Meaning of RECEPTIONIST in English





One of us would be a hotel receptionist , the other a lost tourist.

No one - not even the hotel receptionist - can explain why they are there.

What should a hotel receptionist do if he or she believes a guest to be dishonest?

Can the hotel receptionist be prosecuted for an offence under s.14 Trade Descriptions Act 1968?

If a hotel receptionist double-books a room does this give rise to criminal liability?


Foreign visitors will expect the receptionist to have a very good knowledge of the country in general.

If the prospective guest is unable to pay then the receptionist may refuse to accommodate that person.

It killed a receptionist and injured 19 others.

The receptionist had opened up readily enough when Ruth had opened up her purse.

The receptionist screamed as Howard struggled to right himself.

The alternative of using a fully trained adviser as receptionist would probably not be considered an efficient use of staff.

They provide information for the receptionist when dealing with enquiries for the guests as to what standard equipment is in the room.

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