Meaning of RESIST in English



resist sb’s charm (= not allow yourself to be influenced by someone’s charm )

People say that it was impossible to resist Burton’s charm.

resist the temptation to do sth

If you feel hungry during the day, resist the temptation to eat chocolate.

resist/control an impulse (= not do something, even though you have an impulse to do it )

Derek resisted the impulse to eat any more cake.

resist/fight/suppress an urge

She had to resist a constant urge to look back over her shoulder.




Such clauses are often fiercely resisted by the buyer, but in most cases without reason.

The Declaration was fiercely resisted by the minority.

It wants to control, and fiercely resists its own capitulation.

This policy is resisted fiercely by the rural community.

It would, of course, be fiercely resisted because it gives back power to the people.

The army fiercely resisted the move.


Up until now most advanced snowboarders have firmly resisted anything except a non-release binding.

Breakfast had been fruit and coffee; she'd firmly resisted the croissants with butter and apricot jam.


Both these matters were deep in political controversy, the second in particular being strongly resisted by the police as well as by the Government.

Tight controls were strongly resisted by developing countries.

It is precisely in such circumstances that the imposition of obligations upon third parties is most strongly resisted .

This has been strongly resisted by the police and there have been a series of clashes.

There was also pressure for a whole ministry responsible for civil aviation, but this was strongly resisted by the Air Ministry.

Ridgeway strongly resisted freeing the men, though he admitted that the evidence placed before the court had not demonstrated their guilt.


She could not have resisted successfully had she tried, so she did not try.

A proposal to combine Nuevo Leon and Coahuila for administrative purposes was successfully resisted by these states.

They tend to be defiant toward society, and successfully resist therapy.

Tom Margittai successfully resisted the temptation to take a major detour from his original dream.


I was sure that were such a scheme to be imposed, it would be vigorously resisted and criticised.

This was hardly music to Britain's ears: the Labour government had vigorously resisted all such overtures since 1945.

The Police Federation has made it clear that any proposals to reduce the age of consent would be vigorously resisted .



At the same time the executive resisted a renewed attempt by sympathisers for the affiliation of the Communist Party.

Some do well in aquariums, while others seem to resist all attempts to keep them alive.

Ollokot overtook them and joined a group of warriors in resisting Captain Benteen's attempt to outflank the fleeing families.

But Parks again resisted attempts by the City Council to open an outside investigation of the department.

Banks may resist the attempts at rationing.

Augustine somehow resists every attempt to wipe it off the map.

We shall, of course, resist any attempt to introduce such legislation by other means.


Frequently staff will resist the change in ways which may be less dramatic than sabotage, but be equally effective.

Still, some companies will resist these changes .

Bear in mind that a block could indicate you are resisting a radical change of direction.

Inevitably, employees would resist the change .

But negative pride keeps us in a state of mind that resists change .

Certainly unions resist changes that threaten their members' jobs-as any rational organization would.

It is popular to assume that other people resist change but, of course, we are all potential resisters of change.

Resisting change is as futile as resisting weather, and change is our weather now.


However, the government continued to resist demands for universal suffrage, preferring a power-sharing system.

He could hardly resist the demands of Voute and Strauss.

The economic pressure they could exert on the regimes that resist the masses' demand for democracy is enormous!

They often found it difficult to resist these demands .

He stoutly resisted these demands and campaigned for the retention of the tramways.

Sometimes a puppy will aggressively resist our demands , or ignore us completely.

Meanwhile suppliers are consolidating apace to give themselves the muscle to resist never-ending demands for lower prices.


The pictures resisted his efforts to shuffle them into chronological order.

Bulger, however, adamantly resisted the efforts .

The lid was heavy and at first resisted his efforts .

Evan never resisted my efforts , nor will many of our children.

She had a plump, pretty face, framed by dark curls that resisted every effort at restraint.

Let us see why questions concerning the origin of language have so long resisted efforts to find clear answers.

Farmers, especially in the more fertile areas have resisted efforts to place controls on their practices.

He fights stubbornly, and has thus far resisted all our efforts to dislodge him.....


