Meaning of RETRIEVAL in English



information retrieval




Instruction is concerned with enabling the user to learn in detail how to carry out computerized information retrieval .


The objectives for instruction in online information retrieval have been outlined above.

There has been research which suggests that moderately strong automatic stemming can be applied in specialized online reference retrieval searching.

The growth in computer-based online information retrieval has been accompanied by an ever-increasing number of promotion, training and education courses.

Early evaluation studies were directed towards the use of specific media - introductory MEDIATRON-multimedia programmes for online information retrieval .

At Chalmers University some 600 undergraduates and 50 postgraduates now receive hands-on training in online information retrieval every year.

Teaching methods for online information retrieval will be described in greater detail in Chapter Four.

In recent years a number of microcomputer software packages have been written to assist the searcher in carrying out online information retrieval .



Orientation is also concerned with the creation of a positive attitude to this kind of information retrieval .

Web server functions can be categorized into information retrieval , data and transaction management, and security.

Instruction is concerned with enabling the user to learn in detail how to carry out computerized information retrieval .

Thus lectures might be suitable for providing a general introduction to a course on information retrieval .

The part of the programme which had received highest priority was the introductory course in information retrieval for the engineering undergraduates.

Increasing relevance to practical information retrieval .

Recent trends in library education in many countries are towards the introduction of compulsory courses in information retrieval .


This storage and retrieval system is not in any way dependent on the means of servicing the other side of the interfaces.

Most text retrieval systems have been based on statistics and probabilities.

To introduce pupils to information retrieval using a micro-computer based information retrieval system 3.

Arguably, the information skills shown in this chapter may have been associated with manual retrieval systems .

This is no different from the design of any other information retrieval system .

Type 5 - Automatic small-parts storage and retrieval systems - back-to-back racking and binning.

Where there is often a weakness is in the drawing retrieval system .


Two applications have been developed within this field - text retrieval and question-answering systems.

Most text retrieval systems have been based on statistics and probabilities.

Floristic research requires access to databases, geographic information systems, and text retrieval &038; processing packages.



The system will use intelligent retrieval technologies to increase the speed, ease and accuracy of answering customer support calls.

Prestel is located in the Middle School library at present and is used primarily for retrieval and research work.

Under Club 403, Prestel was used very much for retrieval and for research.


a retrieval system

information retrieval


Direct Stream Digital would preserve all these variations and allow the retrieval of any one of them.

Effective retrieval from natural language indexed databases requires sophisticated search software.

Firstly, it involves the acquisition, organization and communication as well as the retrieval of information.

Obviously, the speed of retrieval is not an issue if the images involved are still pictures.

The Endeavour astronauts prepared to return to Earth on Friday after a successful nine-day satellite retrieval mission.

The online catalogue has exposed obstacles to effective retrieval which library and catalogue users have faced all along in previous manual systems.

These techniques allow us to examine recognition and name retrieval processes in detail.

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