Meaning of READILY in English




be easily/readily/freely available (= easy to get )

The material used was cheap and readily available.

clearly/easily/readily distinguishable

The cheese is easily distinguishable by its colour.

easily/readily accessible

Computers should be made readily accessible to teachers and pupils.

freely/readily/openly admit sth (= admit without being ashamed )

I freely admit I’m hopeless at maths.

gladly/willingly/readily accept

She invited him for a drink and he gladly accepted.

readily acknowledge

This is a fact that most smokers readily acknowledge .




These books need to be readily accessible to pupils, both in the classroom and in the school library.

They became permanent and readily accessible reference material in the painters' studios.

Easy-to-learn performance and production techniques, together with readily accessible models in recorded form, change the way music is made.

One of the more readily accessible sites, Las Fuentes workshop was located in an area of commercial maquila concentration.

Respondents requested this information, and pointed out that it is not always readily accessible .

When the sound timber is clean and readily accessible it can be treated with insecticide.

Today the collection is one of the best in the country, and more readily accessible than that at Lord's.

Plainly, this process is facilitated if the working areas are readily accessible , well lit and well ventilated.


But the superficiality became readily apparent in yesterday's absurd statement by the Employment Minister, Michael Forsyth.

These defects are readily apparent in this case.

These concepts are not however self-executing; that much is readily apparent from the previous analysis.

The allure of foreign bonds is readily apparent .

Quite what the taxpayer got for the extra money is not readily apparent .

This pattern is readily apparent whenever researchers look at the sculpted surface of the open sea.

Captain Dawson sensed that there was more behind the request than was readily apparent .

With travel and entertainment expenses, the bona fides of the expense may not be so readily apparent .


But it will only work if further orders are required and other suppliers are not readily available .

The rest is readily available at any hardware store.

She says it has made me think why is there no local transport readily available .

Less commonly used, primarily because stone was so readily available , was a rubber-like ball made from a native plant resin.

Conclusions: The velvet cloth is a near perfect black, but more expensive and less readily available than the other materials.

Therefore, grant-aided benefits and enforced improvements have not been as readily available to rural householders.

Because the technology is based on readily available material it can be produced anywhere, creating jobs outside industrial areas.

One was effective and readily available from commercial breeders.


The adversarial nature of contentious proceedings before the International Court ensures that the parties are readily identifiable .

Each pair, often by different photographers, famous or little-known, is readily identifiable by their matching frames.

Hence, there is a readily identifiable gain to both parties.

Most of this money came from domestic sources readily identifiable as seekers of federal favors.

She is, however, described as a senior State Department official and is readily identifiable in Washington circles.

It is based principally on morphological characteristics readily identifiable in the field.

Presentational infidelity is less clear-cut and less readily identifiable than selectivity or measurement distortion.



Consistently, the results indicate that this mixture is readily accepted by the plant.

Yet they readily accepted Joseph Alsop when he arrived in 1902.

One readily accepts this interpretative excellent, but what is the cost?

In accepting both what I like and don't like in her, I can more readily accept both aspects in myself.

Those who have differing political philosophies may readily accept and utilise a concept of proportionality.

What is more, painful remedies have been most readily accepted from those governments unburdened by past mistakes and old dogmas.

Now, I was more readily accepted by my black friends than my white friends.

This document won praise from the liberal majority at the Council, and was readily accepted , subject to a few amendments.


I readily acknowledge the need for time to debate the Bill in Committee.

Against one sees the influence of Park which Hughes readily acknowledges .

They also readily acknowledge that the symbols are not as important as the impressions, imaginings and emotions they provoke.

Numerous interviews with cold callers, all reluctant to be named, readily acknowledge that they rarely call women.

By doing so, I readily acknowledge that we are changing, ever so slightly, the role of the Crown with regard to sentencing.

I readily acknowledge that this is a very difficult request but I am afraid the timescale has to he met.

Our exchanges have been by telephone or Royal Mail, so I readily acknowledge that there may be some problems there.


Most of us, men especially, do not readily admit to depression.

In the South, the de jure segregation of the past has been readily admitted , and even lauded, by segregationists.

Even the Church will today readily admit this, while remaining loath to relinquish many of the benefits obtained by the deception.

Allison readily admits his vocal style is influenced by country-blues figures he heard while growing up in the Mississippi delta.

Money, Suggs readily admits , was a prime concern.

Voice over David readily admits he hates the cold!

James, as Steve readily admitted , more than deserved his place in the boat.

It's a heavy burden, one with which teachers readily admit they need as much help as they can get.


