Meaning of SOUR in English

I. adjective


a musty/stale/sour smell (= old and not fresh )

The clothes in the wardrobe had a damp musty smell.

go bad/sour etc

The bread’s gone mouldy.

sour cream

sour relations (= make them less friendly )

The dispute has soured relations between the two countries.

sour (= not fresh )

Milk turns sour very quickly in hot weather.


The purpose of the lemon’s sour taste may be to stop the fruit being eaten by animals.

sour/soured cream (= with a slightly sour taste – used in cooking )

sour/soured cream (= with a slightly sour taste – used in cooking )

sour/tart (= not at all sweet )

Some people prefer a slightly sour apple.

taste sweet/bitter/sour/salty

He handed me some black stuff which tasted bitter.




Serve with apple sauce, sour cream or jam.

Fold the reduced juice into the sour cream .

Put strained liquid, sour cream , half coriander and grated Edam into a food processor or blender and whizz until smooth.

Drizzle with salsa, sour cream and chopped cilantro.

This is chutzpah on rye bread with a side order of pickles and sour cream .

Remove from heat and stir in mustards, horseradish and sour cream .

By now, his wife would have given up waiting and served the cold beetroot soup with sour cream and chives.

The bright flavor of paprika, in combination with sour cream , is a perfect foil for the succulent meat of rabbit.


She looked back over her shoulder at him and pulled a sour face .


It may sound like sour grapes but I assure you I feel no bitterness merely disappointed.

Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Are these just bad vibes and sour grapes or is hip hop just too naughty by nature for the mainstream?

Already one began to hear the nickname Suicide Langford; but that was either sour grapes or silly sensationalism.

There is certainly no defensiveness nor any sour grapes from me or any of the Editing for Industry committee.

Envy and sour grapes had their customary party.

This was sour grapes , a far-off voice of wisdom suggested.

Criticisms from ex-players, in my opinion, are nothing but sour grapes .


A Tory campaign machine on full throttle generally encountered sour looks and sullen stares.


There were cupboards hanging open, mattresses overturned and a bottle of sour milk stood in the sink.

It stood, open and scoured, to breathe the air that purified it from any hint of sour milk .

So much milk came into Waterloo that it was renowned for smelling of sour milk all day.

Her cheap, strong perfume mingled with the sour milk and woodsmoke.


If the player tampers with those, he is blamed for hitting a sour note , not praised for a daring interpretation.

From workers there's bitterness that it's all ended on such a sour note .

This needled Stirling and the meeting ended on a sour note .

The craftsmen there hope their careers won't end on a sour note .

Yet it would be wrong to end on a sour note .

The only slightly sour note entered the proceedings with the president's plan to send a special envoy to Northern Ireland.

The only sour note was the electrified fence that marked the forbidden border zone.


He moved around, inspecting each body carefully, holding his breath against the sour smell of corruption.

He hated the sour smell and atmosphere of the club, where chairs had been pushed back to create a studio floor.

After he had gone I found that my nightie was covered in a horrible sticky mess with a strange sour smell .

It was a sour smell , but good.

Even through her perfume she could still detect the sour smell of the sheets.

There was a sour smell and the growing heat of the sun was sucking up a mist from the waters.

There was a dank, sour smell to everything, a smell of decay and great antiquity.

A sour smell of overcrowded humanity hung in the air.


She said her lines with the sour taste of sickness in her mouth, but got through them and her exit creditably.

A very little bit of sugar works wonders for dishes that are based on sour tastes .

But there was a sour taste in her throat suddenly.

Eventually, even her rage had gone flat and stale, leaving her with nothing but a sour taste in her mouth.

A sour taste flooded into his mouth.


In these temperatures, milk goes sour very quickly.

Kvass is a mild beer that is sometimes used in Russian cooking for its sour flavor.

She always had the same sour expression.

The milk smells a little sour .

The strawberries are a little sour - you may need to put sugar on them.

The wine was so sour that I couldn't drink it.

These cherries are really sour .


I smelt the sour odour of sweaty robes and noticed a brazier of gleaming charcoal had been rolled in.

In 1993, a wage garnishment was filed against him stemming from a diamond sale gone sour .

Soon he would smell the first sour tang of winter on the sea breezes.

The minute the sour flavor exploded in his mouth, slivers of intense pain filled his head.

The vision of bedsit freedom would soon turn sour .

Too often relationships go sour or become impoverished through lack of attention.

What is sour comes from pretending to be what we are not.

II. verb




Those risks can turn sour , as they do for any pin-striped market-maker.


The affair did not seem to have soured their friendship.

The global trend towards higher taxation on fuel consumption is souring relations with leading oil-producing states.

The incident soured relations between the two countries.

The incident was serious enough to sour the atmosphere for weeks.


Ill-treated hobgoblins can cause strife and discord, though, souring milk, tangling clothes and muddying floors for spite.

Many investors have soured on closedend funds because they were burned buying closed-end IPOs.

Since each of these parties leant on the other for reassurance, relations between them will be soured as a result.

That was still before people went to chokey for dodgy dealings, but he soured his own patch.

The familiar dark soured then stung with chlorine.

Worth noting about McMahon, though, is that some teams reportedly soured on his attitude at the Senior Bowl.

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