Meaning of SENSOR in English





Our central sensors would detect any ship coming in from five thousand li out.

He said the ground is planted with sensors that detect footsteps.

A sensor in the appliance detects motion or touch, and starts the timer as soon as the appliance is put down.

The vibration sensor is used to detect movement of the vehicle.

Sensa has also developed pressure and acoustic sensors to detect the water and gas content of oil wells.


It uses an optoelectronic sensor system and a microcomputer unit that tracks the temperature accurately.

SkyCorder, which looks like a pager, uses a pressure sensor to gather information and a microprocessor to compile the statistics.

The slow kinetics of antigen-antibody dissociation, unfortunately, precludes using antibodies in reversible sensors for continuous monitoring.

Body suits are already used for virtual-reality-based applications, using sensors all over the body to detect movements.


But as chips, mOtOrs, and sensors collapse into the invisible realms, their flexibility lingers as a distributed envirOnment.

He has earmarked surface chemistry. sensor technology and materials research as candidates for the joint approach.

Inside Spartan are measurements taken by lasers and pressure sensors that will provide some answers for researchers.

Place the sensor on a flat surface and rotate it slowly through 360°.

The brain itself has no sensors for that sort of thing, although it receives messages from sensors elsewhere in the body.

The device is based around a humidity sensor .

Their eyes are built with not one but hundreds of lenses, each of which concentrates light upon a sensor .

We have sensors buried in our muscles and joints that tell us where our arm is currently located.

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