Meaning of REASONABLY in English



fairly/reasonably accurate

Police believe Derek gave a reasonably accurate account of what happened.

fairly/reasonably comprehensive

The available data on world population is reasonably comprehensive.

reasonably priced (= not too expensive )

The food was good and reasonably priced.




Obviously where frequent attempts are made at reconciliation the cost accounts may be reasonably accurate .

In the private sector, decision making can be guided and implemented by considerations that are subject to reasonably accurate escalation.

In most cases our customers find our estimates reasonably accurate .

The several criticisms of the market economy are reasonably accurate and certainly too serious to ignore.

Nor are they fully explained - although less efficient digestion in general is probably a reasonably accurate explanation.

This helps stress the need to get the whole approach right if the landings are to be reasonably accurate .

Forecasts of mortality are now reasonably accurate .

The current Building Regs are the 1985 edition: books published in 1986 or later should be reasonably accurate .


Mr Gandhi needs to win at least 200 seats nationally to be reasonably certain of being called on to form the next government.

Answer guide: When the earnings process is substantially complete and payment is reasonably certain . 3.

We are reasonably certain there are psychological processes unique to our own species.

The actual vegetation may not be identical owing to varying local conditions but there is sufficient affinity to make correlations reasonably certain .


Under the Act, the position is also rather complicated, but reasonably clear .

Capital punishment does send out one reasonably clear social message.

The literature concerning professional - managerial relationships is reasonably clear in overall direction if not in degree.

It seems reasonably clear now that the haste precluded reasonable and deliberate judicial treatment of these cases and was not warranted.

In my opinion the scheme is reasonably clear .

There was concrete underfoot, cracked but reasonably clear of vegetation.


With individual voices chosen from the sound-card a reasonably close approximation to the a performance can be produced.

This answer falls within the acceptable range and so indicates that this person is at or reasonably close to her ideal weight.


Clearly the shopkeeper lived in reasonably comfortable , if cramped quarters.

Since the flues were not used to heat the rooms in the summer, he could be made reasonably comfortable .

Key among them is the problem facing most developed countries of how to fund reasonably comfortable retirements for an increasingly long-lived population.

Their financial status seems to have varied at different times in her life from the reasonably comfortable to the distinctly shabby genteel.


So when I went back to my surgeon in late January I was reasonably confident .

The next morning I sent him off to school again, reasonably confident that the problem was solved.


For a duty to arise, some damage to the plaintiff must be reasonably foreseeable .

Under this theory, the courts have held schools liable for student injuries that are reasonably foreseeable .

Assume that a duty of care is owed by A to C as a rescue was reasonably foreseeable in the circumstances.

That question calls for consideration of what was reasonably foreseeable as the future consequences of the careless act.

Would the death be reasonably foreseeable ?


The plastic zips are of reasonably good quality but small, with fiddly zip pulls on the pockets.

Road conditions were reasonably good up the long coastal drive north on National Route 3.

Most photocopiers can produce reasonably good images from photographs, including colour snaps.

And the taskbar is a reasonably good way of implementing the underlying structure.

In the meantime, the morale of the men was reasonably good , in spite of their air having deteriorated.

Economic growth has been reasonably good , and inflation has been low and steady.

The income from donations and sales is reasonably good .

Describe the procedures for insuring a reasonably good sample return from a mailed questionnaire.


His life had been well-ordered and reasonably happy , he thought, by minding his own business.

And Sarn Fong was reasonably happy .

The industry did not shriek too loudly: the strength of demand over the next few years kept everyone reasonably happy .

If these families were reasonably happy , the parents presumably would not have divorced.

Their married life was reasonably happy but there was one point which was increasingly a bone of contention.


I would say that Courtaulds is reasonably healthy in an extremely hostile environment.

Are a reasonably healthy state of being and cigarette-smoking really, truly, absolutely mutually exclusive?


Horses need plenty of fresh air, reasonably high roofs for stable air to get away and space to live in!

These securities are short-term, highly liquid securities with reasonably high yields.

The average branching ratios of these grammars were reasonably high , compared with HARPY1.

