Meaning of SHORT-TERM in English




a long-term/short-term loan (= to be paid back after a long/short time )

I intended the money as a short-term loan.

a short-term answer

Employing overseas nurses is only a short-term answer to the shortage.

a short-term goal (= that you hope to achieve after a short time )

Companies should not focus only on the short-term goal of profitability.

a short-term investment (= one that will give you profit in a short time )

Interest rates will be cut on short-term investments.

a short-term/immediate impact

A military attack may only have a short-term impact on terrorist activity.

a short/short-term lease

These flats are let on short leases to students.

short-term memory (= your ability to remember things that you have just seen, heard, or done )

The drug can damage your short-term memory.

short-term/long-term care

The home provides short-term care for elderly people.

the immediate/initial/short-term aim (= that you hope to achieve quickly )

The immediate aim is to develop the travel business.

the long-term/short-term effect (= having an effect for a long or short time )

Many boxers suffer with the long-term effects of punches to the head.




Freeman suspects that nicotine offers very short-term relief.

What he would do was lend Haynes 500, on a very short-term basis.

The time-scale ranged from the very short-term to the comparatively long-term: from daily to yearly, with many intermediate steps.



Their short-term assets form a much smaller proportion of the total.

Neither does it reveal the decline in holdings of short-term assets , from over 10 percent of the total in 1978.

Some institutions, such as building societies, have few if any short-term assets .


What he would do was lend Haynes 500, on a very short-term basis .

Essentially they operate on a short-term basis in the context of intense international competition.


Here a community is fighting against its destruction for the short-term benefits of outside economic interests.

His emphasis on short-term benefits versus long-run costs implies that winners are always losers in the end.

Initially, the Government accepted that the 5 percent abatement would also be lifted from other short-term benefits when these became taxable.

It takes about 18 months to qualify for the short-term benefits like unemployment and sickness benefit.


Such critics have argued for the imposition of transaction taxes to choke off short-term capital flows.

A fall in interest rates will lead to an outflow of short-term capital from the country.

People ask what can be done to discourage short-term capital flows.


These examples are of short-term changes , and it may well be that long-term changes are even more marked.

Probably because some short-term changes provide the scaffolding for making permanent changes, casting things in concrete.


The striker joins recent recruits Paul Lemon and Michael Smith and all three have been signed on short-term contracts .

It will mount productions in West End theatres, and hopes to sign star actors to short-term contracts .

The redundancies cover 212 established production workers, 134 staff and 74 short-term contract people, a news conference was told.

All are employed on short-term contracts , most for less than 13 weeks.

Research posts often have short-term contracts and are rarely held on a tenured basis.

The defender had been playing with Limerick on a short-term contract .

Widnes have signed Brisbane Broncos' 19-year-old full-back Julian O'Neill on a short-term contract .

In broadcasting, short-term contracts often replace staff jobs.


But shareholders are still warned to expect a short-term debt hike.

At the same time, an aggressive firm would make maximum use of trade credit and short-term debt financing.

Demand for shares should grow in part because the government will come under huge pressure to cut yields on its short-term debt .

In an uncertain world, lenders normally prefer to lend short-term rather than long-term because of the greater liquidity of short-term debt .

This can also be used as an opportunity to discuss the relative cost of long-term and short-term debt finance. 5.

Second, as previously noted, short-term debt is less expensive than long-term debt when the yield curve is positive.

In addition to its lower cost, short-term debt offers one other advantage over long-term debt and that is its added flexibility.

Thus, borrowers are willing to pay higher interest rates for long-term debt than for short-term debt.


This is to say there is a weekly issue designed to match short-term fluctuations in income and expenditure.

The compensatory financing was designed to give temporary support to countries facing short-term fluctuations in export earnings, predominantly primary producing nations.

The food price trend, as opposed to short-term fluctuations , over the war years was in the region of plus 65-85 percent.

The interesting question is whether business is more at risk from short-term fluctuations or long-term trends.


They must never be broken up for short-term gain . 3.

All short-term gains have their price, and organizational costs firmly assert it.

As all Hanson businesses are for sale at all times, why should headquarters asset-strip a good long-term business for short-term gain ?

For a short-term gain of a one-off windfall profit, far greater future losses were stored up.

The most fundamental objection is that the government could be ignoring its long-term obligation to manage the debt cheaply in favour of short-term gains .

Without military strength to assist in their retention, dowries could prove but short-term gains .


Meeting these attainable short-term goals and progressively crossing them off the list can provide an important sense of achievement and reinforcement.

A short-term goal provides a trigger point for such intermediate reinforcement.

Most can for simplicity sake be loosely classified as one of three types: fantasy goals , long-term goals and short-term goals.

He also had to develop short-term goals for himself every week and evaluate his job performance at the end of the summer.

Next, select a few races prior to your target race that will serve as your short-term goals and fitness checks.

The long-term goal of financial security is reached by making and keeping a number of short-term goals.

When that short-term goal was reached, Rex quit his job at the Department.

The short-term goals and minimum / standards established for measures in Workplace 2000 will be treated much like control limits.


But then short-term interest rates rose unexpectedly, and customers shifted money from low-interest savings accounts to high-interest deposit accounts.

To head off that possibility, the central bank raised short-term interest rates seven times in 1994 and 1995.

The attraction now is that short-term interest rates are currently half those on long-term bonds.

