Meaning of RESISTANT in English



water resistant

Is this watch water resistant?




Another parasitic protozoan is Myxobolus, this one causing fatal internal cysts and highly resistant to treatment.

Decisions can be made quickly, and the system is highly resistant to hardware failure.

The brain is highly resistant to damage.

The problems seem especially daunting and highly resistant to correction, but that need not be the case.

Second, the eggs are highly resistant to climatic extremes, and can survive for years on the ground.

These spores are highly resistant tot extremes of heat and humidity and are very long-lived.


They are therefore much less resistant than the techniques introduced in this chapter.

It is less resistant than the technique shown in this chapter.

But the cracks show that it is far less resistant to corrosion than previously thought.


The slow twitch fibres react much more slowly and are more resistant to fatigue, producing greater endurance.

But if the receptor lets in negative ions, the downstream neuron is made more resistant to firing.

The narrow-leaved form is much more resistant and does not require a change of water.

This brightens and hardens the surface of cutlery so it becomes more resistant to wear and it also removes minor scratches.

Food products are more resistant to down turn than many other goods.

But before jumping to that conclusion it is worth pondering whether the weed is more resistant to husbandry practice rather than the herbicide.

Look for toothpaste with fluoride which will help to make your teeth more resistant to attack.


The laws of logic, lying at the centre, are the most resistant of all.

It is one of the most resistant aquarium plants and should become very popular.

Women were most resistant to his strictures, claiming that when they served the goddess, they were never short of food.


Our conditioning can make us very resistant to using disclosure.

But when I have done this with Evan, he becomes very resistant , and I am not surprised.

Most consultants are very resistant to anyone else being present during the examination.

In cold temperatures the eggs are very resistant and can survive for over a year in soil.

C is the most intellectual and best informed, less impulsive than A and B, but very resistant to change.

The species type is very resistant to disease and is used extensively as a stock root for budding bush types.



Long-term use has led to the growth of resistant strains .

As drugs kill off the virus most susceptible to them, they leave behind the more resistant strains .

The most effective destroyers of drugs are ordinary enzymes made in huge amounts by resistant strains .

The risk of resistant strains of bacteria developing through complacent use of medicated feeds is high.

More to the point, as resistant strains emerge, the greater becomes our need for new antibiotics to cure sick people.

Whenever possible, patients who do not respond to antibiotics should be screened for resistant strains .

The first resistant strain was found within a year of its use and soon spread.


Look for resistant varieties if you remain dissatisfied with your present vines.

Plant tomato varieties resistant to nematodes.

The cysts survive well in cold water and are even resistant to chlorination.

The numbers of damaging insect species resistant to pesticide have multiplied from 160 to 450 since 1960.

The realignment of these societies was necessarily slow, their central value-systems resistant to change.

This is not always a fair criticism, as they themselves may have been extremely resistant to being told anything.

We are exceedingly fortunate that many of our products and our customers are relatively recession resistant .

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