Bramwell resisted any such idea , even though his health was deteriorating.

For years, manufacturers resisted the idea that laptops could be used for fun.

The scientific establishment can resist a new idea with such complacent zeal that even Joshua with his trumpets would have no effect.

Many people resist this idea , saying they would like to believe it, but doubt that humans could act differently.

I urge the Government to continue to resist the idea of more regulations being attached to employees.

I had been resisting the whole idea of focus groups-when you went out and talked to pickle eaters.

The philosophers of pragmatism resisted the idea that experience could be frozen at a particular moment in time and analysed in chunks.

And yet, even as we make the case for collaboration, we resist the idea of collective creativity.


Now you try this exercise, and resist the impulse to give up.

He resisted an impulse to stand on a chair.

Bragg could not resist the impulse to stroll over.

Jean was unable to resist the impulse to return her smile.


Younger players in particular, as well as less established players, may find it particularly difficult to resist such pressures .

The obvious question is how long the present authoritative regime will be able to resist the pressures .

Many of us are too polite to resist their pressure and we end up sacrificing our time to their sales pitch.

It was hard to resist that pressure .

It is difficult but very important to resist pressure of this kind.

We will insist on more effective control over Community spending and will resist pressure to extend Community competence to new areas.

Kodak explains that it must be stiff to resist water pressure at depth.


It might be out of bounds, but the temptation to take a slightly closer look was a temptation she could not resist .

If such ideas were to spread, his own slaves might find them too great a temptation to resist .

This temptation should therefore be resisted .


You resist the urge to test the weight on the lid again, because by now you've forgotten how it felt before.

Corrigan resisted the urge to grab him by the arm and hold him.

But she resisted the urge to turn and glance at him and kept her eyes fixed straight ahead.

Will we as lawyers use our privileged positions to extend our influence, or resist the urge to make ourselves indispensable?

Yanto resisted the urge to rush things.

Bernice could hardly resist the urge to turn and run, but she supported Defries and retreated step by step.

With difficulty Shiona resisted the urge to phone him up at home and demand an explanation.

Creed resisted the urge to back off more.


Others, however, do not have the will to resist .

Then the fear of him that had been generated bred a will to resist .

With a great effort of will , he'd resisted her pleas to go to her bedroom after everyone was asleep.



I urge the Government to continue to resist the idea of more regulations being attached to employees.

Stephenson was in and out of hospitals repeatedly in 1995 because he continued to resist diagnosis and medication.

The armed forces, however, remained essentially segregated and many whites continues to resist changes in race relations.


This healthy, realistic fear helps the organization resist the temptation to take the easy way out of a problematic situation.

Banks may keep surplus liquidity to help them resist a squeeze.

Its hard wood helps it resist cold winters, and its thick-skinned grapes are almost impervious to rain, disease and insects.


One of his victims who tried to resist was struck by an axe wielded by Kolben, and subsequently died.

I resent this effect of the couscous, which is potentially terrifying, and I try to resist it.

Muscles in her neck were trying to resist the pressure and that felt good too; he wanted it to take time.

In other cases, they are killed if they try to resist or if their abductors become nervous.

She tried to resist , to hold her breath.

There may be those who try to resist this with the inevitable breakdown in social order as a result.


By resisting the Mafia's attempts to control the region, he was putting his own life in danger.

Congress continues to resist the anti-weapons bill.

Test-tube studies show that the virus is able to resist most antibiotics.

The unions have resisted attempts to change the pay structure.

The university resisted pressure to close its art department.

When security guards came to stop him, he did not resist .


Although Artemis seems to have disliked all males, she particularly resisted heroes of the stamp of Hercules and Achilles.

He resisted intense heat to rescue one person and try to get another out.

Manu's friend resists and is savagely beaten up.

Now you try this exercise, and resist the impulse to give up.

She called it the science of shopping, the ability to resist the temptations of dazzling packaging.

Still, some companies will resist these changes.

The anticipated threat is a strain of staphylococcal bacteria able to resist all available antibiotics.

The saint could not resist the appeal of that spotted belly, butter-soft, that pale fur so douce and plush.

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