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a related incident (= connected to another incident )

The report describes a number of related incidents.




One closely related question has also been the subject of much recent discussion.

Over half the species of toothed whales are dolphins or the closely related porpoises.

Again, the insectivores in closely related groups can coexist, whereas this is rare in the frugivores.

Terms such as alternative, natural, unorthodox, or unconventional are closely related but not synonymous.

A third, closely related issue is reliability of indicators.

There were two closely related matters which concerned men of the late Middle Ages.

Occupation and class, as we have seen, are closely related .

A closely related objective is to develop children's understanding of the different ways in which meanings are conveyed.


It seems likely, then, that genes from distantly related prokaryotes are occasionally recombined.

Nevertheless, protein trees could be as misleading as rRNA trees for very distantly related organisms.

Second, close relatives must resemble each other with respect to such a character more than do distantly related individuals.


The results of the semantic priming investigation provide independent evidence of its ability to identify semantically related words.

Collocations are similar to dictionary definitions in as much as they can be expressed as a headword followed by a list of semantically related words.

In other words, can semantically related word pairs be differentiated from semantically unrelated word pairs by a computer?

Results: The semantically related pairs were given higher scores than the control pairs in 34 out of 40 cases.



Subject to the above, the related activity could be carried on within one area of the shop by any of the family.

It involves order processing, warehousing and transport and related activities .

Carpet manufacture and related activities had been the major provider of employment in the area up until the late 1960s.

Iron production in Sussex stimulated a variety of related activities , not least charcoal burning.

The management company may be dedicated to the purpose or this activity may be just one of a number of related activities.

This in turn made it necessary to repeat the entry for all related activities , causing a great deal of duplication of records.

This would reduce the Glen Coe parking space and keep the original building solely for rangers and related activities .


There were three related areas of interest to us.

Phillip is 34 and has several qualifications in civil engineering and related areas .

Supervision in these and related areas can be provided.

It is possible to pick courses in rather closely related areas or to diversify, depending on the student's inclination.


Nor, Branson had now convinced himself, was an airline that far removed from the principle of expanding into related businesses .

He says that it would make an ideal site for tourist related businesses .

In overall terms the Cashmere related businesses had an outstanding year despite weaker raw material prices.


Require subsidiary and related companies to establish and implement environmental policies which accord with the Group's policy and principles.


Many related compounds were made in the same laboratories and were investigated in more or less detail according to the promise they showed.

It was enough to warrant an investigation of related compounds and a closer exploration of how they worked.

Thereafter, the terpenes and related compounds were Tilden's major interest.

We have now shown an invitro physiological response in colorectal tissue to the active metabolite of vitamin D 3 and related compounds .


It is a different though related concept .

Heaven, its decree, and other related concepts , were reinterpreted as different aspects of li.

The nature of these indicators, and related concepts of efficiency, effectiveness and economy have been the focus of much debate.


There have been two related developments .

Since then two related developments have given the group its unusual character.

Stewart/Ranson therefore argue for four related developments to allow for greater popular participation.

Trading estates have been laid out, factories built and resources in unspecified ways recirculated as investment for related development .

Reaffirms the objectives of Green Belt policies and related development control policies as laid down in previous Circulars.


For all positions, qualification to degree level in Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies or a related discipline is essential.

Second, support can be drawn from related disciplines where psychodynamic methods enjoy considerable influence, e.g. psychiatry.

Candidates should have a degree in Landscape Architecture or a closely related discipline .

Applicants should have a good Honours degree in Management, Economics or related discipline and/or have professional qualifications.


The work will be conducted in collaboration with colleagues in related fields at the Institute of Education and the City University.

Providers: Institute or independent of the Institute Subject matter: Specialisation in particular accounting related field eg insolvency, taxation.

She now has a similar job in a related field .

This would provide a summary of recent developments in the various branches of psychology and related fields .

This lack of explicitness will surely limit the significance of the book for researchers working in speech act theory and related fields .


Some related forms are better studied in polished section like the corals.


As the organization has expanded, the demand for manpower related information has increased in terms of volume, range and depth.

It will investigate the use of local radio as a source of business related information by employers.


Its immediate cause resides in two distinct but related issues .

We hope that this Update will keep you abreast of the latest developments in assessment and related issues .

There is the issue of permanence, and the related issue of artefactual identity.

Surprisingly children's knowledge and beliefs about unemployment and related issues have been almost totally neglected.

A third, closely related issue is reliability of indicators.

A related issue concerns empirical methodology.

An Appendix to the Circular discusses a number of related issues , and relevant legislation.

There will be opportunity for bodies to raise for discussion any related issues .


This year's annual sale of photographs and related material includes pieces from the collection of the Reverend Calvert Jones.

Management and the use of agrochemicals and related materials is a matter of growing concern throughout the world.

This material will be discussed alongside other related material in chapter 17.


Two other related matters should be mentioned.

Even resistant readers will find much informative discussion of speech act theory and related matters .

