Meaning of ROLLING in English



a Rolling Stones/Kylie Minogue etc fan

Mike has been a lifelong Kylie Minogue fan.

rolling countryside (= with hills )

a valley surrounded by rolling countryside

rolling pin

rolling stock

rolling/gentle hills (= hills with slopes that are not steep )

He loved the green rolling hills of Dorset.




Little cameos come to mind: The glorious greens of the rolling countryside in the slanting rays of the evening sun.

It is surrounded by beautiful gently rolling countryside , where the hillsides are often covered in vines and the valleys richly wooded.

Only an hour's drive from the beautiful Kashubian Lake district, rich in forests and rolling countryside .

Our route soon took us away from the stream to open rolling countryside .

All around there are numerous pretty villages and many miles of gentle rolling countryside to explore.

It was set on the roof at the front of the Hall, and the view over rolling countryside was magnificent.

A climb up the Eildon Hills will present the energetic with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding gentle rolling countryside .

The company's location is a wide area of open, rolling countryside , parched grassland dissected by open dry fissures.


Be warned though, the rolling hills and rugged terrain will test your mountain biking stamina to the extreme.

It is situated in the Dartmoor National Park, amidst gentle rolling hills and woods where buzzards nest.

All round the small station were green fields and rolling hills .

The house was at the bottom of a valley near the reservoir, surrounded by rolling hills .

Glacier walking is a piece of cake; well this bit was, with rolling hills of dazzling serenity.

Vicchiomaggio is surrounded by the vineyards and rolling hills of the region.


There are three gas furnaces, one each for the steam hammers, drop stamps, and rolling mill .

Large quantities of water are taken from the River Don for use in the power stations and the rolling mills .

Why were the large new steelworks and rolling mills built in a different part of Sheffield from the old cutlery works?


It hung glittering like early morning cobwebs on her rolling pin .

Holding a rolling pin and determined to have the last laugh.

Roll out the bread lightly with a rolling pin after cutting off the crusts and spread thickly with the cheese filling.

Last drops: use a rolling pin to squeeze the remains out of tubes of toothpaste.

When cold, break bread pieces into a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin until fine.

Roll out with a lightly floured rolling pin to a rectangle the same size as the tin.

Lightly fold one half of the dough back over the rolling pin , then carefully transfer to the tin.

Everything was recovered except a rolling pin .


Mr Guest said United had a rolling programme of renewing its fleet and planned to buy 13 new buses this year.

We must then continue with a rolling programme of reform that takes us away from the narrow concept of notional rents.

The first audits will take place this autumn as part of a rolling programme which will eventually take in all centres.

The £750,000 required is being sought from special council budgets, so that a rolling programme of ferry replacement is not affected.

They show the consistency that is to be expected from a ten-year rolling programme .

In south Glasgow, two secondaries are beginning a rolling programme which is aimed at thwarting a major shake-up by Strathclyde.

There is a rolling programme of whole school inspections and detailed subject department inspections.

In addition to these priority cases, we will develop a timetable for a rolling programme of Quality Audits for other centres.


Dealings here are for seven day rolling settlement except in the case of new issues.

There is currently no rolling settlements system and all trades are settled once every fortnight.


The West Coast main line was electrified in the 1960s and much rolling stock is 15 to 20 years old.

New rolling stock , reopened lines and stations and more passengers testify to the extent of the exorcism.

Double sets of wheels pull together like centipede rolling stock .

During 1939, following the trolleybus conversions in North London, a number of rolling stock changes were made.

But then another paradox is that he was successful in persuading the government to allow increased investment, especially in rolling stock .

But engineers think that the kind of lightweight rolling stock increasingly used on the network will remain vulnerable to autumn leaves.

Railways needed locomotives, rolling stock and signalling equipment, besides rails and bridges.

They are to be used in West Yorkshire and the Birmingham and Manchester areas to replace ageing diesel and electric rolling stock .


a rolling stone gathers no moss

be rolling in money/dough/cash/it

Mel Levine is rolling in dough.

After all, this man was a tycoon as well as a doctor; he must be rolling in money.

Because the people who are rolling in it certainly are.

be rolling in the aisles

get (sth) rolling

After developing the infrastructure and getting the ball rolling , the mine churned out great quantities of lead and silver.

Celtic got the ball rolling with a goal from the impressive Nicholas after just 10 minutes.

Early arrivals heard one of our own, the superb John Hurley, get the ball rolling in the upstairs bar.

I got the process rolling by talking directly to every person in the wing.

If you could get on to Basil, then we can get the ball rolling .

Straightening your wheels puts them in the proper attitude to get them rolling again.

They were Mo Taylor getting himself rolling consistently toward the basket and dropping in finger rolls and jump shots.

To get the ball rolling , here a few for starters ... 1.

set/start/keep the ball rolling

Ali MacGraw set the ball rolling with Love Story.

And laughter is infectious ... so a little bit of effort on the small screen could start the ball rolling.

Does that make a difference, or did he and others just start the ball rolling?

He will keep the ball rolling.

Her words started the ball rolling.

To start the ball rolling, the government was asked to contribute £1 million.

Volume 2 deals with general idioms e.g. keep the ball rolling, the proof of the pudding.

Wolves play a similar style, and at times one yearned for some one to set the ball rolling ... literally.


He stood at the top of the hill, admiring the rolling landscape.

The castle is set in rolling hills to the north of Orvieto.


A new engineering base is being established at Churston where rolling stock will be maintained and serviced.

Argyll leapt over the clattering boards and rolling stools.

He ruled out huge rolling jackpots of up to £20 million, believing they attract crime.

In south Glasgow, two secondaries are beginning a rolling programme which is aimed at thwarting a major shake-up by Strathclyde.

In the moonlight Ion Manescu, sitting in the lead vehicle, peered through his snow goggles at the rolling wilderness.

Little cameos come to mind: The glorious greens of the rolling countryside in the slanting rays of the evening sun.

The Economist called it the Consumer-Credit Snowball and pronounced it well and truly rolling .

They show the consistency that is to be expected from a ten-year rolling programme.

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