Meaning of RATIONALE in English






The economic rationale , in terms of economic efficiency, was agreed in terms of increasing competitiveness, rather than the change of ownership.

There was nothing new about this economic rationale for federal involvement in urban programs.

It then explores the economic rationale for the voluntary sector.

Sometimes the tie was purely economic in rationale .



It took up most of my time talking and explaining my rationale to people.


Finally, it offers a rationale for a further round of world trade negotiations.


These arguments suggest that it may be possible to provide a rationale for an industrial policy to subsidize sunrise industries.

Television scarcity, compared to print, no longer provides a rationale to regulate electronic media while letting newspapers and magazines alone.

In the chapters of this part of the book I have sought to provide a rationale for such an approach.

Nor does it provide a rationale for people with questionable motives to vent their hostilities or express their idiosyncrasies.

Beveridge provided a rationale based on concepts of national efficiency, rationality and the rights of citizenship.

They were a necessary nuisance that provided the rationale for what Bureau men really loved to do: build majestic dams.

This provides a rationale for recognising flat-lying thrust slices and mapping them in the subsurface.

This background provides the rationale of naturopathy, or nature cure, and other sensible, healthy dietary regimes.


If you do not understand the rationale behind any action you are asked to take, be sure to find out.

In the document he explains the rationale for his plan to build a car for the African market.


It provides the leaders of an organization with a convenient rationale for their hidebound maintenance-oriented policies.

Paul also rejected the rationale of both the offender and the offended.

The rationale for engagement is different in each case.

The political rationale is not clear.

The recommendations of Project 2000 should be read in full in order to appreciate the rationale behind them.

These arguments suggest that it may be possible to provide a rationale for an industrial policy to subsidize sunrise industries.

To adopt an approach akin to that used in the United States would be fundamentally to alter the rationale for judicial review.

While the number of levels has endured, the rationale turned out to be unsustainable.

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