Meaning of REPEATEDLY in English



repeatedly deny sth

King has repeatedly denied being a gang member.

repeatedly/frequently/constantly criticize

The fashion industry is frequently criticized for presenting extremely thin models as beautiful.




Each side repeatedly accused the other of ceasefire violations.


She has repeatedly asked the state to leave her family alone.

During their deliberations, the jury of seven women and five men requested a mountain of transcripts and repeatedly asked U.S.

The chief judge of the State Courts has repeatedly asked the legislature to increase the number of judges and administrative personnel.


He was kept for two months in a hospital where he alleges that he was repeatedly beaten and kicked.

His interrogation took place over several days, during which, he says, he was beaten repeatedly .

They never flee from combat, and will fight to the death even if repeatedly beaten by their opponents.

Eleanor was beaten repeatedly by her husband and became depressed as a result.

During the six and a half years of marriage, I was repeatedly beaten , terrorized, tortured and sexually molested.


Conference speakers repeatedly called for no let-up against the unions.

Chirac has repeatedly called on the United States to increase aid to developing nations.

The president, who repeatedly called for a balanced budget, was talking Republican talk.

Just before the attack, she had been overheard calling repeatedly to Trincomalee asking if fighters had been dispatched.

He would shout her name, call repeatedly into the wind until she appeared on the balcony to wave.


Young people and ethnic minorities have repeatedly complained about police harassment.

Over the years, documents show, the board has repeatedly complained about the inadequate qualifications of many Energy Department officials.

The U.S. government had repeatedly complained about the prosecution of Pope, although to no avail.

The speaker has complained repeatedly that the news media has distorted his message.


For example, Bronson declared repeatedly that Kino would end the year in the black for the first time.

The neo-communists are committed, he has repeatedly declared , to the closest possible ties to the West.


He had repeatedly demonstrated that he had a greater tolerance of G-forces than most other men.


But Mr Pasqua has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, and says he has never met Mr Falcone.

Mr Dorfman and the promoter, Donald Kessler, have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

Uydess said the company covered up findings that cigarettes were addictive, a charge tobacco industry officials have repeatedly denied .

Goldman never denied repeatedly trying to contact Lee after the incident but said she wanted him to apologize.

In the past, McDougal has repeatedly denied that Clinton attended any such meeting.

Knight has repeatedly denied ever being a gang member.

I questioned Robert, who repeatedly denied taking apple, but was obviously lying because he blushed.

Le Carre repeatedly denied the claim.


The preference for directives as opposed to regulations for environmental matters has also been repeatedly expressed .


After repeatedly failing his examinations, he was eventually called to the bar in the Inner Temple.

Dole rose to the top of the Republican Party by unusual means: He repeatedly failed to win national office.

It's time to name, shame, and punish parents who repeatedly fail to control their children.

Congress has failed repeatedly in the past decade to enact tougher laws.

Yet whenever they meet, they repeatedly fail to create the vision and the strategy they desire.

He points out that AT&T's computer business has repeatedly failed , something which even AT&T admits.

What, we may ask Harris, happens to the child who repeatedly fails his annual examination?


He repeatedly found himself asking the question Who? - and What? - was he?

As we have repeatedly found , the 2 X 2 X 3 case is a good starting point.


Buthelezi had repeatedly insisted on a meeting with Mandela on an equal footing and in his capacity as head of Inkatha.

The Cloud of Unknowing repeatedly insists on the necessity of taking expert advice from a spiritual director at every stage.


The position, as the Government have repeatedly made clear, is that trusts will remain part of the national health service.

Mr Major has repeatedly made clear his strong opposition changing the voting system.


In any given flow, similar, although not identical, patterns occur repeatedly .

Clearly, if several indicators are present, or if they occur repeatedly , the probability of maltreatment is greater.

One major problem occurred repeatedly , that of smuggling.

Variations on this pattern have occurred repeatedly .


In any case, it is not scheduled to be addressed until the repeatedly postponed final status talks.

Registration for the sale has been repeatedly postponed to accommodate potential buyers, officials said.


He took her to a Forest Hill bedsit where he repeatedly raped her before releasing her.

Unknown to Peevay, his mother had been kidnapped and raped repeatedly by Jack Harp, a freed convict.

In custody she was repeatedly raped and abused.


Al Gore's presidential campaign repeatedly referred to his plans for tax credits as targeted tax cuts.


But Clinton had left her dangling, repeatedly refusing to say whether she would win reappointment.

Anderson repeatedly refused to predict when the company will move back into the black.

Raoul Cedras repeatedly refused to honor agreements to return power to Aristide.

Retail stores repeatedly refused to hire him.


Despite some public opinion polls and Supreme Court decisions to the contrary, voters have repeatedly rejected liberalization of abortion laws.

When parents feel repeatedly rejected , they can unintentionally begin looking elsewhere for their satisfaction.