This was readily agreed , and Mr. Ball the elder held the post efficiently throughout the remainder of the war.

Since she wished to work in the slums, some medical training was essential, to which Mother Teresa readily agreed .

Aware of the interest Wilson had long shown in Soviet affairs, Maclean readily agreed to approach him.

Always curious about such things myself, I readily agreed to go.

He readily agreed to the event, and the local Ludlow/Hereford Group offered assistance with publicity and accommodation.

If Father van Exem thought that the Archbishop would readily agree , he was mistaken.

Lady Grafton had agreed readily with her spouse.

However, on this occasion she was intrigued and agreed readily enough.


What is not readily appreciated by the newcomer is the stagger of the line lengths.

It has been completely restored and its former importance can be readily appreciated even if it has now lost its earlier charm.

The first of these properties is readily appreciated by looking at an atlas.


But the superficiality became readily apparent in yesterday's absurd statement by the Employment Minister, Michael Forsyth.

The body becomes readily subject to bruising, sometimes spontaneously.

Not until his death and resurrection could that same Spirit become readily available for his followers.

However, there are several others on the stocks ready to go should funding become readily available. 26.

Published compilations of documents have become readily available.

Solid state transducers have the important advantage that they can be used in the ambulatory patient and are becoming readily available.


If Mr. Brilliant fails on this point, he readily concedes that that is the end of his appeal.

Levy, 46, readily concedes that the road map is an odd choice as a collector's item.


Life-history theory could readily explain dwarfing if juvenile, but not adult, male mortality were large.

All told, these costs can readily explain the large differential in prices.

The evening engagements were readily explained by Betty Bell herself.

In Staffordshire and Shropshire this was even more marked, and, unlike in Gloucestershire, the shortage is not readily explained .

Standish shows in his new work that the dynamical evidence for Planet X is readily explained by uncertainties in planetary ephemerides.

His behaviour at this point can be readily explained by the fact that he was Sigismund's son-in-law.


It is to be observed that the determinant of A is readily found from the condensation procedure.

Those series listed below are either still being published or are still readily found in most libraries.

Having obtained the eigenvalues, can readily find the corresponding eigenvectors.

You can readily find them in an introductory economics text.

If we need outside expertise it is because the experience can not be readily found in that country.

The natural dyestuffs have the advantage of being readily found in the natural environment.


But not one I can readily identify with.

For this reason, you can readily identify them as valid or invalid.

Baby hedgehogs do not have the spines that so readily identify their parents, but these soon start to grow.

Invalid Descriptive Beliefr Valid descriptive beliefs are easily and readily identified .

Kelpies may be readily identified by their hoof-marks, for their strange inverted pad leaves the reverse of those of normal horses.

The system can readily identify relationships, record details of referred work, select individuals or places for specific mailings.

Individual junctions were defined by two fixed points which could be readily identified from the video record.

The site of the grave in the Atacama desert had ensured the preservation of the corpses which were readily identified .


One can readily see how a correlation of this kind can arise in a mean shear flow.

I can readily see why the government should object to the publication of that book.

The underground and radical publications more readily saw some of the intentions of the script and the overall concept.

It can be readily seen that sodium is the principal extracellular cation and that chloride and bicarbonate are the principal extracellular anions.

We can readily see the first steps in this transformation process when we consider the impact of computer technology on capital-investment decisions.

Reading between the lines, I can readily see that her weeks of weaning were punctuated with episodes of near suffocation.

The distress they show has been subsumed into other more modern conditions like schizophrenia, which can not be so readily seen .


What is not so readily understood is that many of these people are paid extensively on commission.

Reliability is somewhat more readily understood .

It also has the advantage of including the main symptom - that is, pain, and being readily understood by patients.

This can operate in both ways - the patient might use words which the nurse does not readily understand and viceversa.

All involve difficult decisions and demand a fair assessment that employees can readily understand .

From these assumptions we can readily understand surplus value.


Beth was very tired and readily accepted a seat when it was offered.

Fresh cilantro is readily available in most supermarkets.

He readily agreed to all our suggestions.

McGrath readily agreed to go.

Parsons readily took responsibility for the show's failure.


And, they will help snow slide off the roof more readily .

By some lucky balance of nature, the Alpha rays, although deadly, can not penetrate matter readily .

Figures for Steve Forbes were not readily available.

Food without frontiers is the norm now with quiche, tacos or tapas and coronation chicken readily supplied by outside caterers.

Punkish local kids may all too readily be confused with big-city operators.

This type is not readily available - its mourning connotations have made it unfashionable.

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