By that time, short-term interest rates had fallen below long-term interest rates.

The measure would force up long and short-term interest rates and could help to support the pound.

Earlier, the Federal Reserve said that higher short-term interest rates, currently 3%, should not be ruled out.

This much is certain: Federal Reserve Board policy-makers meet Tuesday to consider whether to raise short-term interest rates again.


He says he will cut interest rates on short-term investments to below inflation, thereby discouraging speculation.


The market for short-term loans and deposits is known as the money market.

The firm pledges its inventory as collateral for a short-term loan , but the lender has no physical control over the inventory.

It is possible to use accounts receivable as collateral for short-term loans .

Accounts receivable may be pledged, assigned, or factored as a means of obtaining short-term loans .

Commercial banks, on the other hand, normally prefer to invest in short-term loans .


Growth in earnings per share is the key short-term measure so far as the City is concerned.

The steps are short-term measures aimed at easing public concerns about airbag safety while the automakers work to develop safer airbags.

This was a short-term measure while a major reconstruction of the North Promenade followed in 1923/4.

Nor was this a short-term measure .

Also the rapid growth of unemployment in the later 1920s convinced him that more vigorous short-term measures were appropriate.

We must not, however, take short-term measures , such as heavy price discounting, in order to retain market share.


The loss of personality along with the total loss of short-term memory is very exhausting to live with.

Her injuries have left her with chronic migraine headaches, seizures, insomnia, nausea and short-term memory loss.

Deaf signers exhibit effects of language knowledge on the form of coding inferred from results of short-term memory experiments.

While online, the user could play the game, which would be stored in short-term memory .

Increasing rate of environmental sampling with arousal improves information transfer but creates interference in short-term memory from competing information being sampled.

Both immediate and short-term memories are pretty labile and easily disturbed by such things as a concussion.

It usually starts with short-term memory loss but may move to a change in actual social behaviour.

And it is the short-term memories that may provide the basis for the construction of permanent memories.


In a competitive climate, it has short-term objectives .

They reasoned that as salespeople their primary goal was making the numbers, a short-term objective .

It is important here to distinguish between the short-term objectives of the fieldworker and the longer-term objectives of the anthropological theorist.


At the top of the agenda is the use of short-term performance data to market a long-term savings product.

Company executives grumble that analysts are obsessed with short-term performance at the expense of long-term growth and profitability.

A net margin increase of over 50 cents a barrel contributed to this good short-term performance .

And a quick look back at third-quarter winner Frontier Equity Fund provides further evidence of the risk of chasing short-term performance .


Far better to take it in stages, to concentrate purely on the shortest of short-term problems .

While the upgrade solves short-term problems , it still means the information pipeline will continue to rely on manual data entry.

For everyone else, short-term problems are a distraction.

But the trauma of even comparatively simple surgery can cause some people to experience short-term problems with memory and logical thought.

Whatever the short-term problems in this area, the outlook and for twentieth-century sculpture in general remains bright.

To cope with short-term problems it proposed an emergency programme covering aid, energy, food and international relations over five years.

Long-term planning took a back seat in the deliberations of the senior engineers whose efforts were principally devoted to overcoming short-term problems .

Take account of short-term problems within total numbers such as a rash of trial dates.


A goal of short-term profit maximisation implies conduct different in important respects from that required by a long-term profit goal.

John Sculley hoped to boost short-term profits by pricing it at $ 2, 495.

He blames the Government's concern with short-term profit at the expense of people's jobs.

This strategy means short-term profits but long-term disaster.

Employees will understandably be more concerned as to short-term profit rather than long-term growth as part of the purchaser's group.

For example, the conflicts between current sales effort and market development and between short-term profits and long-term growth. 10.

It is argued that private sector firms are too risk-averse and too concerned with short-term profits .

Britain's economy is fragile, run for short-term profits .


In any case, short-term rates are not far above zero.

Exhibit 9. 1 shows the so-called normal yield curve, where long-term rates are higher than short-term rates.

In this case, short-term rates are higher than long-term rates.

A falling yield curve is explained by investors expecting short-term rates to be lower in the future.

Prospects faded for a further hike in short-term rates .

The discount price will depend on current short-term rates of interest on comparable investments in other assets.

In times of very high interest rates , investors expect to see future short-term rates declining.


It was a short-term solution to try to get back to winning things.

They had no short-term solution to the bomber and assassin and they knew it.

Hereford Road was dangerously near Orme Gardens, but it was only a short-term solution while the film lasted.

Loans were felt only to provide a short-term solution while grants were inadequate or not available to those in need.

Helping a client towards independence, however, is certainly not a short-term solution to shortening interviews.


short-term economic forecasts

She can still remember things that happened fifty years ago, but her short-term memory is terrible!

Some of the apartments are available for short-term rentals.


Certificates of deposit are another means of short-term , wholesale lending and borrowing.

During this first transitional phase, de Gaulle's preoccupations were mostly short-term .

Her injuries have left her with chronic migraine headaches, seizures, insomnia, nausea and short-term memory loss.

Six subjects did 60 trials of the short-term memory tasks for visually presented letters with or without concurrent articulatory suppression.

The most poisonous was the desire to have more now: short-term greed rather than long-term greed.

To cope with short-term problems it proposed an emergency programme covering aid, energy, food and international relations over five years.

Wall Street takes a short-term look at the world.

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