With the aid of navigational satellites, the ship would be able to return repeatedly to the same area of ocean.

Women repeatedly return to abusive relationships hoping to resolve the conflict and thus to not see themselves or their marriages as failures.


The government has repeatedly said that it will not switch civil material to military use.

Kmart has said repeatedly it has no plans to do that.

The prime minister, Chandra Shekhar, has said repeatedly that he wants a political solution.

The team has said repeatedly that it will not play in Candlestick Park after its lease with San Francisco expires in 2007.

Massey repeatedly said that he could not recall speaking to Clinton about securing the business but may have done so.

He has said repeatedly that the club is not for sale.

Colin Powell, who would help Dole draw moderate voters, has repeatedly said he is unavailable.


Massey repeatedly said that he could not recall speaking to Clinton about securing the business but may have done so.

He repeatedly says he believes that she will lead the Conservatives into the next election and emerge victorious.

Colin Powell, who would help Dole draw moderate voters, has repeatedly said he is unavailable.

She repeatedly says that inflation is too high and that its reduction must be the Government's overriding priority.

President Clinton has repeatedly said he has confidence in Perry, whose resignation had been suggested by Sen.


Opinion polls repeatedly showed that restitution was unpopular.

Analytical studies have repeatedly shown high correlations between mothers' education levels and the achievements of their children.

Distributors showed repeatedly the old films from their stocks.

Mineral, vitamin and blood-sugar levels have been repeatedly shown to affect ability to relax.

The executions were shown repeatedly on local television.


Sandra hid in undergrowth nearby as Robert was repeatedly stabbed in the chest and beaten by the gang.

Like hairdresser Katie, 19, she was stabbed repeatedly and sexually assaulted.

Sergeant Alan King died after being stabbed repeatedly by Vernage as he tried to crawl to safety.

She had been repeatedly stabbed and beaten about the head with a piece of wood.


He repeatedly stated he wanted to leave.


Wulfstan also repeatedly stressed the importance of justice.

Still, Stewartwho repeatedly stresses teamwork, singled out the play of Uwaezuoke.

It is stressed repeatedly how some sportsmen had the potential or the promise yet lacked the application to develop it.


He repeatedly told himself he'd beat the stiffness out of it one day.

As Baker repeatedly told jurors, the intent of punitive damages is to punish, not destroy.

There was to be no inconvenience to the General, he had been repeatedly told .

About half way through a charge, it repeatedly told me I had a minute of power left.

She was repeatedly told that there was nothing physically wrong with her, that the pain must be emotionally caused.

At least that is what I was repeatedly told .

It had been repeatedly told to quit it by the Federal Aviation Administration.


Violence marred the conduct of the election campaign with the main opposition leaders being repeatedly threatened .

Since then, he claims, he's been repeatedly threatened , and now his garden shed has been daubed with graffiti.

I was repeatedly threatened with rape and at one stage they tried to make a fellow detainee rape me.

Charles repeatedly threatened this for those who flouted his authority.

He threatened repeatedly to have them removed from the Hearing for disrupting the proceedings.


We have tried repeatedly . 11.30: I phone the School Meals Organizer.

Goldman never denied repeatedly trying to contact Lee after the incident but said she wanted him to apologize.

She tried repeatedly to bring up the subject of her rapidly-disintegrating marriage.

White told how he had repeatedly tried to escape, been twice captured, twice imprisoned, finally condemned to death.

Democrats had repeatedly tried do so but failed.

Dole has repeatedly tried to avoid giving Democrats the opportunity for a straight vote on the wage.


Henry Purefoy repeatedly urges Leapor to perform tasks that have been delayed.


The government has repeatedly used violence to suppress opposition demands that President Mobutu Sese Seko's powers be curtailed.

Dole repeatedly used humor to soften the edges of his attacks.

Heavy plastic or hessian sacks are treasured and used repeatedly .

It may be some special legal word-ing, signature block, advertising message, or contractual term that is used repeatedly .


Note the irony: Christians seeking and encouraging others to seek that which our Lord repeatedly warned against.


Al Gore has stated repeatedly , that the American economy is dependent upon a healthy environment.

Davis repeatedly denied that he had ever taken drugs.

Graham's doctor had repeatedly warned him not to work so hard.

Max was punched and kicked repeatedly as he lay on the ground.


A cord attached to overhead bells is pulled repeatedly .

He repeatedly met people whose lives were desperate.

He repeatedly stated he wanted to leave.

His own followers cheered him repeatedly as the rhetoric boomed out through the slight electronic distortion of the public address systems.

In the three months since the election, Clinton and Republican leaders have repeatedly and even reverently recited the appropriate rhetoric.

Meanwhile, Kurt repeatedly and vehemently denied taking heroin.

The preference for directives as opposed to regulations for environmental matters has also been repeatedly expressed.

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