leak .

The events included radioactive leaks , unplanned shutdowns and component failures, as well as vandalism, drug abuse and unauthorized use of firearms.


Originally this means of disposal was performed as an experiment to assess what happened to the radioactive material .

A conventional bomb could scatter radioactive material over a large area.

Radiation is released during the handling and treatment of radioactive materials and as they are transported to and from nuclear sites.

Two other canisters bearing labels for radioactive material were also found, but preliminary tests failed to detect any radioactivity.

This would have resulted in more radioactive material being released.

There is a danger of leakages and the deliberate dumping of radioactive material , with potentially catastrophic results for the environment.

So far environmental lobbies have been extremely reluctant to allow radioactive materials to be flown in a chemical rocket.

As I said earlier, the safety of the carriage of radioactive material is paramount.


Many more will have suffered from cancers brought on by one of the radioactive substances released.

The half-life of a radioactive substance is the time interval taken for the radiant species present to lose half its radioactivity.

Low-level waste is primarily the product of industrial and medical use of radioactive substances .

This has been particularly useful in the nuclear industry where highly corrosive toxic and radioactive substances cause severe maintenance problems.

The activity of a radioactive substance is the number of nuclei decaying per second.

They've been injected with plutonium in an effort to find out exactly how the radioactive substance affects people.


The thought of thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste being buried under their favourite stretch of countryside filled local residents with horror.

The nations augmented the prohibitions in 1993 with a voluntary moratorium on disposing of low-level radioactive waste .

Agreement was only reached following a fierce debate over the question of radioactive waste .

The agency ruled Thursday that the repository in salt beds near Carlsbadabout 300 miles southeast of Albuquerquecould safely contain radioactive waste .

Sites are being selected for final disposal of radioactive waste .

These secretive facilities house the deadly legacies of the Cold War: nuclear weapons, radioactive waste and toxic chemicals.

This meets the growing need to improve geoscience knowledge relevant to strategies for subsurface disposal of hazardous and radioactive wastes .

The kind of radioactive waste they are handling out there is the most dangerous kind.


radioactive decay

a highly radioactive material


But it has its very own radioactive quality, a kind of nuclear winter of the soul.

But potassium itself is one of the most important radioactive heat sources in the planets.

One becquerel is equal to one radioactive decay per second.

Originally this means of disposal was performed as an experiment to assess what happened to the radioactive material.

The agency ruled Thursday that the repository in salt beds near Carlsbadabout 300 miles southeast of Albuquerquecould safely contain radioactive waste.

These elements are major sources of radioactive heating.

This was the thorny question of what would happen eventually to the reactor's residue of radioactive waste.

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