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The future Making people's jobs more interesting is the frequent benefit claimed of automation - the industrial robot is no exception.

The total population of industrial robots working in the world today is close to a million.

The biggest industrial application for robots in Britain, accounting for 249 machines, is spot welding.

Robotics and shop floor systems - control systems, industrial robots and manufacturing equipment.

In 1983 it bought Unimation, a company credited with inventing the industrial robot .

In 1968, Unimation licensed Kawasaki Heavy Industries to make industrial robots .



Well, our family robot could build a robot animal , easily.

They wanted to see the robot animal but I said no.

I said only the Star Council could see the robot animal .

But I didn't show them the robot animal .

Everybody looked at me, waiting for me to show them the robot animal .

The little robot animal jumped on to the Star Table.

The robot opened its stomach and the second robot animal jumped out.

He looked at the robot animal with big, round eyes.


Twist some dials, and the machine trembles, two robot arms pick up soldering irons and hunch down on him.

Possible applications are continuous speech recognition and commands to robot arms .

This, in fact, is what engineers do when they devise electronic control circuits to guide spaceships or steer robot arms .



Mr Takamoto is an engineer at the Northtown Nissan plant and in his spare time enjoys building robots .

And so we build robots that live in their heads.

Well, our family robot could build a robot animal, easily.


Armstrong Projects is Britain's first company to develop medical robots .

It has developed a surgery robot , and Pam, a robot that can transport bedridden patients.

Microbots-New World Creatures A lot of research is under way to develop small robots that resemble insects.


You will make a robot like an animal.

Yet a centralized command blueprint has been the main approach to making robots , artificial creatures, and artificial intelligences.

An animal is made A robot can do many different things from taking care of a baby to building a spaceship.

It may take another ten to fifteen years to make practical household robots that can act as partners.

In 1968, Unimation licensed Kawasaki Heavy Industries to make industrial robots .

Several years ago, Pauline made a crablike robot that would scurry across the floor.

And before long Hawker Siddeley's board of directors agreed to approach Unimation for a licence to make its robot in Britain.

Conversely, an electricity tax that makes robots more expensive would shift the balance in the other direction, back toward labor.


The government has also handed out £5.5 million to companies using robots in new applications.

After clearing the area, police used a robot to detonate the device, estimated at more than 4 pounds.

The best way to use a robot is to help an existing workforce improve manufacturing reliability and quality.

So although many researchers had tested muscle performance in the lab, nobody had ever put them to use in a robot .


assembly line robots

One astronaut used the space shuttle's robot arm to pick up an 1800-pound satellite from space.

With the flick of a switch, the robot picks up the bomb, carries it away from buildings, and blows it up.


An animal is made A robot can do many different things from taking care of a baby to building a spaceship.

Brooks has another small robot in mind that lives in the corner of your living room or under the sofa.

Costs were increased; the quality of the robots went down; and delivery of the machines was disrupted.

Emerging from Pathfinder will be a 45-pound, solar-powered robot rover called Sojourner.

In this game, you must save the people from the robots.

It expects to sell, in two or three years, intelligent robots capable of limited judgement.

Just watch out: the robots take no prisoners.

Without the robots the company could not have coped with the Ford contract.

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