Meaning of SEPARATION in English




enforced absence/separation etc

a period of enforced isolation




In a company this is interpreted as the absence of a clear separation between strategy and implementation.

If you must, then it is crucial to set up a clear separation .

There was a clear separation between the Cabinet and Mrs Thatcher in the minds of many Conservative activists and observers.

Bottle-wrack, on the other hand, makes a clear separation between growth and reproduction.

So it should be clear that the separation of husband and wife has nothing to do with infertility of the woman.


But the great change is that nowadays there is a complete separation of children of different classes.


Beveridge made proposals for a separation benefit, to be paid only in cases of formal separation not caused by the wife.

A large minority favors formal separation .


They were convinced there should be no long periods of separation .

Diana and Charles were divorced last year after a long , bitter separation .

The researchers questioned whether parents of premature infants suffered from deprivation due to their long physical separation from their hospitalized infants.


The first physical separation must later be followed by a psychological separation so that the child can become an independent adult.

This means that physical separation of the free labeled antigen from the antibody-bound labeled antigen is not necessary for measurement.

The mere physical separation of personnel can be a real source of frustration.

The researchers questioned whether parents of premature infants suffered from deprivation due to their long physical separation from their hospitalized infants.

Despite its physical separation from the continuously built up conurbation, Cramlington is now socially a part of Tyneside.

Fear about the spread of infection accounted for the physical separation of the obstetrical and pediatric divisions in large general hospitals.

But we identify with this physical separation even at a mental and spiritual level, where such separation has begun to dissolve.

However, the physical separation , differences in jargon, and differences in mode of operation present yet a third communication gap.


Quite clearly there is no strict separation of powers in this country today.

In the absence of mitigating factors the virus is likely to hit a dead end wherever strict role separation is practiced.


What it does is to create an image of total separation expressed in understatement.

Even on the issue of biblical interpretation, the concept of a total separation would be too crude.



Much of the patient's psychological disturbances relate to separation anxiety and difficulties with boundaries and identity formation.

Was diagnosed at two as possibly having separation anxiety or attachment disorder.

There was no separation anxiety , which in itself is a paradox, involving both the need and the fear of separation.

The kids with separation anxiety were very likely to have stomachaches or other gastrointestinal problems.

The owners inadvertently supply another, but in their absence, this crutch isn't there and symptoms of separation anxiety occur.


Muggins got the colour separations done for that at art school.

Retouching a means of altering artwork or colour separations to correct faults or enhance the image.


This was done in order to avoid phase separations during the incubation process.

As hydrogen bonds are thermally labile a rise in T reduces the number of bonds and causes eventual phase separation .

The critical composition at which phase separation is first detected is then and which indicates that at infinitely large chain length.


At the time, what Lissa and I did was supposed to be a trial separation .



On screen they had achieved the desired separation .


Four months later Anne and Mark announced their separation .

December 9: Buckingham Palace announces the separation .


Restrictive rules maintained the separation of these functions and limited Stock Exchange membership and the inflow of capital into existing firms.

The Air National Guard said the F-16s had maintained proper separation from the civilian plane.


He said he understood her doubts and perhaps a trial separation might be the answer.

In the case of separation or divorce, the children's needs should come first.

Since the separation they've each been seeing different people.

The worst part of the divorce was the separation from his three children.


Failure of a student to maintain a minimum average for two consecutive semesters results in his separation from the university.

How much worse the separation seemed then! at least for Helenhow much more real.

In 1965 members of parliament regretted that the separation of children into different types of secondary schools impeded the raising of standards.

My husband and I are considering a separation .

The insecurities created by separation in the early and formative years take their toll in adult life.

The resulting charge separation , is in many ways analogous to photosynthetic charge separation.

Then comes what is called gravity separation .

This separation creates inevitable tensions between the team and the consultant, which are inimical to good multidisciplinary work.

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