Meaning of SLUDGE in English






Material suitable for deep sea dumping included sewage sludge , industrial waste, and toxic ashes left after the incineration of garbage.

Fully-digested sewage sludge is also used, with considerable success.

So within the supermarkets' own quality assurance schemes, sewage sludge is likely to be ruled out.

Given the power of the supermarkets, the widespread use of sewage sludge as fertiliser looks unlikely.

Listeria occurs in large amounts in the sewage sludge which is spread on farmland.

From 1942 to 1961, two consecutive fields were treated variously with farmyard manure, fertilizers and sewage sludge .

Over a quarter of Britain's 3.5 million wet tonnes of sewage sludge is dumped at sea.

The Clivus Multrum had been charged with a mixture of softwood shavings and activated sewage sludge supplied by Southern Water.


A considerable amount of sludge comes from lime-soda-softening, the amount increasing with the hardness of the water.

For instance, he interfered with the hauling of sludge , causing sludge to back up at the plant, they said.

Fully-digested sewage sludge is also used, with considerable success.

H., once handed out bricks of dried sludge to City Council members at a budget meeting.

Incinerating sludge costs £9 a tonne and land disposal £3 a tonne.

Sewage sludge and industrial waste will still enter the North Sea from Britain until 1998.

The sludge in the Cuisinart fills the condo with smells I remember from nature trails of my childhood.

The resultant sludge is washed with twice its weight of water and then filtered.

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