Meaning of SIMILARITY in English




striking contrast/similarity/parallel etc

a striking contrast between wealth and poverty

superficial resemblance/similarity

Despite their superficial similarities, the two novels are, in fact, very different.




But even in the 1950s there was one apparent similarity between weak and electromagnetic interactions.

Many apparent similarities became less convincing on closer examination.

Lastly, we might note the apparent similarity of this exercise to the traditional exercise of precis, the shortening of texts.


The basic similarity between cells refers not only to their general plan but also to their genetic endowment.


Also, as we shall see, there are certain similarities in sources in the means of interpretation.

Since the budgets of all governmental agencies have the same general purpose, certain similarities exist in their forms.

Work schedules are much misunderstood mainly because of the appearance of lists by cleaning product suppliers which have certain similarities .

The two men who shared a table in the Occidental Restaurant had certain physical similarities .

Oakeshott's view of law has certain similarities , but he does not adopt the command theory of law.

We can see certain similarities between Hayek's approach and the conservative philosophy of Oakeshott.

None the less there were certain similarities: Glasgow was a District in the massive Strathclyde Region.


But despite their close similarity there is a marked difference in emphasis and tone between the two versions.

This close similarity indicates a second written source.

Why then did Goethe claim so vigorously that there was a close similarity between his and Runge's views on colour?

Their backgrounds held uncomfortably close similarities .

We may also discern close similarities between Hayek and Oakeshott on law and government.

It is found to a degree in gorillas but a closer similarity occurs in baboons.

There are close similarities too in the factors suggested by these investigators as leading to good marriages.


The former can point to the great difference between doubt and unbelief and the latter to the great similarity .

But although there are great similarities between the entries, they are not identical.

But this can not, of course, explain the greater similarity in the striping of the rest of the body.

Nevertheless, one may expect a greater similarity between two geometrically similar points than between two geometrically dissimilar points.

We believe that our observations suggest a much greater similarity between the behaviour of chimpanzees and humans than has ever been considered.

The leaks had great similarities with Piper Alpha.

So great was the similarity that I dared no longer lay upon my back.


However, there is on other occasions a remarkable similarity of techniques, of clothes and of weapons.

The ratios generated by the capture-recapture method display a remarkable similarity and identical ranking to those obtained by the first two methods.

There are remarkable similarities between the strengths model of case management, and early casework models.


The differences are as significant as the similarities .

However, significant similarities do exist, too.

At the manifest level of observable facts, the differences may be as significant as the similarities .


There was a striking similarity between himself and Bull O'Malley.

And there are some striking similarities .

There are several striking similarities between the two, as Table 6.2 shows.

Many basic metabolic pathways show striking similarities throughout the bacterial, plant and animal kingdoms.

These three movements tackle different phenomena, although there is a striking similarity between the philosophies of the first two.

This is an example of the striking similarities between karate and taekwondo.

Curiously, the two cars have striking similarities .


The interiors of these churches are tall and dark and bear strong similarities to inverted ships.

There are strong similarities in inter-family and inter-gender relations.

This is a limiting material for design purposes, so it was inevitable that a strong similarity of form should prevail.


Clozapine was first synthesized in 1958 as one of over 1900 tricyclic compounds with a structural similarity to imipramine.


The superficial similarities might make a lesser man than Mikhail Gorbachev tremble.

They claim that despite superficial similarities with shamanism, something very different is going on.

I shall suggest that, although they capture some superficial similarities between the two issues, they are ultimately misleading.

There were, it was true, any number of superficial similarities .

The variety underlying the superficial similarity of idiom is enormous, even within the work of a single composer.

But that is a superficial similarity .

In such circumstances the superficial similarities between animal behaviour and human behaviour sometimes become very marked.



Yes, they had similar de Dion rear axle set-ups, but there the similarity ends .

But there the similarities end , said city officials.


Based on their high sequence similarity , it is reasonable also to place parthenogenesis bacteria within this genus.

The significance of the sequence similarity between our gene and the vaccinia protein is as yet unclear.



The more frequent words are then clustered together based on a similarity metric.

Children 4 or 5 years old typically proceed by selecting objects to go together based on similarities .

Words were then categorised based on the similarities of these groups.

