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Office Of Public Sector Information, the

private sector

pay increases in the private sector

public sector

a job in the public sector

the commercial sector (= the business part of the economy )

The commercial sector sponsors sport.

the corporate sector (= the area of business involving big companies )

The UK corporate sector is highly competitive.

the leisure industry/sector

The leisure sector has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years.

the voluntary sector (= voluntary work and the people involved in it )

What is the role of the voluntary sector in sport?




Of additional interest are increases in the demand for agricultural products from other producers within the agricultural sector .

Nationally, unequal terms of trade between the agricultural and industrial sectors serve to subsidize manufacturing.

Drought has caused further problems in the agricultural sector , both for domestic consumption and exports.

It is relevant to the agricultural sector and there are several references to environmental considerations in the draft proposal.

The problems faced by the agricultural sector were offset by continued growth in the non-traditional manufacturing areas such as garments.

This shifted the terms of trade between the manufacturing and agricultural sectors in favour of the former.


One of the problems is that once the commercial sector has been legitimated, it is difficult to limit its growth.

This is achieved by professional workshops where students working in groups address problems taken from industrial, commercial and public sector organizations.

The government believes that the informal, voluntary and commercial sectors should substitute for the state in welfare provision.

If local authorities are to provide less, then the informal, voluntary and commercial sectors will need to provide more.

The commercial sports sector consists of the sports goods sector and the sports services sector.

Although some of this goes to the government and voluntary sectors , most of it goes to the commercial sports sector.

Although the voluntary sector still possesses a relative production cost advantage over the commercial sector, this advantage is narrowing.

A member of the mineral trade association is being sought to ensure that there is also adequate linkage with the commercial sector .


There will be no outcry from the corporate sector about the disarray in the accountancy profession.

Hence, everyone is financially vulnerable and insecure except those close to the center of the corporate sector .

As remarked earlier, to treat the corporate sector as acting perfectly competitively is a particularly unsatisfactory assumption.

Lower interest rates designed to pep up the corporate sector threaten to add more fuel to the consumer boom.

This extreme version of the distrust of government has often been manipulated by the corporate sector to block passage of government regulation.

So we are now getting it back into the corporate sector .

For example, the modelling of the corporate sector , particularly allowing for imperfect competition, is likely to pose formidable problems.


This study examines the relationships between different sectors of the local economy, especially the nature and permeability of sector boundaries.

In 1997, find opportunities in different sectors .

Was it universally backward or were there variations between different sectors and branches of industry?

The major techniques Different public sector organizations adopt different accounting practices.

Tradeoffs between different sectors of the economy have also become more expensive and more painful in their consequences.

Physical frailty and disability varies across the different sectors , being least in public residential homes and highest in a hospital long-stay population.

Discussion Unbiased estimates of dependency levels in the different sectors can be achieved only by high enumeration and response rates.

But, the lessons are more subtle than the direct borrowing of the approach and importing it into different service sectors .


Most of the damage was again done in the financial sector , where worries about scandals and the recession abound.

The financial sector prepared itself for full deregulation and open competition with foreign institutions.

In the first six weeks of this year, 10,500 redundancies were announced in the United Kingdom financial sector .

Thursday's edition contains a mixture of jobs in science, computing, technology, and the financial and business sectors .

But it is also the case that the financial sector has encouraged people to borrow more money.

The long slow process of deregulating the financial sector in fundamental ways is also coming unstuck.

However, the company believes it is also one of the largest outsourcing contracts in the financial services sector .

The same dominance of traditional companies was seen in the financial services sector .


The independent record sector barely existed, and recording was the concern only of established studios.

So where does this leave the independent sector ?

Local authorities will be expected to make maximum use of the independent sector . 4.

We shall continue to encourage the development of childcare arrangements in the voluntary and independent sectors .

State schools, she declared, had much to learn from the independent sector .

The lack of strong leadership in the independent sector reflected the absence of any new producer talent.

A third priority raised is contracting with the independent sector .

It didn't, but it is almost exclusively an independent sector these days.


The programme has not recognised the vital role that chemistry plays across most industrial sectors .

The prospects in the process heat industrial sector are approximately as good as in the boiler industrial sector.

For example, employment in plants in a given industrial sector could halve while productivity tripled.

She will concentrate on securing and managing opportunities in the retail, leisure, office and industrial sectors .

Unemployment is rising, with the industrial sector expected to contract by 20 percent this year.

Agriculture has also provided the expanding industrial and tertiary sectors with their labour force.

Huge industrial sectors built up in the 70s and 80s-including petroleum, telecommunications and automobiles-will be especially vulnerable.

Within the All-Share companies are allocated to 39 industrial sectors .


The Right had recognized the informal sector .

The informal sector More often than not community care means care by families - especially nuclear families.

The term informal sector has become widely used.

For example, of those who need help with shopping 85 percent receive this from the informal sector .

What are the characteristics of the informal sector ?

Beyond this universal benefit lie the discretionary sources of help from the informal and formal sectors of welfare.

Linked to this, is the absence of foreign ownership within the informal sector , the entrepreneurs and pedlars are local people.