The Royal Ulster Constabulary acted under army instructions in antiterrorist and related matters .

This and related matters will be discussed in Chapter 3.

There were two closely related matters which concerned men of the late Middle Ages.

Magistrates also sit as licensing committee dealing with licences granted to public houses, off-licences, restaurants etc. and related matters .


Another example of welfare related problems was cited.

The method of goal planning we will present here may be particularly helpful for clients with stress related problems .

Release Advice and information on legal and drug related problems .

The therapist should note how other siblings within the family have faired and whether they have had any stress related problems .

A related problem is experienced with colored samples.

A related problem is the evenness of the microwave background.

These include drunken driving, underage drinking and research into alcohol related problems .


Over one million tonnes of agricultural related products pass over the quays in Belfast each year.

The deal will include racing strips, tracksuits and other related products .

The function of research and development was very active, constantly upgrading product quality and in recent years moving into related products.


One closely related question has also been the subject of much recent discussion.

There is also the related question of the storage and retrieval of information on these compounds.

In particular, they should pose three related questions .

Issues raised in this chapter touch upon many related questions discussed elsewhere.

The investigation explores the possibility of using probate inventories to cast light on this and related questions .


However, it is important for two related reasons .

I shall not do this for two related reasons .

There were a number of related reasons for this revolution in economic organisation.

Democratic processes are difficult to operate in Northern Ireland for two basic yet related reasons .

The yield on junk bonds did not compensate for their risks, for two related reasons .

The choice of technique is a vital one in a conservation project, programme or national policy for two related reasons .

These latter cases are dealt with here rather than in the previous chapter for two related reasons .


Distantly related species may come to resemble one another closely.

A few related species occur in the Jurassic.

Similar processes would explain anomalies such as the existence of closely related species in widely separated locations.

No cause is known for the mysterious catastrophe, which is now claiming members of related species .

The same processes could explain how related species appeared on widely separated land masses.

The proteins differ in amino-acid composition from one species to another but those of related species show some resemblances.


For this new publication, Scully has created eight monochromatic etchings which will be shown with related studies and four new paintings.

Approximately 70 percent of the course is devoted to design and technology studies and 30 percent to related studies.

The University offers a programme of high-level courses in the area of accounting and related studies .

In addition, two related studies are being undertaken.


This translation will involve not only labelling the subject , but possibly also indicating related subjects, as has been discussed earlier.

Let us hope that the various electronics related subjects will be among them.

Elision is a closely related subject , and in considering intonation the difference between strong and weak syllables is also important.

Composition: a portfolio of original compositions plus either a critical commentary or a dissertation on a related subject .

Performance: a practical recital plus a dissertation on a related subject .

You should have up to three years experience after your degree in economics or related subjects , preferably as a business economist.

Candidates for both posts must have a good degree in economics, econometrics, statistics or related subjects .

The order of classes should bring related subjects into proximity.


Much of this work, by sociologists, ethicists and historians, has been critical, focusing on several related themes .

The presentations marked the culmination of nine hour sessions between factory and school on three work related themes .

Both books have a closely related theme .

One approach could be to select a number of different types of evidence on a related theme .

But it did offer a rather different view of international relations, based on the two related themes of transnationalism and interdependence.


Love voted for exclusion and concerned himself with related topics .

It is this second problem, plus some related topics , that we will consider in this article.

Rear Admiral Bruce Richardson will be on hand to discuss defence and related topics .


The percentage of related words at this level is therefore 10% of 10%, i.e. 1%.

The results of the semantic priming investigation provide independent evidence of its ability to identify semantically related words .

Collocations are similar to dictionary definitions in as much as they can be expressed as a headword followed by a list of semantically related words .

The format is also comparable, i.e. a headword followed by a list of related words in parentheses.

In other words , can semantically related word pairs be differentiated from semantically unrelated word pairs by a computer?


closely related/connected/associated etc

Cuvier noticed that the most recently extinct creatures such as the mammoth were closely related to living species.

However, a further ten shared elements show whales to be closely related to hippopotami.

It is not isolated but closely connected with contemporary movements.

Perhaps even more than is usual in the social sciences, theory is closely related to practice.

Power strategies are closely related to power bases.

The men are often in the home, doing work closely associated with women in most societies.

These enormous structures vary with age and are closely related to the dominance of their owners in the hierarchy.

This is closely related to item 3 above.


Applicants must hold a degree in accounting or a related field.


A related issue concerns empirical methodology.

Complications occur, however, in up to 46% of patients and the procedure related mortality is about 1-2%.

Each attribute or set of related attributes is stored in its own file.

Some sceptical arguments attack the notion of knowledge directly but leave other related notions, crucially that of justified belief, untouched.

The argument that size and security are related has taken two forms.

The nature of these indicators, and related concepts of efficiency, effectiveness and economy have been the focus of much debate.

We provide professionally based practical home care to men, women and children who are ill at home with HIV/AIDS related illness.

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