You might attempt to classify countries based on similarities in the way these political structures relate to each other.

His view is based on similarities he sees in the scales.


If this was Richard's first experience of war it bore an ironical similarity to his last.

They say the cases bear no similarity .

The interiors of these churches are tall and dark and bear strong similarities to inverted ships.

In fact, of course, much of this material bore only a tenuous similarity to its genuinely customary counterparts.

This description bears marked similarities to those offered by a number of eminent sociologists who adopt the trait approach.


It seemed impossible to explain the similarities by similar learning experiences.

But this can not, of course, explain the greater similarity in the striping of the rest of the body.


Economists are more concerned to find similarities among firms than to explain the differences.

Encourage the students to find similarities between their noisemakers and the instruments.

They found marked points of similarity .

Anyone trying to understand something will naturally compare it with other things to find similarities and differences.

The primatologist Barbara Smuts has found similarities between the sexually aggressive behaviour of male apes and men.

Nevertheless, analyses of media coverage of disorder have consistently found more similarities than differences in media coverage.

Here, far from finding differences, we find crucial similarities .


One might also want to note similarities in relationship.

Readers will have noted the similarity of these efforts to those of an excellent library media program.

Lastly, we might note the apparent similarity of this exercise to the traditional exercise of precis, the shortening of texts.

Also, strangely, he noted there was a similarity in the faces of the aunt and niece.

And several more to note any similarity in pattern between the Yorkshire self-made businessman and myself.


This will provide opportunity to notice similarities and differences.

He also noticed similarities between the banter he made up for between-songs breaks.

Some people have noticed their similarity to material distributed by Mr Round.


Lady Irwin, though a Viscountess, sees similarities between the wasted potential of women and that of the poor.

Of course, every child is unique, and you may see only a few similarities .

If you work on enough cells-from different species, both normal and cancerous-you see the similarities .

We can see certain similarities between Hayek's approach and the conservative philosophy of Oakeshott.

Here we see some similarity , though remote, with the motivations of Palmer and Jones.


One can see that the task of interpreting will share similarities in its processes nomatterwhich languages are being used.

While the stories are not alike in content, they share four fundamental similarities .

In San Diego, all three devices, which shared some similarities , were pipe bombs delivered by mail.


Despite the contrast in their biological functions, these cells show similarities in their phospholipid orientation.

The methods taught in the 1983 manual and those used by Battalion 316 in the early 1980s show unmistakable similarities .

A quick comparison showed enough similarities to other herpes viruses to determine that it was part of that viral family.

These two extracts show some similarities .

To show similarity and difference in historical information.

Chlamydial infection was thus shown to have similarities to gonorrhoea in this respect.

The revenues collected and the perquisites enjoyed by the wardens of the various royal forests show a general similarity .


I was struck by the similarity in flavour between Floyd's remark and one of Carroll's verses.

What is striking are the similarities .

Cowan was struck by the similarity between these patterns and those seen in the fluid convection under certain conditions.

The result was a drawing that has some striking similarities to confessed killer Richard Allen Davis.


We believe that our observations suggest a much greater similarity between the behaviour of chimpanzees and humans than has ever been considered.


For generations, scientists and science-fiction writers talked about the similarity of Mars to Earth.

Kraut's study looked at the similarities and differences among managerial jobs.

The author notes the similarity between Western and Chinese principles and sees them as having a common basis in science.

The book classifies cheeses by similarities in flavour, rather than by ingredients.

There is one important similarity between the two political systems.

We were able to tell the date of the statue because of its similarity with other statues of that period.

When comparing cultures, we often pay attention only to the differences without noticing the many similarities.


A relationship of similarity rather than identity between Zeus and the cosmos is found.

Apart from these similarities they could not be more different.

Between these two mosaics, however, there are few obvious similarities of motif.

Here, however, all similarity between the piece Lucien was familiar with and what he saw being performed before him ended.

However hard modern choreographers may try there are bound to be similarities to older ballets because their vocabulary is not limitless.

In Repertory Grid the notion of similarity and contrast, indeed the whole idea of making connections, is paramount.

Objects are assimilated to similarities between individual pairs of objects only.

We are misled by that similarity into thinking there is no difference.

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