Meaning of SLURRY in English




Be sure not to damage the main surfaces by scratching with the paper or when wiping away the slurry .

In the South-West, 90 polluters were fined a total of £23,000, mostly for illegally high discharges of agricultural slurry .

The disadvantage, however, is that odour is regenerated if the treated slurry is stored following aeration.

The middle aged man was pulled from the slurry tank by firemen.

The mix forms a slurry which is rolled out and heated to remove water, then thickened into a solid strip.

The result is a mixture of solids and liquid called a slurry . 3.

The third configuration Considers mixing gas with a coal-water slurry .

The wet slurry was then dug out and taken in barrows to be spread over drying ovens.

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