In terms of the size of the contribution, then, it is the informal sector which is the mainstay of community care.


A large service sector and a small manufacturing sector inhibit growth in the economy.

In many of the large public sector industries, major investments in ReD are a relatively new phenomenon.

Though not large , this sector of the church is qualitatively important.

Sport is not the largest sector of the leisure industry, but it is among the fastest growing.

Second, the development of advanced capitalism produced both a large oligopolistic business sector and a large oligopolistic labour union movement.

Yet a large public sector appeared to be an almost inevitable part of the modern economy.

Despite high unemployment in some areas there were large openings in sectors such as the electronics and engineering industries in the south.

Third, a large public sector aids economic decline since it does not create wealth whereas the private sector does.


Several of the issues discussed have implications for the manufacturing sector .

The weak domestic manufacturing sector is reeling too: 150 factories closed last year, laying off 30,000 workers.

It is still too early, however, to predict that recovery is under way in the manufacturing sector .

Such expenditures create new barriers to competition and serve to concentrate service industries, just as many manufacturing sectors have experienced.

The ultimate beneficiaries of these programmes are employers, in all disciplines and in both the manufacturing and service sectors .

It is particularly keen to help the manufacturing sector , which has been decimated over the past 12 years.

Is he further aware that since 1979, 2 million of our fellow citizens have lost their jobs in the manufacturing sector ?


It does not disappear from the monetary sector .

Its function as banker to the government and to the monetary sector .

As we have seen above, discount houses and other members of the monetary sector have substantial short-term funds lent to each other.

Firstly, that the monetary sector can expand its assets and liabilities up to a limit imposed by its available reserves.

Under the 1979 and 1987 Banking Acts, a monetary sector was defined.

We now consider the sector which comprises institutions other than those in the monetary sector.

The monetary sector now comprises those institutions subject to the Bank's supervisory powers under the 1987 Banking Act.

The upper graph shows the economy's initial general equilibrium position in the real and monetary sectors .


Second, architects were not permitted to form joint practices with other sectors of the building industry.

The other significant sector is Mechanical engineering, with Grampian exports amounting to 17% of the national figure.

In 1989/90, that trend continued, but growth also occurred in all other sectors .

In many other sectors of low pay, however, the level of pay is reflected in low productivity.

However, this settlement appeared to encourage workers in other sectors .

Hitherto the work in schools, as in other sectors , has concentrated on the retrieval of information.

The need to become confident in one's knowledge about other phases and sectors of education can create stress.

But, in the policy on nationalities, hypocrisy was no more extreme than in other sectors of policy.


The importance of building society deposits as assets of the personal sector is very clear.

But an equally significant problem may well be the behaviour of the personal sector - people.

However, these developments are likely to take time to feed through into lower corporate liquidations and personal sector mortgage defaults.

Loans are used to meet the financial needs of the business and personal sectors when cash expenditure exceeds cash income.

Their business now is to provide banking and financial services to the corporate as opposed to personal sectors .

We shall also study company sector decisions in relation to capital spending and personal sector decisions in relation to savings.

Both the assets and the liabilities of the personal sector have been rising rapidly over the past ten years.

First, to study in great detail the take-up by the personal sector of National Savings.


Going back into the private sector I was very keen to become a pluralist.

Yet we know that monopoly in the private sector protects inefficiency and inhibits change.

He is convinced that the private sector is interested.

This increase was exclusively confined to the private sector which recorded a massive 115 percent increase in the number accommodated.

My response is, he is not working in the private sector and he is not working any harder than I am.

These views stress the difficulty of harmonizing essentially private sector norms with traditional public sector concepts and constitutional requirements.

So you need the school system, you need government agencies, and you need the private sector .


We need to look elsewhere, therefore, to understand how public sector auditing differs from private sector auditing.

Ronald Reagan often argued that by cutting public sector spending, we could liberate voluntary efforts from the oppressive arm of government.

Beyond the public sector , the cave becomes increasingly difficult, and is accessible only to experts.

The private-sector contribution to these schemes was intended to be several times larger than that of the public sector .

But the £1.7 billion cross-London Crossrail line would be reconsidered as a possible joint venture between the public and private sectors .

In other words, the decline in profits preceded rather than followed the expansion of the public sector as regards both employment and expenditure.

What conclusions should we draw as feminists concerning housing policy in the public sector , and what demands should we make?


It certainly has in other retail sectors .

The majority are adult women workers in below-average-income families laboring in unskilled jobs, often in the retail sector .

Rising capital growth also helped the retail sector retain its high return of 10.9 percent, again with rentals holding steady.

Just because you shop at the local indoor mall does not make you an expert on the retail sector of the economy.

If this trend continues, building societies are poised to provide a greater competitive challenge to the retail banking sector . 2.

Specialty retailers' weakness reflected the widespread problems throughout the retail sector .

The one buoyant retail sector has been food, but few department stores sell much of that.

There was no respite for the beleaguered retail sector .


But although he learnt such skills as writing feasibility studies, he soon tired of life in the grant-aided voluntary sector .

The contracting culture should mean greater opportunities for voluntary sector providers, but Mussenden identifies problems.

