Meaning of SIGNIFICANTLY in English



contribute substantially/significantly/greatly etc to sth

Enya’s success has contributed substantially to the current interest in Celtic music.

correlate strongly/significantly/closely

Lack of prenatal care correlates strongly with premature birth.

differ significantly (= in an important way )

The second set of test results did not differ significantly from the first.

significantly different

We found women had significantly different political views from men.

significantly reduce

Their symptoms were significantly reduced.

significantly (= enough to be an important change )

Violent crime has significantly decreased over the last ten years.


The legal system has changed significantly since the rule was established.

significantly (= in a way that shows something important )

Male cancer rates rose significantly during the period 1969–78.


The software seems similar, but performance can vary significantly.




The three designers whose work will be scrutinised today have all produced significantly different concepts.

There are significantly different variations within the ideology of socialism.

However, this model was not significantly different from a multifactorial model.

The sexes become significantly different , even in the very organization of their brains, during the time in the womb.

If beta is the relevant measure of portfolio risk then the value of should not be significantly different from zero. 3.

Also, underground conditions were significantly different from what was anticipated.

The lesion area of the group treated with catalase was not significantly different from that of the control rats.

It is important to note that government purchases and transfers have significantly different impacts upon the allocation of resources.


Table 4 supports the primacy effect as recall is significantly greater for the first three words in the list.

The greater psychological need for single men to perform may not be joined with a significantly greater ability to earn money.

In this study, a significantly greater total lipid concentration was found in the hepatic bile of cholesterol gall stone patients.

Because the equipment is so much smaller, it also operates at a significantly greater speed.

If there is conversion from memory to naive phenotype, the conversion rate will be significantly greater than zero.

But: Digital technologies have significantly greater reliability of reproduction and ease of transmission, and they promise vast enhancement of access.

It had its own permanent staff; hence user - staff interaction was significantly greater than in other user groups.

Once again some of the correlations, while significantly greater than zero are still extremely small.


In spite of the variations, crime rates are significantly higher in urban areas than in rural areas.

Among blacks in general, the risk of death from both stroke and high blood pressure remain significantly higher than for whites.

In some cases costs will be significantly higher than the bands above.

Also, a low socioeconomic status and a suppressed immune system may put women at significantly higher risk.

However, Blacks had significantly higher proportions committed for trial in the Crown Court, where custodial sentences are more likely.

This should be significantly higher in 2000 as a result of acquisitions of Keyline and Sharpe and Fisher made late in 1999.

Mean cholesterol concentrations were significantly higher in women in each study group.

The mean fasting triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the diabetic macrovascular disease group were significantly higher than controls in the 30-59 age-group.


Females had significantly worse control than males.


Bruch suggests that a significantly large proportion of anorexics are eldest or elder daughters.

The Museum of Science is significantly larger than the other two museums and spans a bridge that connects Cambridge to Boston.

Commercial cabinets are usually significantly larger than domestic refrigerators.

The number of trials required can be significantly large .


Working hours, averaging almost 60 per week in 1914, were significantly longer than in the West.

However, it remains in tumour cells significantly longer than in healthy cells.

Similarly, significantly more traffic was seen and the junction took significantly longer to pass through.

Colonic transit time was significantly longer in the patients with cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy.


Some scepticism has been expressed by tenants as to whether independently judged rents will be significantly lower than those asked by brewers.

Participation in east Jerusalem was significantly lower .

But these facts are not indicative of a significantly lower priority, nor necessarily of a substantially more modest achievement.

The significantly lower plasminogen activator activity of malignant ascites is associated with greatly increased concentrations of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1.

Median and minimum arterial-alveolar oxygen tension ratios for ventilated infants on the first day were significantly lower in the random group.

However, only for Dipentum did this result in significantly lower 5-ASA mucosal concentrations.

Those parts of the envelope where the thermal resistance is significantly lower are described as cold bridges.

Although the inversion rate was low for both age groups, it was significantly lower for the eight-year-olds than for the five-year-olds.


The scope for the retention of this kind of information exchange is not significantly better or worse today than it was then.

The control of the partial seizures was significantly better with carbamazepine than with phenobarbital, phenytoin, or primidone.

Sigmoidoscopic appearance and patients' symptoms were significantly better in the prednisolone group at two and four weeks.

Biopsy inflammation score was significantly better , but vascularity score did not differ between the two treatments.

Build quality seems significantly better than on some previous Citroens.

Similarly, their performance on the exercise test was significantly better at five weeks and at six months.

Organization participants with majority power must be persuaded that they would be significantly better off if a change occurred.

Specific symptoms were significantly better on prednisolone at two and four weeks, compared with fluticasone propionate.



