Meaning of RESERVOIR in English






The huge reservoir so created stretched many miles upstream.

Osaka has already set the example, to provide space for the heavy industries attracted there by the huge reservoir of labour.

To the north and east were storehouses; huge , covered reservoirs of grain and rice.

Eight hundred miles of the Missouri would be transformed into a chain of huge , turbid reservoirs .


Methods Twenty three patients who had undergone restorative proctocolectomy with ileal reservoir were included in the study.

Various microbiological changes have been observed in pelvic ileal reservoirs , although these have not been consistent.


He says that below the Forest of Dean lies one of Britains largest natural reservoirs .

Another large reservoir of fossil fuels, solid gas hydrates, has recently come to public recognition.

Indeed the feeder pipe almost certainly extends down to a large magma reservoir well below sea level.

Lake Rampart would become the largest reservoir in the world.


But the water watchdog Offwat is against costly new reservoirs .

His head was filled with abandoned canals and new reservoirs .

And meeting that increase, through new reservoirs and treatment works, is very expensive.


These effects have created a variety of trap situations in potential Palaeozoic reservoir units.

The carbonates occur in four separate units and all are known to contain potential reservoir rocks.

The coals constitute a proven commercial gas source which is in direct contact with the recognised potential reservoirs .

Nevertheless potential reservoir rocks may occur at these shallower levels.



The carbonates occur in four separate units and all are known to contain potential reservoir rocks .

Nevertheless potential reservoir rocks may occur at these shallower levels.


This will act as a water reservoir to keep the soil from becoming too soggy.

An aquarium is only a small water reservoir into which only a few plant species can be planted.



We simply could not build , nor afford to build enough reservoirs to replace the aquifers we depend on today.

But who, Powell asked, was building on-stream reservoirs ?

The idea of building a reservoir has hovered over Lee Farm, Freckenham for years.

In 1962, the total amount of federally built reservoir storage in the nation was somewhere around 300 million acre-feet.


If later generation was significant, the cavernous conditions in parts of the Carboniferous Limestone could provide remarkable reservoirs .

Diagenetic pyrite in the Lower Palaeozoic rocks of the Southern Uplands provided a sulphur reservoir .

The system uses well and log data to provide on-the-spot reservoir analysis, enabling drilling to be adjusted to maximise well productivity.


Electricity is regenerated by returning the water to a low reservoir through a turbo-generator.

Every available stretch of water - be it river, sea or reservoir - is likely to harbour a sailing club.

Improved cleanliness of young children can reduce the nasal and ocular discharges that constitute a major reservoir of infectious material.

It is only responsible for the reservoir itself and for the sluice gates, says Maxwell.

Particles of pellets have polluted the tank, the gravel acting as a reservoir of pollution, despite the water changes.

Salomon Brothers was full of shrewd, knowing people, I said, and we would draw from their reservoir of ideas.

Secondly, its effect could only be to put the squeeze on landowners who sat in the path of the reservoir .

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