Meaning of REPRODUCTIVE in English




sb’s digestive/reproductive/nervous system (= in someone’s body )

These vitamins are essential for a healthy nervous system.

sexual/reproductive/sex organs

the male and female sexual organs




Fetal, infant and early childhood mortality and maternity related deaths to women of reproductive age are the classes of mortality examined.

The whole woman of reproductive age produces an ovum a month, representing a single shot at a pregnancy every twenty-eight days.

Body fat distribution in women of reproductive age seems to have more impact on fertility than age or obesity.


In contrast, the Genetic Supermarket promotes individual reproductive choice .

Feminism is pro-woman rather than pro-abortion; we have always argued for freedom of reproductive choice .

Genetic counselling was sought by all nine families, but it is still too soon to comment on their reproductive choices .


Some mares react badly and their reproductive cycles cease or are disrupted.

They can go through a reproductive cycle in as little as two weeks.

This feature is thought to be related to the reproductive cycle .

The freeing of women from the imperatives of the reproductive cycle allows them also to compete for these top jobs.

Strongyloides is unique among the nematodes of veterinary importance being capable of both parasitic and free-living reproductive cycles .


However, the long-term outlook for reproductive function is poor in patients who conceive before they have fully recovered from their illness.

Moreover, female well-being was defined in terms congruent with both women's reproductive function and ideal feminine behaviour.

Introduction Little is known about the effects of body fat distribution on reproductive function in women.

Frisch suggested that underweight women would also have impaired reproductive function owing to a lack of oestrogen produced in adipose tissue.

Under many circumstances, the evolutionarily stable allocation to male and female reproductive functions should be about the same.


She left the field of reproductive health care entirely.


The adult male's reproductive life has two phases.

They tolerate cubs more than the females possibly because their reproductive life in the pride is so short.


No-one knows how the radiation will have damaged the reproductive organs of the children who receive continual doses.

Similar mechanisms may account for other cancers of the reproductive organs .

Of course, the assumption behind this is precisely that enunciated by Barnes, that woman are dominated by their reproductive organs .


In the circumstances, programmes to alter reproductive patterns might incorporate special provisions for reaching individuals of lower socio-economic status.


But in some cases the necessary basic information is lacking; for example, the reproductive rate of some whales is unknown.

Compared with deer, mountain goats have a slow reproductive rate .


Biased estimates of variation in reproductive success may also cause the effects of particular phenotypic traits on reproductive success to be overestimated.

There are several reasons why variation in daily reproductive success may not reflect variation in either seasonal or lifetime success.

Altman focused on females in the troop, because it is easier to monitor their reproductive success reliably than that of males.

Detailed life-history studies of this highly dimorphic animal reveal that the reproductive success of large males is much higher than small males.

In real life, the criterion for selection is always short-term, either simple survival or, more generally, reproductive success .

Differential reproductive success also occurs in other ways, however.

The variability in reproductive success of males will therefore be greater than that of females.


This symposium will address the question of effects of chemical substances on reproductive systems to both females and males.

But there is some concern that melatonin may affect the female reproductive system .

Without our reproductive system , there would be no life, so they can hardly be unimportant.

The cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system , but it is difficult to find.

Even low level exposure is known to interfere with the immune and reproductive systems .

His reproductive system is still not there.

Dioxins are known to cause cancer and to affect the immune and reproductive system of animals.

The reproductive systems consist of filamentous tubes.


Genetic control is now at the forefront of medical, scientific and state enthusiasm over the new reproductive technologies .

Legislators, medical ethicists and public health experts continue to debate limiting the use of such reproductive technologies .

The relentless advance of reproductive technology has now split motherhood into three compartments, genetic motherhood, gestational motherhood and parental motherhood.

Ownership Specific economic conditions are a further decisive factor in the new reproductive technologies .

In vitro fertilisation is only the first of a long line of reproductive technologies which may be developed in the future.

The deepest changes came only with the development of the new reproductive technologies .

The only treatment is recourse to reproductive technology .


Following mating, the sperm are stored in special tiny tubules in the female's reproductive tract .

Are women getting education and treatment for reproductive tract infections?

In most mammals sperm are viable in the female's reproductive tract for a matter of hours.


With so many just entering their reproductive years , population is destined to in-crease for decades more.

The epidemic will take its heaviest toll among infants and among young adults in their prime productive and reproductive years .


the digestive/reproductive/urinary etc tract

Because it dissolves easily in water, it is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract and mixes easily with blood.

It is rare, however, for the urinary tract to be affected.

Obstruction covered all mechanical obstruction to the urinary tract , excluding prostatic disease.

Or it could simply be activity in the digestive tract .

There may be much urging to urinate, smarting, stinging, burning along the urinary tract .

This can have devastating consequences, and may cause long-term damage to the urinary tract .

This is a cleansing agent of the digestive tract and it also aids digestion.


the human reproductive system


But there is some concern that melatonin may affect the female reproductive system.

In good feeding conditions wider ranging groups occurs, evidently for reproductive reasons.

In other species, territories are defended for energetic, rather than reproductive , reasons.

In real life, the criterion for selection is always short-term, either simple survival or, more generally, reproductive success.

In the last part of the century we squandered our energy on endless quarreling over reproductive rights, women bitterly against women.

Not so: traditional breeders must operate within the reproductive boundaries that define species.

The stickleback's territory is reproductive .

Though there are skirmishes even yet, our rights as women will eventually be honored, including our rights to reproductive autonomy.

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