Meaning of RESUME in English

I. verb


restore/resume relations (= begin them again after they were stopped or interrupted )

Kenya and Uganda agreed to restore full diplomatic relations.

resume negotiations (= start them again )

The pressure is on Israel and the Palestinians to resume peace negotiations.

resume your duties (= start doing your job again )

She hopes to be well enough to resume her duties next week.

resume your seat formal (= sit down again )

We resumed our seats for the second half of the play.

talks resume/are resumed

Talks resumed in Geneva on April 19 after a month’s break.

talks resume/are resumed

Talks resumed in Geneva on April 19 after a month’s break.




Nature resumes its activities , the patterns of behaviour you disrupted by your arrival.

Four of five people with clinical depression can improve and resume daily activity , usually within weeks.

The plates realigned and subduction resumed , sparking volcanic activity which spewed forth the granite rock covering much of the Sierras.


Friends believe he may take the post rather than wait for a by-election to resume his career .

Supreme Court overthrew his conviction, and he resumed his boxing career and transcended sports.

It's understandable that she would want to resume her acting career after having children.

Alexander has told friends she intends to follow through on a desire to resume her acting career .

The star, who won an Oscar for Paper Moon at the age of nine, was desperate to resume her career .

Voice over Northampton's Derek Redmond, is to resume his athletics career .

In the 1920s Pearson resumed his acting career but also began publishing short stories, essays, and journalism.


Pull hard, and it will resume its climb .

Then investors regained their balance, and the market resumed its upward climb .

The funicular had resumed its climb , apparently smoothly enough.

P and Nasdaq resumed their climbs after the July 19 drop -- but money flow into both kept declining.


We resumed conversation almost as if we had never left off.

After a decent interval, the three of them resumed their conversation , much to my relief.

They resumed their conversation , chatting away late into the evening.

As the weather changes, the boat begins to roll a little, and the tables in the bar resume their metallic conversation .

Then I resumed my conversation with the Mahommedans.


He will resume duties next week following the apology.

The state has replaced it and the family will not resume these duties even if the state were to withdraw.

Mitterrand, 75, who left a Paris hospital yesterday, will resume his duties soon.

Coetsee was expected to resume his duties after he had recuperated.

Then after a hearty sneeze, Fagg appeared ready to resume his duties as interviewee.

He is expected to resume duties next week.

I spoke to Michael some time ago, he's getting better, and I look forward to him resuming his duties .


There was a gentle, left-right shuffle, then it resumed yaw-free flight .


Now able to resume his job as a postman, he owes his life to the paramedics.

Herman brought the same kind of resume to the job that her predecessors did.

Their onerous errand completed, the men resumed their jobs .

Employers could post job openings and browse through the resumes of job seekers.


As they prepared to leave and resume their homeward journey , Jack decided to take a last look around the parcels office.

He listened completely, and when he resumed his journey , found that one hundred years had passed by.

The passengers and crew had transferred to the Stratocruiser and resumed their journey more than 3 hours behind schedule.

So we left and resumed our journey .

It was snowing on the day we resumed our northward journey .

The gentleman returned to his compartment and resumed his journey , puzzled by his strange experience.


But then they had to come back and resume their lives .

Some patients did emerge from iron lungs and resume their normal lives , fully recovered.

Then, in May 1823, the hoped-for pardon arrived and he was able to resume a normal life at Kinloch.

Within a few months she was able to resume her normal life with new coping skills and a greater sense of self-affirmation.

It might be nice, mightn't it, to get back home and resume her quiet ordinary life ?

Power and phone service were being restored; daily life was resuming .

I feel that you need a complete rest before you can resume normal life .

He has vowed to solve the crime almost as often as he has vowed to resume the life he used to live.


The delegations again failed to agree on when or where the negotiations should resume .

Settlement negotiations may resume Monday, sources say.

A round of hostilities could develop that would diminish the chances of the negotiations resuming .

Clinton said yesterday negotiations would resume no later than next Wednesday.

But the Hebron negotiations resumed within 24 hours.


The wings then resume their normal position when the adult emerges.

Her body resumes its fetal position and Jakhaila relaxes into sleep.

Her resume lists pilot positions with Los Angeles-based Alpha Airlines.


His leadership role was taken from him and he resumed his role as physician.


Otherwise, however, the pressure to resume normal service was wide and intense.

No commercial airlines have yet resumed service .

Finally, permission was given for the ferry to resume its scheduled services from 9am today.

Because of a coal crisis, passenger services ceased over the whole line as from 15 January 1951 and were never resumed .


He resumed his studies at the Royal College but was unable to concentrate.

She decided to return east and resume her studies at Columbiato pick up her life where she had left off.

She shrugged and resumed her morose study of the green glass which stood in front of her.

The company had wanted him to transfer to London, in order to resume the computer studies he had been taking at school.


Once it is forgotten again, she resumes her work in the spartan room allocated to her by a local co-op.

B.. Present a formal written resume of your work and employment experience, appropriate for future job searches.

He resumed work at Beaumaris in 1306 but died before May 1309.

Sedgwick and McGean carried with them copies of their resumes , rental and work histories, credit reports and life stories.

Mahathir resumed work on April 3.

Blaming a personality clash within the department for her ultimatum, she said she would resume work when her back was better.

Dixon returned to Durham, resuming his work as a surveyor.

But when he had recovered sufficiently he wanted to resume work as possible on his play.



The peace talks were scheduled to resume in Caracas on July 15.

It is scheduled to resume production on Tuesday.

The Senate is scheduled to resume consideration of the bill Wednesday.

S., President Bill Clinton and Republican congressional leaders are scheduled to resume their budget talks later today.

The talks are scheduled to resume on Tuesday in Chicago.

Republican leaders are scheduled to resume budget talks with the Clinton administration Wednesday.

Debate on the measure was interrupted by the tax cut bill but is scheduled to resume after the recess.


"As I was saying," resumed Dahlberg.

Collins was so seriously injured that he was unable to resume his career.

He said no more, and resumed reading his newspaper.

Sherman resumed his walk toward First Avenue.

The jurors are anxious to resume their normal lives again.

The trial will resume on Wednesday morning.


Fifteen minutes go by, and the noise resumes, gently, slowly, and in my direction.

Normal service has since been resumed.

Otherwise, however, the pressure to resume normal service was wide and intense.

Pumping operations would resume this morning.

Stories, however, have circulated that the Bush administration may be more open than was President Clinton to resuming diplomatic relations.

The course of power and enterprise has resumed.

Which is handy for large files as it's faster and can resume broken downloads.

II. noun


He gave a resume of the year's work and wished the Society another successful year.

Instead, it attempts to give a brief resume of the current legal position.

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