Meaning of SOUTHERN in English



a southern/northern accent

He spoke with a lovely soft southern accent.

eastern/southern etc extremity of sth

the southern extremity of New Zealand

southern hemisphere

Southern Lights

the northern/southern etc boundary (= of an area or city )

the southern boundary of San Francisco

the northern/southern etc edge (= the part of an area that is close to the point where the area ends )

There’s a ridge of hills on the northern edge of the county.

the northern/southern half

The northern half of the city is generally poorer.

the southern/eastern etc border

They renewed their attacks on Ethiopia’s northern border.




There was growing concern over an estimated 780,000 people facing starvation in central and southern areas .

Where in the southern area had there been an enemy powerful enough to require the use of our superior striking power?

These will be heavy in some western areas at first, then spread to other central and southern areas for a time.

As the southern areas build out, officials say they need to look at bolstering their fire and police services.

Some southern areas managed the change to integrated schools without much difficulty; but many used every possible delaying tactic.


The southern borders of the little Papal State now touched on the lands of the same family.

With a peaceful and stable southern border , Begin felt free to concentrate on his northern front.

What Buchanan is saying is that people who cross the southern border are enemies.


In total some 4,200 metres of 33,000 volt and 11,000 volt power lines were re-routed along the southern boundary of the bypass.

As an additional consequence, fugitive slaves would be free as soon as they crossed the southern boundary of the North.

For non-mountaineers, the great feature of Knoydart is Loch Nevis, forming its southern boundary .

Another, presumably later, inhumation cemetery lay in and around the southern boundary ditch at its Ryknild Street end.


Knoxville, rare for a southern city in that it is mountainous, had few plantations and not much need for slaves.

The eight were subsequently suspended from their duties and forbidden to leave the southern city of Sucre, the legal capital.

Baltimore was more of a southern city than anything I had previously experienced.

Finally the revolution in retailing that was embodied in Wal-Mart was invented in the suburbs of southern cities in the United States.


Nicephorus' fleet harried the accessible southern coasts in retribution, but made no firm gains.

The docks were built where the deep water channel of the Humber touches the southern coast .


From the southern edge of this inland sea, it is only a short haul over the mountains to Los Angeles.

It sat at the southern edge of San Salvador on land that had once held a garbage dump.

In 1754, further burials were discovered during the rebuilding of Kate's Cabin at the southern edge of the extra-mural area.

As we rounded the lake's southern edge and moved up to the eastern shore, a faint tinkle filled the air.

The Lights of Lisbon at the southern edge of the Alfama district was one of his favourite places.

Eight miles North-west from Oxford on the southern edge of the Cotswolds is Woodstock.

After this, the path follows the southern edge of the estuary.

And even from the mainland there appeared to be a distinctly vertiginous southern edge to the island.


At the present time most of the alterations affecting the spit are confined to the southern end , where it is weakest.

At the same time, the southern end of the court opens to the valley, giving a view of soft hills.

Then catch the 79 Seatoller service from Keswick to take you to the southern end of Derwentwater.

Baja California Sur, whose southern end includes the booming Los Cabos resort, was granted statehood in 1971.

Two months ago rains flooded the Incomati river and laid waste to part of the southern end of the town.

There are some places to know about between Oloron and the Col du Somport, at the valley's southern end .

Later, as bronze was replaced by iron, the Golasecca culture arose at the southern end of Lake Maggiore.

Tilly Whim was at the southern end .


The first section to be built was the southern half .

Within months, land prices in the southern half of the county tripled.

The United States has 37,000 troops based in the southern half of the divided peninsula.


In the southern hemisphere , however, few cemeteries can match La Recoleta in Buenos Aires.

Had explorers come from the southern hemisphere , would maps appear upside down?

Other diving birds, including ocean-going penguin species in the southern hemisphere , can also sit out storms.

Once into the southern hemisphere the lines of latitude would become shorter and finally vanish at the south pole.

