Meaning of SCENERY in English






For those who love nature the National Park there is marvellous for wildlife and alpine scenery .


There is such an enormous selection of bars, clubs and discos and lots of beautiful scenery that shouldn't be missed.

The waterways are incredibly peaceful with a wealth of wildlife and some incredibly beautiful scenery .

The Torrin Estate provides a major challenge for the Trust because living communities exist alongside beautiful scenery .

It is, after all, the beautiful and varied scenery which you are setting out to see.

Craiova was made hideous by a huge petrochemical works, but after that the road was flanked by beautiful scenery .

Their destinations are often countries which have excellent weather, beautiful beaches and scenery and abundant wildlife, but few other resources.

The county of Shropshire in the Marches has some beautiful and varied scenery .

The trains are so fast that the passengers complain about not being able to see any of the countries beautiful scenery .


Relax with a glass of chilled local wine or schnapps from the ship's bar while you take in the breathtaking scenery .

Carefree holidays amid breathtaking scenery in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

A land where meandering rivers flow through breathtaking scenery and beside magnificent abbeys and castles.

The cable car journey to the top is the longest in the Alps and the whole journey is filled with breathtaking scenery .

The 50 mile walk from Morwenstow just north of Bude to Padstow takes in some of Britain's most breathtaking coastal scenery .

Their breathtaking scenery , beaches and ruined cities are rapidly putting this out-of-the-way nation firmly on the tourist map.


For the ocean may provide dramatic scenery but it does not, in itself, belong centre-stage.

Easily Accessible: There are miles and miles of sandy beaches and dramatic cliff-top scenery to enjoy.

It has good beaches, dramatic scenery and has even been given the royal nod.

It is an island of contrasts with superb climate and dramatic scenery .

The place has always attracted writers and artists and lovers of strange and dramatic scenery .


Uncivilised tribes, surrounded by magnificent scenery , have the utmost difficulty in receiving the simplest moral and intellectual concepts.

Day 3 Sailed south through magnificent scenery to Sivota; picnic enroute, explored cave.

Many delightful coves for afternoon picnics, good winds in sheltered waters and magnificent scenery .

I was compensated to some extent by the magnificent scenery .


They come for the winter sports and the spectacular scenery .

Other parks have more spectacular scenery , higher mountains or ocean views, but Yellowstone is the place for animals.

Now I am quite prepared to believe that other countries can offer more obviously spectacular scenery .

It's a five mile long artificial reservoir set among spectacular scenery in the Berwyn Mountains south of Snowdon.

I spent an exhilarating day cruising the River Ord, speeding through spectacular scenery in a high-powered boat.

Tent camps are set up, always within sight of spectacular mountain scenery , and daily searches are made by snowmobiles.

From Flamborough Head northwards there is a stretch of spectacular limestone cliff scenery , reaching its highest point around Bempton.



There were now two miles uphill ahead of us with good views of mountain scenery .

There is more glamorous mountain scenery ahead, but this unfortunately is not the way to Zurich.

It is from these villages and their ski areas that the most impressive mountain scenery is to be seen.

Tent camps are set up, always within sight of spectacular mountain scenery , and daily searches are made by snowmobiles.



Three miles out from Scheffau is the beautiful Hintersteinersee lake, where you can swim, picnic or just enjoy the scenery .

He stopped for a few minutes in a small park to enjoy the scenery and collect his thoughts.

The afternoon is at leisure to enjoy the marvellous scenery .

Neither of them enjoyed the scenery .

Imagine long, warm, sunny days to enjoy stunning scenery , or to recapture the spirit of Gold Rush days.


The train passes by some breathtaking scenery in the Canadian Rockies.

We stayed in a peaceful Alpine village surrounded by magnificent scenery .


I could just look around and pretend I was the scenery .

It's a very beautiful place where the friendly feel of the climbs reflects the gentle scenery .

My apartment faces the rear and looks out on to a picturesque little bit of scenery .

Some of the most impressive scenery in Arizona, with hiking, camping and some great dirt-road driving.

The scenery changed dramatically above the treeline.

The parents were eagerly discussing the scenery .

The skiing can be excellent, the scenery is beautiful and the whole experience unforgettable.

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