They all produce a growing number of reasonably high calibre, attractive and inexpensive rugs.

The bright solar surface is made up of gas at reasonably high pressure, so that in a spectroscope it yields a rainbow.


Thus the notice must be reasonably large and prominently displayed at a spot visible to the buyer when the contract is made.

The strategy turned out to be successful, and the resultant recombinant viruses produced reasonably large amounts of HbsAg in infected cells.

The group sits in a circle in a reasonably large room.

You will need to buy a reasonably large diary.


He was held not liable as there was a real and imminent danger and he had done what was reasonably necessary .

Neither should the doctor do more than is reasonably necessary in the interests of the patient.


What you must do is carry out as much investigation as is reasonably possible to narrow it down to one suspect.

All claims must be notified as soon as reasonably possible and accompanied by a copy of your invoice.

The booklet provides as detailed a statement of the law as is reasonably possible .

To have a late claim considered, a company should apply to the inspector as soon as reasonably possible in the circumstances.


The burden of proving that it was not reasonably practicable would appear to fall on the defendant.

In other words, they would have found it was reasonably practicable to present the claim in time.

However, the test is objective, so that the act must be done as soon as reasonably practicable .


If guests wish to eat out there are several reasonably priced local restaurants.

Best guess is that SunSoft will offer reasonably priced Motif upgrades for Solaris 1.

The proprietors recommend the Sussex Kitchen at the Pelham Arms which provides good, reasonably priced food.

When Bill was setting up his first home, he used to attend auction sales, looking for reasonably priced furniture.

The hotel also has its own bar which stays open till midnight and a very reasonably priced restaurant.

The bar is one of the cheapest in Crete, with reasonably priced beer and a good well-priced cocktail list.

In the search for alternative sources of good, reasonably priced wine, have a look at Sicily.

At around £115 it's definitely a reasonably priced tent.


In other words, there is an implied term of the contract that the premises are reasonably safe .

It was the world we knew and preferred for as long as Hsu Fu stayed reasonably safe .

Well, reasonably safe , anyway.

As a practical matter, boards of directors are reasonably safe from being thrown out by the stockholders.

It is the visitor and not the premises that have to be reasonably safe .

People who work in craft occupations are likely to be reasonably safe from unemployment.

Rincewind edged his way back on to reasonably safe land and sat down with his back against a wall.

So long as there was no hunt for a missing girl they had felt themselves reasonably safe .


The United States had provided a reasonably stable inflationary ceiling up to the mid-sixties.

For these reasons, most finns strive to maintain a reasonably stable dividend payment from year to year.

At one level this has enabled him to achieve the considerable feat of maintaining reasonably stable government for more than twenty years.

High slack systems are those organizations operating with an abundance of resources in reasonably stable and minimally competitive environments.

In fact the adduct was reasonably stable at room temperature and in solutions of up to 20 percent water content.


The Bill looked like being reasonably successful despite a reported last-ditch effort by the Bill's Conservative opponents.

This rescue operation proved reasonably successful , as shown by Table 11.4.

This system would appear to be the most comprehensive to date, and is reasonably successful .

Although of limited accuracy by modern standards, the Scuds were reasonably successful at hitting large targets such as urban settlements.

The system relating to the Head Office relocation has been reasonably successful .

Every reasonably successful band soon begins to receive demo tapes from young hopefuls.


We can be reasonably sure after a month that they are stranded there.

Important Credit facilities should only be reinstated once you are reasonably sure there will be no more problems with getting paid.

Donna was reasonably sure she knew.

But we can be reasonably sure that the drug company will not guarantee the potency of the sample beyond its sell-by date.

We can be reasonably sure that the first water vapours were the natural result of condensation of the outgassed products of volcanoes.

If lenders are not reasonably sure the loan will be paid back, they will understandably charge a higher rate of interest.



Tribunal chairman David Williams said the employers had acted reasonably .

They are only required to act reasonably under the circumstances according to the standards of their profession.

On these facts the plaintiff was held to have acted reasonably and the defendant was liable for her injuries.

Even if the reason is economic, technical or organisational the employer must still act reasonably in selecting and dismissing each employee.

