Meaning of SERIES in English




a championship series (= a number of competitions )

the American League Championship series

a comedy series (= a regular TV programme about the same characters )

I used to like the comedy series 'Friends’.

a drama series/serial (= a number of programmes with the same characters )

It is one of the longest-running drama series on Japanese television.

a package/series of measures (= a set of measures used to deal with something )

A package of road safety measures has been announced.

a series of delays (= a number of delays )

After a series of delays and setbacks, the project was finally approved.

a series of lectures ( also a course of lectures British English )

a series of lectures on the history of art

a series/sequence of events (= related events that happen one after the other )

The incident was the first in a series of events that finally led to his arrest.

a series/spate/wave of attacks (= a number of attacks in a row )

The killing follows a series of brutal attacks on tourists.

a series/succession of clicks (= several clicks one after another )

A series of loud clicks came from the car's engine.

a string/series/set of coincidences

The accident happened because of a string of unfortunate coincidences.

a television series (= a set of programmes with the same characters or subject, broadcast every day or every week )

He starred in the popular television series, ‘Friends’.

TV series/programme/show/station/channel etc

a TV series based on the novel




His latest series is probably his best yet and will make many people stop and think about their own lives and relationships.

This was the latest in a series of corruption cases involving Arizona.

The test was the latest in a series that will extend well into the next century.

It's the latest in a series of attacks on schoolgirls.

Last night, residents witnessed another high speed display; the latest in a series of stunts which became notorious last Summer.


Even the rain was supposed to be radio-active after the long series of 1954-5 tests.

Tamalpais: Cataract Falls is a long , dramatic series of cascades, one after another, a truly precious sight.

In economic life, in spite of a long series of efforts, little was achieved.

They will make the Bulls play a long series .

A long series of searches beginning with Lowell in 1905 culminated with Tombaugh's discovery of Pluto in 1930.

Powell predicted that Los Angeles would be only the first of a long series of riots and episodes of lawlessness.

The Lancet, for instance, had a long series of articles on various medications that paraded as abortifacients.

Even after that, there would be a long series of hurdles for any secession proposal.


Surely he would be better advised to start a new series with Bus Pass Wish One.

The new series already has received a two-year, 44-episode commitment from the network.

We have a new series for the first time breeder by Jane van Lennep taken from her superb new book First Foal.

Notable in this bracket is the new series of Ford Escort hatchbacks and Orion saloons.

They then crafted their new Lexits series in the light of that array of knowledge.

The new series 6000i Model 640 supports up to 32 users and is suitable for small businesses, workgroups and development environments.


The whole series is a tribute to Shakespeare's dramatic imagination, but it does not inspire affection.

The whole 13-chapter series is scheduled to run from 11 a. m. to midnight Sept. 7.

Play, Dreams and Imitation in Childhood may be related to a whole series of studies of cognitive development by piaget.

These developments face the churches and theology with a whole series of difficult and delicate questions.

A whole series of male clubs sprang up which emphasised the elements of male bonding.

I think it is going into your subconscious and picking up a whole series of signals.

By the end of his Government Baldwin was anxious to make a whole series of Cabinet changes.

Recently this liberalisation of trade has been checked, or at least slowed, by a whole series of actions.



Now he could concentrate on his first television situation comedy series .

You might start a personal channel that gathers all new information about the comedy series for you.

She lost best actress in a comedy series to Cybill Shepherd.! folo!


The soap was nominated as Best Drama series but the award went to the murder thriller Prime Suspect.

Why not settle in, raise your little girl, sign up for the concert and drama series .

The Best Drama series award was won by Inspector Morse.

Franz won the Emmy as best actor in a drama series for the 1993-1994 season, not Caruso.

But none of them carries a show, and there are no drama series and few movies that feature predominantly black casts.


This became both a movie and the basis for a television series .

Of 139 television series examined, only 18 featured a continuing Hispanic character, the study found.

The presenter of a television series has some advantage over a writer, since filming is more flexible than book production.

As long as there are agents, movies, conflicts, illnesses and death, television series will have cast changes.

Among those whose work was recognised was Mr K K Sampathknmar who received the award for the best television series .

It was the launch of the animated Babar television series in 1989 that started the current Babar cult.


It is the most comprehensive of the road test series and is also one of the first to feature colour pages.

On the evidence of the Test series in May and now this, he will be a huge loss.

The hamstring pull which put Lydon out of the Test series was sustained in the closing minutes of a 50-4 win over Chorley.

They hardly looked ready to slug it out in a Test series , but at least they had a victory under their belts.

Furthermore, in a five-match Test series one of the northern or midland venues must forego.

The tourists came here principally to win the Test series and they proved to be worthy winners.

He will be able to return on compassionate leave - particularly if it helps to focus his mind on the Test series .