If local authorities are to provide less, then the informal, voluntary and commercial sectors will need to provide more.

Weisbrod argued that two factors are particularly relevant to the stimulation of voluntary sector activity.

This means that if the voluntary sector does not take action, virtually nothing gets done.

In the voluntary sector , the diversity is even more striking.

Also included are summaries which discuss particular experiences from many areas of the voluntary sector .

In practice this is rarely achieved by health services and local authorities and almost never includes private and voluntary sectors .



There are two important distinctions to be made in the type of business done in the banking sector .

Sydney: Continued activity in the banking sector helped the All Ordinaries index to close 7.4 points higher at 1,743.4.

It is responsible for ensuring the smooth working of the banking sector and other financial institutions.

If this trend continues, building societies are poised to provide a greater competitive challenge to the retail banking sector . 2.

It is clear that for the banking sector as a whole, foreign currency business predominates.

The figures also show the fact that the growth of foreign currency business has been primarily located in the wholesale banking sector .

The initial increase in liquidity from the sale of government securities to the banking sector is given by item 1.

It will be seen that the bulk of the funding for the discount market comes from banking sector institutions.


In the business sector , the users' needs approach to accounting theory has been adopted in a number of authoritative statements.

Wilson noted that California has been adding more manufacturing jobs, despite a nationwide decline in this business sector .

Geographical organisations would still operate the railway, but their role was to supply train services to the business sectors .

Operational functions have been entirely subsumed into the business sectors .

This has made possible completely new systems of communications, command, and control within the business sector .

Almost every business sector lacked specialist and well-qualified staff.

During his budget speech Acharya also announced plans to privatize much of the business sector .


Sceptical, I quickly learnt, is not considered an asset in the low-wage service sector .

Huge growth in the service sector is largely dependent on people and not machines.

A three year programme of four linked projects will investigate small services sector firms in five types of local economy in Britain.

Jobs in technological fields generally receive higher salaries than jobs in the human services sector .

Another irony is that the service sector needs inflation.

Real income growth is rising, but the number of high-paying jobs is shrinking with expansion of the service sector .

Again the gains were mainly in the service sector: factory jobs fell by 112,000, 90,000 of those in car companies.

The sheer scale of the service sector has made it the focus for attack by the proponents of the de-industrialisation thesis.


Jobs in the state sector are allocated by examination, but in reality the system is riddled with nepotism and clientism.

The changes in the state sector before the 1980s have occurred in a relatively piecemeal fashion.

Little of the banking industry remains in the state sector .

Preobrazhensky attempted to define some optimum rate of primitive socialist accumulation for the state sector in an abstract manner.

The state sector could, if it wished, make a good deal more use of voluntary help.

Teachers in state schools must adopt some of these selling techniques if history is to flourish in the state sector .

They legislate from a distance and don't trust their own children to the state sector .

Average income in the private sector is probably about three times that in the state sector, but no one knows for sure.


Of the three information technology sectors telecommunications services was pack leader with 7.7% turnover growth and 13.1% median pre-tax growth.

Much of the technology sector feels about the same way these days.

Healthy results from Yahoo!, the internet sector leader, failed to lift the gloom in the technology sector.

In addition to investor skittishness over the impeachment threat, the technology sector plunged for the third consecutive day.

The technology sector has been caught out once and is determined not to be so again.

Nielsen Media Research, provides information services for broadcasters; and Gartner Group, provides advisory services in the technology sector .

Several analysts said the correction that has rocked the technology sector since the summer may finally be near an end.

Stocks sold off sharply amid fears of disappointing earnings in the technology sector as well as continued concerns over the budget stalemate.



The number of firms in the manufacturing sector has been so far taken as given.

But in fact, most of the dislocation is still occurring in the manufacturing sector .

First, consider the case where the integrated 2 x 2 world economy can accommodate R firms in the manufacturing sector .

A reading above 50 % indicates expansion in the manufacturing sector and a reading below 50 % indicates a contraction.

Starting salaries and annual earnings in the manufacturing sector usually were somewhat higher.

Durable goods, food processing and textiles, much of it for export, led the manufacturing sector .

Namely the number of firms in the manufacturing sector is given for every country.

An index reading below 50 means the manufacturing sector is shrinking.


the private sector

Private sector housing is just too expensive for low-income families in the city at the moment.

Increasingly, researchers are seeking funds from the private sector.

The government is now turning to the private sector for alternative ways of dealing with the country's transportation problems.

the public sector


Private sector pay increases were again above the rate of inflation.

recent disturbances in the city's Christian sector

The growth in the number of home computers has boosted the electronics sector .

The main source of work here is public sector employment.


An extra £750m will be used before the end of 1992/93 to buy up some empty properties in the owner-occupied housing sector .

Because of the wide range of problems that the public sector faces there will be different approaches to planning in different situations.

In 1979, 32 percent of dwellings in Great Britain were in the public sector .

Only after that would they recruit from the private sector .

Students have been placed throughout the United Kingdom in both the public and private sectors.

The high gas prices and long lines were prolonged by government interference in the private sector .

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