In the southern hemisphere shadows travel anti-clockwise, at least as we see it.

Those that evolved in the southern hemisphere , the marsupials, start to do this when their babies are very young indeed.


The southern part is the best.

What main differences are there between the northern and southern parts ?

Much confusion exists because quail are called partridge in the southern part of the United States.

Optimism remains relatively higher in the North than in the southern part of the country.

Hart has attracted some sharp criticism, especially from Otago and southern parts of the South Island.

Macau hopes to become the service hub for the southern part of the Pearl River Delta.

Mild and windy in the North, and feeling less cold in southern parts .


Lemba is in the southern province of Katanga.

The blast last week in remote Fanglin village, deep in the southern province of Jiangxi, was massive.

Mujaheddin forces also attacked Qalat, the capital of the southern province of Zabul.

The absence of reference to a division of the southern province , therefore, is not altogether surprising.

Kabila, from the secessionist southern province of Katanga, studied in Paris and Belgrade before returning home in 1963.

Why had he been so determined to create a second see of archiepiscopal rank in the southern province in the first place?


About 10 million years before that, another rift began along what is now the southern shore of the Arabian peninsula.


Go east along the valley on the track around the southern side of Little Langdale Tarn.

Compared with the heavily manned southern side , we saw remarkably few troops.

Half an hour later he was crossing the footbridge from the northern to the southern side of the lines.

She determined to avoid Bartholomew Close, so circled the block on the southern side .

On the southern side , new horse-drawn lorries and vans were manufactured, the chargehand being C. Stapleton.


But in the southern state of Kerala, where literacy exceeds 90%, the population growth is only 1.2% a year.

The southern state of Bavaria requires all applicants for civil-service jobs to reveal whether they are Scientologists.

By 1988, 2,908 blacks were elected to public office in the southern states .

In the southern state of Tabasco, farmers blockaded 60 oil wells in February to demand compensation from Pemex.

The southern state , São Paulo, was developed by the coffee boom of the late nineteenth century.

Even after southern states returned to the Union, the military was still required to keep order.

The southern states were dominated by racist politicians.

Most of the recent party-switchers have come from southern states , where political realignment in the post-Reagan era has been most dramatic.


Pierry Pierry, once a separate village, is now a continuation of the southern suburbs of Épernay.

Praha Metro is also planning a fourth route linking the city centre and the southern suburbs .

For the time being we reside with her parents in their small but practical house in the southern suburbs of Berlin.


Nature was given its due, but only at the southern tip of the marsh.

It was hazy; they reached the southern tip of Nova Scotia.

Pirates in fast boats have tried to board ships off Bab el-Mandeb in the Red Sea's southern tip .

The boat floated off the southern tip of Manhattan.

Westwards, the road follows a tortuous route towards Capo Spartivento on the southern tip of the island.

The southern tip is designated as a national nature reserve.


Similar protests took place in the southern town of Lund.

Every small southern town seemed to have a Dew Drop bar or cafe.

Lars Andreasson in the southern town of Vaxjo is offering to accept Telia shares in part exchange for his goods.

Born dirt-poor in a southern town to religious fanatics, he was raised on the Bible and the taunts of others.

On 8 May, yet another prestige modern building to display contemporary art opens, in the southern town of Nîmes.

One Stasi officer shot himself in front of intruders in the southern town of Suhl.

World Food Program in the southern town of Qabodian.


the Southern Lights

the southern hemisphere


southern Mexico


Five lived in the southern sector of the city.

It was southern secession that precipitated emancipation and an end to federal support of slavery.

It was April, and already the heavy southern sun dominated the sky.

Once into the southern hemisphere the lines of latitude would become shorter and finally vanish at the south pole.

Since the election, a series of demonstrations had taken place in the southern port city of Masan, an anti-Rhee stronghold.

The southern authority area is dominated by a heavily populated conurbation.

The rivers of the southern plains are dry much of their length, much of the year.

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