It is felt that they will add significantly to the cultural record of the park.

Smoking adds significantly to the risk because tobacco smoke bathes delicate cervical tissues in tar and nicotine.

This will add significantly to the total market for both hardware and software.

Of course, sterile collecting procedures add significantly to the difficulty of field work.

Both add significantly to the transaction costs of operating the internal market.


This extra boost does not even significantly affect the braking at the other end.

He asked them to identify areas in which operating costs could be brought down without significantly affecting store revenues.

Mean attitudes are also significantly affected in respect of some of these considerations.

Different treatment methods - surgery, chemotherapy, or a combination of both - did not significantly affect survival.

However, the choice significantly affects the final geographical distribution and their use in resource allocation has been questioned.

A correlation curve indicates the distance over which the motion at one point significantly affects that at another.

It limits some occupations but we have no thought that it significantly affects personality, trustworthiness or sanity.

Always increase the interception angle if the wind significantly affects it.


Theories of visual perception have altered significantly in the twentieth century.

E-commerce hasn't significantly altered consumer behavior, experts say, adding that the death of malls was exaggerated.

We know from many studies that quite subtle changes in tasks can significantly alter their difficulty level.

Are there fundamental elements of human nature that can not be significantly altered by socialization and institutions?

Treatment with sucralfate did not significantly alter the number of capillaries or myofibroblasts.

The result is a menu slightly but significantly altered from the Good Earth selections of the past.

Cholesterol, bile acids, and phospholipid output concentrations were not significantly altered .

The mental aftermath points up how body changes can significantly alter lifestyles, relationships and self image.


By that time, the situation as regards my father had changed significantly following his fall.

If both the input and output activity of a node are high, the weights change significantly .

The tales must have changed significantly over the generations.

The job has grown and changed significantly since you started it.

The mean labelling indices did not change significantly over time regardless of whether or not there were recurrences.

But the legacy it leaves behind on annexations and incorporations will have significantly changed Tucson for decades to come.

A mollusc past the initial stages of growth increases in size without significantly changing the orientation and relative proportions of its organs.

You should also remember that if your circumstances change significantly , a maintenance order may be altered.


Fishing, hunting, and the gathering of edible roots and berries also contribute significantly to the Zande diet.

So Olajuwon tells himself he should contribute significantly to what the Rockets are trying to do, and he is right.

Nor did his philosophy contribute significantly to the development of the scientific enterprise in succeeding generations.

Clearly, infectious diseases contribute significantly to economic losses and days of disability in the United States.

In fact, Craig's actions contributed significantly to destabilising the situation.

But to sum up, he is beginning to feel that lawyers have contributed significantly to the disintegration of our country.

Not only do I find this displeasing on the eye but I feel it contributed significantly to our eventual relegation.

Recording errors contributed significantly to inaccuracy. 9.


Data in the Table show that the scan score correlated significantly with all laboratory measurements except the erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

Blood flow was not significantly correlated with age or length of time since surgery in any of the groups.

Membranous expression of pre-S1 and pre-S2 correlated significantly with active hepatitis B virus replication.


Other key findings include: Rice yields are likely to decrease significantly .

These results prove that the method is effective and the time needed for common titrations is significantly decreased .

After preoperative radiotherapy the percentage of aneuploid tumours decreased significantly , from 71% to 47%.

Discussion Our current results confirm that treatment which both heals duodenal ulcers and eradicates H pylori significantly decreases basal plasma gastrin concentrations.

In the present study tissue type plasminogen activator activity in columnar carcinomas of the stomach, however, was significantly decreased .


The article challenges the statement by the Cumbrian Area Health Authority that local leukaemia rates do not significantly differ from national rates.

The individual mare basins differ significantly in composition.

Upper-and lower-plate margins will differ significantly in their uplift and subsidence history.

They reported that quality-wise, the convenience foods did not differ significantly from the home-prepared items.

Although the hit rate does not differ significantly between junctions there do seem to be substantial differences between individual films.

Rostovtsev's last memorandum and Panin's first differed significantly .

It did not differ significantly between groups.

The fraction of cells in S phase did not differ significantly between the groups.


Over the years they have significantly enhanced the quality of the education and the facilities available to our students.

Unix International says Application Linking capabilities will significantly enhance the attractiveness of Unix-based applications in general-use environments.


During the Depression of the 1930s and the Second World War, alcohol consumption, understandably, fell significantly .

The company said revenue and earnings will fall significantly below second-quarter results.

In 1993 the level of development expenditure is forecast to fall significantly by approximately £150 million.

Other software companies that fell significantly include: Autodesk, down 1 1 / 2 at 32.

All four studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of these types of programmes and found that anxiety levels fell significantly .

