Meaning of SIMPLIFY in English




a simplified version

This simplified version of Shakespeare’s play is intended for younger children.




This approach also simplifies the introduction of helical symmetry and enables helical deformations to be modelled in a controlled way.

This would also simplify communications between on and offshore with regard to, for example, payroll information.

And Nigel has also simplified his life.

Regulations governing maritime transport between the two countries were also simplified .

Private collections also simplify research in some topics.

It has also simplified the menu.

But calling it wages for housework not only simplifies the solution, it also simplifies the problem.


The notation can be greatly simplified by adopting the Einstein summation convention in which we sum over repeated indices.

Paperwork was reduced by 65 percent, and coordination greatly simplified .

The annual Finance Bill could then be greatly simplified and concentrate on changes to the rates of the main tax levies.

If an automatic time switch is available, this greatly simplifies the keeping of a regular lighting schedule.

The job can be greatly simplified if a few short lengths of plastic tubing are kept in stock.

The operative adapts to the idea of saving time and bonus calculations are greatly simplified .



It is quite convenient to simplify the problem , and instead of thinking about sea-urchin or mouse embryos, to think about flags.

Information systems simultaneously simplify and complicate the problem .

Using curriculum-based access can simplify the problem of synonyms and remove this inhibition from information system users.

This simplifies the recognition problem since overlapping points may be simply discriminated between and the problem becomes one of pattern recognition.

Its potency declines rapidly, simplifying the problems of ultimate disposal.

But calling it wages for housework not only simplifies the solution, it also simplifies the problem .

The exigencies of administration in governmental, religious, and economic systems breed uniformity, because it simplifies the problem of control.


Government during this period sought to clarify the law and simplify judicial procedure .

Members of Darlington Council's development committee yesterday heard details of legislation to simplify and shorten planning procedures .

The Housing and Town Planning Act, 1919, simplified the procedures for making schemes.

Over the years there have been many modifications in an attempt to simplify the tendering procedure and improve the difficulties of administration.


Officials sought to simplify the judicial process and clarify the criminal law.

The Senate plan thus anticipated simplifying the review process characteristic of the categorical grants.

Some drives come with software that simplifies the whole process .

The keyboard will have a payment connection to simplify the billing process .

Mission-driven budgets simplify the budget process enormously.


Motif-based, the three module programme is meant to simplify day-to-day systems management of user accounts, file systems and systems performance.

But he is also exploring various tax reforms that would reduce rates and simplify the system .

One of the Government's aims in moving from supplementary benefit to income support was to simplify the system .

His opponents claim they would simplify the tax system too, but would keep popular exemptions.

Wherever possible, replies were coded on the questionnaire in order to simplify the computer reporting system .

Since that time, the Seattle coaching staff has simplified its system .

It considers that this move is in line with the policy of simplifying the regulatory system .

A way must be found to simplify the system without sacrificing its structure and principles.


A castle garrison was sometimes glad to see their town reduced to ashes, reckoning that it simplified the task of defence.

Despite the accent on tradition, modern technology has simplified some tasks .

Iii some situations, the workload will be constant which simplifies the task .

Some simplify their task by voting alphabetically.

Currently available speech recognition systems impose a selection of constraints on the input to simplify the speech recognition task .

The work was leaving her little time for herself and so she decided to simplify the task .


Surely, it must be possible to simplify our tax system.

Federal reform has simplified the tax process so that most people are capable of completing their own returns.

Forbes wanted to simplify filing taxes by narrowing the current five rates to a single flat rate.

His opponents claim they would simplify the tax system too, but would keep popular exemptions.

An all-out campaign to truly simplify the tax code, and answer basic small business riddles, is long overdue.

That bill includes a host of other provisions, including simplified pension rules and tax credits for hiring disadvantaged youth.


She took a complex topic and simplified it in a way that we could all understand.

The government is planning to simplify the tax laws.

The laws have been simplified to shorten the process of divorce.

The whole university admissions procedure has been simplified.

These gadgets do simplify food preparation, but are they really worth the money?

We have done everything we can to simplify the procedure.


A crucial function of political parties is to aggregate and simplify these many demands into a few packages of clear alternatives.

A technique called hidden line removal is used to simplify matters.

Centralized and simplified network services management.

Despite the accent on tradition, modern technology has simplified some tasks.

Effective management simplifies agendas, enhances and enables networks.

It has also simplified the menu.

The morphology of the system was simplified in a manner suited to the recognition task.

Therefore treatment is simplified if a special invertebrates tank can be maintained.

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