Meaning of RECURRENT in English




a recurrent/recurring dream (= that you have many times )

Having recurrent dreams is a very common experience.

a recurrent/recurring theme (= one that appears several times )

Returning to traditional values was a major theme of the president’s speech.




These contradictions explain the recurrent expenditure crises.

On May 10 Mullings presented a budget for 1990-91 with recurrent expenditure estimated at J$7,049 million and capital expenditure of J$3,522,800,000.

The budget of EC$184,000,000 projected capital expenditure at EC$85,100,000 and recurrent expenditure at EC$98,800,000, while revenue was estimated at EC$103,00,000.

Total spending was set at R11,600 million, of which R9,000 million was allocated to recurrent expenditure .


The exercise of that authority had proved a recurrent problem for late-medieval kings.

It was, as we shall see, a recurrent problem among social democrats.

Pippin I's recurrent problem had been the meddling of his father, ex-king of Aquitaine.

A recurrent problem for the station was that of poor reception, even when the transmitting power was increased.

Unemployment was a recurrent problem throughout this period.


In the remainder, the recurrent stones were silent or asymptomatic.

It is too early to establish whether recurrent stone formation after percutaneous cholecystolithotomy differs from other non-operative treatments.

Our emphasis on biliary cholesterol saturation in the pathogenesis of recurrent stones , therefore, may have been incorrect.


Leaning rather than pulling is a recurrent theme in windsurfing which, once mastered, leads to rapid progress.

But suicide is a recurrent theme in support group discussions.

A repeated stress upon the benefits brought by diversity is a recurrent theme of the Council documents.

We examine these recurrent themes in the managers' first-year biographies in the following pages.

A quite different sort of example is the recurrent theme of asking for a sign in the gospel narratives.

Yet, despite the stylistic variety, there is a noticeable abundance of recurrent themes and messages.

The waking and stirring of life is a recurrent theme in this poem.


a recurrent infection


Both local and national industrial action by prison officers has been a recurrent event.

Feedback networks that have closed loops are recurrent systems.

Its effect was particularly damaging in relation to the recurrent tragedies of death in childhood, which are examined in the next chapter.

Leaning rather than pulling is a recurrent theme in windsurfing which, once mastered, leads to rapid progress.

Often there is a family history of recurrent ulcers in the parents as well.

Others are killed by recurrent cold waves, by boat propellers, and infrequently by crocodiles and sharks.

She had a history of recurrent eczema but no exposure to toxic products.

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