During this period the contribution of oil will fall significantly from 73% of demand in 1983 to 51% in the year 2000.

Mr Dewar's majority fell significantly from nearly 19,000 to just over 13,000.

And not everyone believes demand would fall significantly if metering were introduced.


Despite this diversion the board grew significantly showing an overall increase in income of 20% this year.

But the overlap has grown significantly since the 1994 election.

Whilst the company had grown significantly during the Wadeville years little could compare with the move to Germiston.

What has significantly grown is expenditure by the Régions, Départements and Communes on culture in general and museum-building in particular.

On the other hand, in the controlled zones, their work has grown significantly .

Despite the recession, it's looking to grow significantly over the next decade.


Doctors said yesterday his condition had improved significantly , but that it was still serious.

Available research suggests that changes in attitudes and practice could significantly improve their prospects.

Clean them up, and your writing will improve significantly .

Job status and job satisfaction, for most officers, is significantly improved .

After six months, only the pianists improved significantly on a test of spatial reasoning, assembling a puzzle of a camel.

He wants to double turnover and significantly improve profitability to more than five percent return on sales.

After two weeks I discontinued them after determining they were not significantly improving morale.


It should also help to get the management commitment behind the project and this will significantly increase the likelihood of its success.

Nygard and his team found that coffee not only raised levels of blood cholesterol, but also significantly increased homocysteine.

That figure could well increase significantly .

Despite the myths about reproduction and contraception, contraceptive use has increased significantly in recent years.

It replaces two ole cast iron systems and will significantly increase production.

Since then, the number of direct sales outlets has increased significantly .

The number of applications for judicial review has none the less increased significantly over the past decade.

Studies indicate that the risk of developing skin cancer is significantly increased by excessive sun exposure during childhood.


We found no differences between the sexes, and age did not significantly influence the concentrations of laminin.

The derating expected is significantly influenced by the calorific content.

However, there are several different kinds of centre-periphery relationships that significantly influence the implementation process.

Most importantly, however, we have found that these traits can be influenced significantly by early and later experiences.

Bowel frequency was not significantly influenced .


The constraints imposed by the language on possible sound patterns should significantly reduce the number of word candidates.

Although age, gender and genes are beyond our control, we can significantly reduce our risks through lifestyle choices.

They significantly reduce withholding taxes on investment income from Scandinavian investments.

In all five countries interparty antagonism appears to be significantly reduced by education.

So strategically placed Asics Gel can significantly reduce the stress and shock of a run.

I am not saying that the diet will completely eliminate cellulite but I do believe it will significantly reduce it.

Thanks in large part to electronic paging this has been reduced significantly over the past 10 years.

The incentive to abuse conflicts of interest was significantly reduced , and limited membership guaranteed a self-perpetuating standard of good behaviour.


By contrast the incomes of couples with children have risen significantly above the rate of inflation.

Their spirit, focus, and productivity all rose significantly .

Only briefly at the end of the 1960s and again in the mid-1970s did average earnings rise significantly above the all-industry average.

If Disney stock rises significantly , shareholders may opt for more shares or more cash if it falls.

It was noted that the price-earnings ratios rose significantly as growth rates increased in the Hardware sector.

But while contraceptive use has risen significantly , it is not as simple for teenagers as politicians would have us believe.

It confirms the pattern of poverty, although its level would seem to have risen significantly .

In times of high interest rates, this burden will rise significantly .


Media use varied significantly too with events.

Only 21. 3 percent of all taxpayers take the mortgage-interest deduction, and this varies significantly with income.

The effects of the virus on nerve cells, which control muscle movements, vary significantly .

The cost of exchange rate risk management does not vary significantly with firm size.

Age, level of education and consumption of fish and alcohol did not vary significantly among the groups.

The zones varied significantly in size and composition.

Squab are also larger than wild doves or wood pigeons, therefore cooking times will vary significantly .


All ovens are different, and cooking times can vary significantly .

Barb paused and glanced significantly in my direction.

But perhaps more significantly , the only person to mention America's role in the scandal was a non-American.

In New York and Los Angeles violent crime decreased significantly .

It is not possible to reduce costs without significantly altering the quality of the product.

Students who had completed the program scored significantly higher on standardized tests.


During the Depression of the 1930s and the Second World War, alcohol consumption, understandably, fell significantly .

He grinned significantly at his host.

However, what differentiated the suffragettes much more sharply and significantly from their criminal sisters was their resistance to criminalising.

Noted for his prolific output, the composer significantly extended the repertory for the transverse flute.

The absence of a target date by which the Protestant/Catholic unemployment differential would be significantly reduced is partly explained by this.

Under these conditions, the researchers observed significantly higher blood levels of alcohol in the women compared with the men.

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