This means that the Tribunal has to ask whether the Minister acted reasonably in exercising his discretion to grant a warrant.

The artist must undertake to act reasonably at all times if offered fair advice by his or her manager.

The involuntary bailee does no wrong if he acts reasonably in trying to return the goods.

His duty is to act reasonably .


This chapter provides a summary of the principal techniques which examiners could reasonably ask of candidates.

If Richard drove a beaten-up car, it seemed that nobody could reasonably ask for anything more themselves.

While one may reasonably ask what some one shouted, it hardly makes sense to ask what it was they screamed.


The new category of genetically modified organisms has been subject to far less testing than one should reasonably expect .

We could reasonably expect a decent interval of peace in which we might think about these catastrophic events.

The Government appreciate that that line does not provide the quality of service which passengers can reasonably expect .

If there were agreement on this question, we might reasonably expect most states to have adopted the same form of government.

By now Heseltine has probably got about as much mileage out of such occasions as he can reasonably expect .

Since Public Opinion is supposed to be the prime mover in democracies, one might reasonably expect to find a vast literature.

Hence, we may reasonably expect a resultative flavour when an adverbal adjective is combined with a change-of-state verb.

As it turned out, they had all the problems one would reasonably expect , given their experiential reality.


They might reasonably feel they deserve to be rewarded.

It was all carefully arranged and rather neat and I felt reasonably satisfied with myself.

The vegetables took longer than she had expected, but by the time the table had been set they felt reasonably cooked.

Try to find somewhere where the interviewee can feel reasonably relaxed and you yourself can feel confident.


The sellers were in breach of the implied condition that the goods should be reasonably fit for their purpose.

The requirement would be that the goods be reasonably fit for all the purposes for which such goods are commonly bought.

It is no defence that he acted reasonably if in fact the goods are not reasonably fit for their purpose.


As we were looking reasonably respectable we eventually managed to leave Parliament Square at about 4.30.

At this stage the screen that confronts you should look reasonably familiar.


It is reasonably priced , and I can certainly recommend it very highly both for personal and institutional purchase.

It used to be that Quattro was a pricey model, not just a reasonably priced option.

It's lightweight, durable and relatively easy to fit, as well as being reasonably priced .

Every industrial X-ray analyst should have this reasonably priced book on his / her shelf.

Each title will be c. 200 pages in length and very reasonably priced at only £9.95.

This book is reasonably priced and may appeal to some undergraduates.

Reasonably priced theatre tickets and affordable health care are tangible.

The book is reasonably priced and generally well written, with few errors.


The general sanitary situation in Gorazde seemed reasonably satisfactory.

Longer term, newspapers seem reasonably well entrenched to deal with the welter of competition.

Despite many and varied flurries of activity in the first 40 minutes, Arsenal seemed reasonably secure if not inspired.

Henry found a table that seemed reasonably clean and pulled out a chair.

The crowd seemed reasonably relaxed, both assent and indignation muted.

It seems reasonably clear now that the haste precluded reasonable and deliberate judicial treatment of these cases and was not warranted.

She seemed reasonably harmless and naive and willing to please.


Chao is still in reasonably good health.

Dad's in reasonably good shape for a 68-year-old.

How long before we can reasonably expect to see any improvement?

It was the high-school students who reasonably and responsibly found a solution to the problem.

Kevin is a hard worker and reasonably intelligent but he has never been promoted.

She speaks Spanish reasonably well.


A commonly proposed and reasonably workable alternative to constant per unit prices is the two-part tariff structure.

Another might reasonably reply that because we are animals, creatures of nature, consciousness and nature are inseparable.

Most industrial tribunal buildings are purpose built and are reasonably comfortably equipped.

The current state of Earth, some 4. 7 billion years later, is reasonably well known to us.

The several criticisms of the market economy are reasonably accurate and certainly too serious to ignore.

These securities are short-term, highly liquid securities with reasonably high yields.

Thus the minimum cost of a reasonably diversified portfolio would be 30,000-40,000.

You can buy a proprietary mix that will provide end residues that balance reasonably well - eventually.

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