Meaning of SOOT in English






The floor was cluttered underfoot, the walls black with soot .

Outside my rattling window the green countryside was black with soot .

It is about nine feet square, its walls and thatched ceiling black with soot .

The painted white fiberglass skin gets covered with black soot , fire-damaged.

The University buildings were old, ramshackle and black with soot .

His peculiar clothes were covered in green dust and black soot .


All were cream-colored and even in the darkness looked drab with soot .

Chafee also proposed a five-year delay in setting specific limits for fine particulates, or soot , citing scientific uncertainty.

Classes gathered round the pipe stoves which gave out a strong smell of soot .

However I am having a problem with soot from a neighbour's chimney which falls into the pond at regular intervals.

Open fires should always have the chimney regularly swept, otherwise the build up of soot can start a chimney fire.

The familiar frowsty smell compounded of soot and chicken meal met her.

The paint becomes exhausted, the city encroaches with its soot , the plaster crumbles within.

The red bricks were covered with soot , making the structure look like a giant barbecue pit.

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