The Test series began at Edgbaston as it was to continue - with a thumping.



He retreated to Ibiza and, not too industriously, began working on a series of songs.

The stranger began a series of intonations, breathing noisily.

Lovejoy did begin the previous series with a spell in jail.

Raytheon also agrees to begin a series of energy-conservation measures in its plants.

Immediately afterwards workers in the metallurgical sector, led by Lorenzo Miguel, began a series of strikes.

At the beginning of 1985, Rice began a lengthy series of field trips to various regions controlled by the marketing department.

Father Michael Hurley begins a series of articles on prayer on page 14.

John Langford contemplated this phenomenon without expression; then he began to put a series of questions to us both.


There followed a series of spider-like manoeuvres to negotiate the chimney-groove and become ensconced on the ledge belay.

That was followed by a series of appearances on talk shows by doctors who extolled Retin-A as a wrinkle treatment.

There followed a series of raids on Kharg during the rest of August and September.

Here followed a series of grim accusations and counter-accusations resulting in the dissolution of tender romance.

From it follows a series of hardline implications for the other practical issues.

In the following series the reliance on women in fishnet leisure wear became a bit obvious.

The Weimar Assembly protested to the Allies that the terms were too harsh and there followed a series of street demonstrations.


Yet it must be noted that much of the growing Bumiputra ownership was held in a series of trusts and pension funds.

They then held a series of neighborhood meetings, revising the goals in between each round.

It holds a regular series of seminars at which reports are presented on research currently in progress.

Throughout Friday, Cardin held a series of discussions with Rep.

It held a series of well attended meetings, bringing together diverse elements within the labour movement on a unified platform.

Romer, a patient practitioner of the consensus-building school of government, held a series of summit meetings.

A scheme is to be implemented whereby the blooms will be held offshore by a series of floating barriers.

Gramm lately has attempted to soften his image, holding a series of intimate discussions with undecided voters in their kitchens.


A fifty-minute programme about green slime to launch a series that is going to take thirteen hours?

Pleased with the success of reforms in the countryside, he launched a new series of urban economic reforms.

The question last week was whether the city should launch another in a series of environmental studies.

Now it has launched a series of competitions to select the best ways of filling the gaps in Britain's armoury.


I also enjoyed producing a series of Gilbert &038; Sullivan operas, using orchestra, chorus, soloists and actors.

Bertha M.. Clay, another popular name of the period, produced a dime novel series of Gothic Romances.

On removing the paper from the board, an outline is produced as a series of small dots.

She was fed up with the factory-style working conditions involved in producing a day-in-day-out series .


I have written about a T.V series which I find appalling.

Stewart, with Tom Braden, was assigned to write a series of articles recounting episodes of 055 derring-do during the war.

Gillian Darley has written and presented a series of books and television programmes.

Unknown to Dana, I began writing a series of free-verse poems about the pictures.

She wanted to write a series of articles, perhaps a book.

We talked about her plans to write a series of Floras, beginning with one for Harris.

He wrote a whole series of novels in which the characters personified some of his leading insights.

I have written several series of readers, now only obtainable in libraries.


a whole range/series/variety etc (of sth)

A regular newsletter keeps people in touch and a whole series of social events are undertaken.

Exercise, in addition to good nutrition, can guard against a whole range of serious ailments.

I think it is going into your subconscious and picking up a whole series of signals.

It is practical activity that is important; the handling of a whole range of materials.

Knitters can choose from a whole range of techniques and their selection will be put on to a video, exclusive to them.

Parks provide space for a whole range of events, from steam rallies to horse shows.

Since then he had survived a whole series of setbacks.


a series of articles about the state of the economy

a series of numbers at the bottom of the computer screen

a lecture series

A new TV series called "The Hamilton Dynasty" will be starting next autumn.

As she smiled, her mouth pushed her cheeks into a series of tiny wrinkles.

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony will be the first in a series of concerts at the new concert hall.

Jance has written a series of books that take place in Seattle.

Police smashed a major drugs ring after a series of dawn raids.

Rowling's "Harry Potter" series for children has been amazingly successful.

The new movie is based on the classic TV series from the '60s.

The orchestra is giving a series of concerts to raise money for charity.

There has been a series of accidents on the M25.

What is the next number in the series -- 12, 24, 48, 96?


Call a series of fluty piping notes, also a shrill whistle.

It was to take eight years to produce the entire series .

Since there is only one opening the base has a simple podium on each side instead of a series of pedestals.

The series moves to Candlestick Park tonight for the first of three games on the West Coast.

The conference was to discuss the programmes currently under production as part of the documentary series .

The Roman script was phonetic and the book consisted of a series of dialogues, building up with phrases rather than individual words.

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